Family History




Born: 1754 Billingshurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Jane Hayler

Baptised: 3/2/1754 Billinghsurst

Buried: 4/1798 Billingshurst

Married: 18/6/1776 (see Note 1)

Spouse: Ann Older

Baptised: 11/8/1754

Parents: Thomas and Ann Older

Children: Daniel Etheridge b 1776 Billingshurst

John Etheridge b 1778 Billingshurst

Arthur Etheridge b 1780 Billinghsurst

Amelia Etheridge b 1781 Billinghsurst

Moses Etheridge b 1783 Billingshurst

David Etheridge b 1785 Billingshurst

Philadelphia (Philly) Etheridge b 1786 Billingshurst

Fanny Etheridge b 1789 Billinghsurst

Timothy Etheridge b 1792 Billingshurst

Leah Etheridge b 1794 Billingshurst

Rhoda Etheridge b 1797 Billingshurst

Note 1: witnessed by Ann May and William Puttock. Occupation: baker


Father: 1776 Billinghsurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Baptised: 29/9/1776 Billinghurst

May possibly be the Daniel Etheridge in 1841 living Parker Street, St Margaret Westminster. Occupation: carpenter. His wife mary was born about 1786 Sussex. Possibly the Daniel who 11/6/1810 as a widower married Mary Banks from Marylebone Middlesex in South Bersted.(witnessed Jane & Anne Hounsom) He died 1845. She died 1876 aged 90

Mary Ann Etheridge born 1818 Hampshire died 1880. 1861 listed as a governess

George Etheridge born 1825 Lambeth. Worked as a porter and lived Parker Street Westminster. Died 1884

John Etheridge born 1825. 1841 living with parents, occupation: carpenter




Born: 1778 Billinghsurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Died: 1867 Festiniog district

Baptised: 15/5/1778 Billinghsurst

Children: Daniel Etheridge b 1820

Hannah Etheridge b 1824

Jane Etheridge b 1826

1851 census: Penny Bryn, Daniel Etheridge 30 a joiner, Hannah Etheridge daughter 26 hopmaker, Jane 24 housekeeper and grqand-daughter Ann Etheridge 18

1861 widower living Peny Bryn, Caernarvonshire. Wheelwright. Daughter Jane Jones 35, granddaughrters Ann Etheridge 23, Catherine Etheridge 5, Leona Hughes 4 and grandsons John Jones 3, Humphrey Jones 3 m with him. All born Pennmorphia Caernavonshire

Note: possibly John 2/2/1788 on apprenticeship list (par 21/33/3)

Note: BMD shows a considerable number of entries for Etheridge under Ffesiniog district.



Born: 1781 Billingshurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Baptised: 3/6/1781 Billingshhurst

Louisa Etheridge b 1802 Billingshurst (bapt 18/4/1803)

Children: Harriott Etheridge b. 1804 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Note 1: Harriet Etheridge bapt 1/1/1805. Bastardy order. Father possibly William Steer, half brother to George Steer of Wisborough Green. Apprenticeship 1/10/1818 (par 21/33/3)


Born: 1783 Billinghsurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Baptised: 23/4/1783 Pulborough

Died; possibly 1849 Westhampnett district

Married: 25/7/1810 Pulborough (see Note 1)

Spouse: Ann Warner

Note 1: Witnessed by John & Sarah Hills

1807 he witnessed marriage of his sister Philadelphia.



Born:: 1785 Billinghsurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Baptised: 3/7/1785 Billingshurst

Buried: 24/1/1870 Billinghsurst from Kirdford workhouse

Married; possible marriage 30/3/1807 St John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Frances page]

Spouse: Frances

Born: between 1782 and 1785 Durham

Buried: 3/6/1856 Billingshurst from Rushbrook

Children: Eliza Etheridge b 1810

David Etheridge b 1812 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

James E b 1816 bapt 10/6/1816

Timothy Etheridge born 1818 Billingshurst(see Note 2)

1841 census: Residing South House, Billingshurst. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Tapner’s Cottage, Horley, Sussex. Occupation: farm labourer

1861 census: David a labourer, widower lodging with Lucy & Henry Gumbrill, Grooms, Billingshurst

Note 1: David Etheridge bapt. 1/5/1812 Billinghsurst buried 13/9/1829, from Billingshurst poorhouse.

Note 2: Timothy Etheridge baptised 4 October 1818 Billingshurst and died 1842 Horsham district. He married 31/1/1836 Itchingfield Mary Burdfield. She possibly remarried 1846 John Batchelor

David Etheridge father, boarding agreement 25/3/1833 B’hurst (Par 21/12/4/42)

Poor law 9/11/1823 boarding agreement poor child (par 21/12/4/63)

1841 census : residing New Street Horsham two doors from Arthur.


Born: 1786 Billingshurst

Father: Allen Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Baptised: 13/4/1784 Billinghurst

Married; 19/3/1807 Hardham

Spouse: Thomas Lidbetter

Buried: 17/7/1815 Pulborough aged 39

Married: 15/9/1816 William Sebbage widower

Children: Harvey Lidbetter bapt 10/7/1808 Pulborough

Avis Lidbetter bapt 29/4/1810 Pulborough

Thomas Lidbetter bapt 28/6/1812 Pulborough

Ann Lidbetter bapt 15/5/1814 Pulborough

Job Sebbage baptised 17/8/1817 Pulborough

John Sebbage baptised 7/5/1820 Pulborough

1841 census: Residing Mary Hill Pulborough. With William Duke, independent means

Note: Both of parish. Witnessed by Moses Etheridge, Ruth Cobby


Born: 1789 Billinghsurst

Father; Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Jane Hayler

Baptised: 22/11/1789 Billinghsurst

Married: 7/1/1811 Billingshurst (see Note 2)

Spouse: John Lasseter

Note 1: 2/1/1810 Bastardy examination, single woman, pregnant (par 21/34/3) removal order from Brighton 23/12/1809 (Par 21/32/3)

Frances – single woman, child – a female b 14/4/1810 – bastardy bond and bastardy examination 8/10/1810 (Par 12/34/20

Note 2: Witnesses Richd Puttock, Sarah Holden, Jas Champion. By licence, Lassiter from Preston



Born: 1792 Billingshurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Anne Older

Baptised: 29/7/1792 Billinghsurst

Died: 1866

Married; 10/10/1813 in Horsham (see Note 1)

Spouse: Ann Lepard

Baptised: 1/4/1792 Rusper

Parents: John & Susannah Both were from parish. however on 1861 census Ann is given b 1803 Lewes.

Died: 1864 Horsham

Children: William born 1815 Nuthurst

James Etheridge born 1823 Cuckfield

George b 1826 Cuckfield

Edward born 1828 West Grinstead

Ann b 1830 West Grinstead

Walter b 1833 West Grinstead (1871 living with sister Ann Manvell)

1841 East St Horsham – children listed below with them

1851 East St, Horsham. William Winthers 17 apprentice carpenter with them

1861 living East St Northam, Timothy a whitesmith. Elizabeth Newman 69 needlewoman lodger with them

Note 1: Both were from parish. however on 1861 census Ann is given b 1803 Lewes.Witnesses Mary L and Thomas Potter

William Etheridge baptised 4/8/1816 Nuthurst died 1887 Dorking district married 12/10/1839 West Grinstead Elizabeth Aylard born 1819 West Grinstead.

She died 1901 Dorking district..

Children: William Etheridge born 1841; Jane Etheridge born 1843 Cuckfield; Elizabeth Etheridge born 1848 Capel; Timothy Etheridge born 1851 Capel, henry Etheridge born 1854 Capel; Alfred Etheridge born 1857 Capel; James Etheridge born 1859 Capel

1841; residing with parents. Occupation: smith

1851 census: Residing Capel Street Capel . Occupation: blacksmith

1861 census: Residing Capel Street, Capel. Occupation: blacksmith

1871 census: Residing Capel Street, Capel. Occupation: blacksmith

1881 census: Residing Capel Street, Capel. Occupation: blacksmith. Son Alfred also a blacksmith with them and granddaughter Edith Etherisdge born 1874.

1891 census: Residing on her own means, by herself Capel Street, Capel

1901 census: Widow Elizabeth living 3 Bennetts Grove Capel Street, Capel, with unmarried daughter Jane

James Etheridge born 1823 Cuckfield died 1886 Hampstead district married Caroline born 1823 Brighton. She died 1898 Fulham district

Children: Fanny Etheridge born 1840 Brighton, Jane Etheridge born 1847 Brighton; Eleanor Etheridge born 1848 Brighton, James Etheridge born 1850 Brighton; Emma Etheridge born 1853 Brighton; Eliza Etheridge born 1856 Brighton’ Jesse Etheridge born 1857 Brighton

1841 census: residing with Edward Elliot, blacksmith, Town, Lindfield. Occupation: blacksmith’s servant

1851 census: residing 29 Regent Street Brighton. Occupation: blacksmith. Brother Edward with them

1861 census: Residing 1 Charlotte Terrace, Hammersmith. Occupation: smith

1871 census: residing george yard, Gospel Oak Grove, St Pancras. Occupation: blacksmith

1881 census: Residing 4 Fleet mews, Hampstead. Occupation: smith. Only child with them James, also a smith

1891 census: widow Caroline a genral domestic at 15 Hartham Rd, Islington

George Etheridge born 1825 Cuckfield married 26/12/1849 Horsham Mary Reeves born 1815 Stoke

Children: George Etheridge born 1847 Horsham; Mary Ann Etheridge born 1849 Horsham.

1841 census: residing with parents. No occupation given

1851 census: Bowling Green Horsha. Occupation: hawker of fish. Brother Walter with them and mother-in-law Lydia born 1784 Rudgwick, on parish relief

1871 census: Possibly lodging Trafalgar Road with wife Mary and daughters jane 13 and Elizabeth 11. Occupation: labourer

1881 census: Residing Prospect, Horsham. Occupation: general labourer

Edward Etheridge baptised 30/9/1827 West Grinstead West Grinstead died 1901 Camberwell district. Married Ellen born 1825 Battle died 1899 St Saviour district

Children: Edward Etheridge born 1852 Brighton; Ellen Etheridge born 1855 Brighton, William Etheridge born 1862 Middlesex

1851 census: Residing with brother James. Occupation: blacksmith

1861 census: Residing 1 Holme Cottages, Hammersmith. Occupation: whitesmith. Niece Jane Etheridge (born 1847) nurse living with them

1871 census: Residing High St, St George Southwark. Occupation: blacksmith

1881 census: Residing 6 Falcon Court, St George the Martyr, Southwark. Occupation: blacksmith

1891 census: Residing 6 Falcon Court, St George the Martyr, Southwark. Occupation: blacksmith

1901 census: Edward widower pauper inmate workhouse Christchurch, Southwark

Ann Etheridge baptised 7/3/1830 West Grinstead died 1896 Horsham district married George Manvell baptised 25/7/1825 West Grinstead.

Children: George Manvell born 1852; Edward Manvell born 1854.

1851 census: General servant 40 Western Road, Brighton.

1871 census: Residing Bishoprick Horsham. Occupation: labourer

1891 census: widow living 51 Bishopric with brother Walter


Walter Etheridge baptised 21/10/1832 West Grinstead died 1914 Horsham district

1851 census: Residing with brother George. Occupation: hawker of fish

1861 census: Lodger Coulters Hall, Stopham Bridge, Petworth. Occupation: Railway labourer

1871 census: residing with sister Ann Manvell in Horsham. Occupation: labourer

1891 census: Residing 51 Bishopric with sister Ann. Occupation: fish dealer

1901 census: Boarder with Charles Etheridge 48 Bishopric. Occupation: general labourer

1911 census: Residing 52 Bishopric Horsham, boarer. Occupation: jobbing labourer



Born: 1794 Billinghurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Baptised: 28/12/1794


Born: 1797 Billingshurst

Father: Arthur Etheridge

Mother: Ann Older

Baptised: 27/12/1797 Billingshurst