Family History




Born: 1785 Billingshurst

Father: Allen Etheridge

Mother: Elizabeth Bristow

Baptised: 6/11/1785

Died: 1/9/1843 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Buried: 4/9/1843 Billingshurst

Married: 12/9/1806 Billingshurst (see Note 2)

Spouse: Elizabeth Slauter

Born: 1782 Billinghsurst

Died: 4/3/1842 Billingshurst (see Note 3)

Buried: 11/3/1842 Billingshurst

Children: John Etheridge b 1807 West Grinstead

Mary Etheridge b 1809 West Grinstead

Daniel Etheridge b 1811 West Grinstead

Sarah b 1819 Billingshurst

Lucy b 1823 Billingshurst

Note 1: Died of bursting blood vessel in the stomach (from burial register). Death certificate gives cause as rupture of a blood vessel. Death notified by JL Ellis, coroner, Petworth 4.9.1843.

Note 2: Marriage witnessed by Allen Etheridge. Allan and Elizabeth both made their marks

Note 3: Died of typhus fever. Death notified by Aaron Etheridge 8/3/1842 who made his mark. Burial register gives cause of death as typhoid fever/

1841 census: Residing Rosies Gate, Billinghsurst. Occupation: carpenter. Daughter Lucy living with them


Born: 1807 West Grinstead

Father: Aaron Etheridge

Mother: Elizabeth Slaughter

Baptised: 13/7/1807 West Grinstead

Died: Between 1897 and 1813


Born: 1809 West Grinstead

Father: Aaron Etheridge

Mother: Elizabeth Slaughter

Baptised; 16/7/1809 West Grinstead

Died: 28/4/1875 (see note 1)

Married: 2/11/1829 Billingshurst (see Note 2)

Spouse; Job Skinner

Buried: 18/3/1835 Billingshurst (see note 3)

Married: 10/6/1839 Billigshurst

Spouse; Isaac Willmer

Baptised 24/3/1817 Pulborough

Father: Thomas Willmer

Mother: Elizabeth Balchin

Died: Died 31/3/1877 at Thakeham Union Workhouse (see Note 4)

Children: Job Skinner b 1830

Mary Skinner b 1832

Thomas Skinner b 1835

Sampson Willmer b 1841

George Willmer b 1845

Alfred Willmer b 1849

Elizabeth Willmer b 1852

Note 1: Cause of death pneumonia and pleuroperiacarditis. Death notified by her sister Sarah Wakeford

Note 2: Witnessed by Thomas Steer (who made his mark) and Jo’ Champion, parish clerk. Mary and Job both made their marks. Thomas Steer in 1841 was next door neighbour to Aaron Etheridge

Note 3: died of disease of the kidneys and decline

Note 4 Died 31/3/1877 at Thakeham Union Workhouse, cause of death pneumonia



Born: 1812 West Grinstead

Father: Aaron Etheridge

Mother: Elizabeth Slaughter

Baptised: 2/7/1812 West Grinstead

Buried: 2/5/1872 Billingshurst

Married: 16/3/1830 Pulborough

Spouse: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 10/6/1810 as Susanna

Parents: William and Dinah Bridgewater

Died: 1894

Children: Joseph Etheridge b 1831 Billingshurst

Dinah Etheridge b 1833 Billinghsurst

Aaron Etheridge b 1835 Billingshurst

William Etheridge b 1837 Billingshurst

Sarah Etheridge b 1839 Billinghsurst

Harriet Etheridge b 1842 Billinghsurst

Walter Etheridge b 1848 Billingshurst

Daniel Etheridge b 1850 Billingshurst

Note 1: Witnessed by James Overington and John Bridgewater

Note 2: A contact has given further children Maria b 1854, William b 1860, James b 1862, Ann b 1870, Albert b 1873 but I can’t find birth registrations for these.

1841 census: Residing Wood House, Billingshurst. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Diggles, Billingshurst. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census; Residing Quillenhurst? Billingshurst. Occupation: farm bailiff

1871 census: Residing Adversane, Billingshurst. Brother-in-law Henry Bridgewater living with them

1881 census: Susan widow residing parbrook, Billinghsurst. Occupation: housekeeper. George Coushall lodger

1891 census: Susan widow residing West Street. On outdoor relief.

Children of Daniel & Susan Etheridge


Born: 1831 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 11/9/1831 Billingshurst

Died: 1887

Married: 1852 Catherine Francis

Born: 1832 Billingshurst.

Children: Sarah Ann Etheridge b 1853 Petworth district (see note 2)

(see Note 1)Daniel Etheridge b 1856 Petworth district(see Note 3)

Frederick Etheridge b 1859 Petworth district (see Note 4)

William Etheridge b 1864 Thakeham district

Thomas Etheridge b 1866 Thakeham district (Note 5)

1861 census: Living Billingshurst . Robert Jupp 17 lodger with them..

1881 census: living Fruthwood Cottage 2, Billingshurst

1891 census: widowed Catherine living Timons Common Rudgwick with Hugh Haylor Gent single 35 engine driver.

Note 1: A contact has given further children Maria b 1854, William b 1860, James b 1862, Ann b 1870, Albert b 1873 but I can’t find birth registrations for these.

Note 2: Sarah Ann Etheridge possibly died 1862 Horsham district

Note 3: Daniel Etheridge m 1879 Jane b 1860 (Mary Jane Steer or Mary Jane Etheridge). Children: James Etheridge b 1879. (Daniel could possibly have remarried Ellen (b 1861 kesswood) and had George 1881, Robert 1883, Edith 1886, Ethel 1888, William baptised 23/1/1893 Pulborough, Rose bapt 25/6/1898, Alice (b 1898 Stall House, Pulborough)Alfred 1901).

1898 baptism – Holt Heath, Pulborough, occupation carter

1881 census: living Five Oaks, Billingshurst or1881 living sheepwash cottage, Billingshurst

1892: residing Sheepwash (baptism record)

1901\; residing oak House Cottage. Occupation: farm carter. Ethel Tidy b 1887 adopted daughter b. London living with them

Note 4: Frederick Etheridge 1891 census and 1901 census single, boarder living with William & Ellen Fielder, Old Windmill Cottage, Pulborough

Note 5: Thomas Etheridge. 1891 census: single, boarder with brother Frederick Old Windmill Cottage, Pulborough with William & Ellen Fielder


Born: 1833 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 14/4/1833 Billinghsurst

Died: 1909 Horsham district

Married: 25/9/1852 Billingshurst

Spouse: James Bristow

Born: 1828 Billingshurst

Father: Peter Bristow

Mother: Sarah Michener

Died: 1877 Thakeham district

Children: Maria Bristow b 1854 Billingshurst (see Note 4)

William Bristow b 1856 West Chiltington (see note 1)

Aaron Bristow b 1859 Billingshurst ( (see Note 2)

James Bristow b 1862 Pulborough (see Note 3)

Ann Bristow b 1870 Pulborough (bapt 10/4/1870) (see Note 5)

Albert Peter b 1873 Pulborough (bapt 23/3/1873)

Marriage witnessed by William Bristow and Emily Robinson

1841 & 1851 census: james living with his family at Fowlers, Billingshurst

1861 census: Residing Little Brinsbury? Pulborough. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing Crowell Cottage, West Chiltington. Occupation agricultural labourer. James Bristow aged 62 born West Chiltington living with them

1881 census: Dinah widow residing East Dunhill Thakeham, with sons William, James and Ann

1891 census: Dinah widow Residing Monks Common Billingshurst, boarder with Jane and James Bleach

1901 census: Dinah widow residing Snapes Cottage, Water lane, Penfold, Washington. With son Albert

Note 1: William Bristow. Baptised 5/5/1856 West Chiltington. Probably died 1883 Thakeham district, aged 26. 1871 census: Residing Haldret House, Rudgwick, servant to Edward Churchman, farmer 20 acres employing 4 men, 2 boys. (place of birth given as Pulborough)1881 census: Residing with mother: carter on farm

Note 2: Aaron Bristow. Baptised 31/7/1859 Billinghsurst. Possibly died 1881 Thakeham district, aged 21. 1871 census: aged 11 occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 3: James Bristow. Baptised 27/4/1862 Pulborough. Married 1890 Thakeham district Ellen Evans b about 1870 West Grinstead (no trace of her before marriage). On 1901 census she is recorded as Nellie born Thakeham. Children: Amelia Bristow born 1891 Thakeham, madge Bristow born 1899 Fishbourne. 1881 census: residing with mother: carter on farm 1891 residing Red Land, Thakeham. Occupation: agricultural labourer. 1901 census: residing Highatch, Farnham, Surrey. Occupation: general labourer.

Note 4: Maria Bristow. Baptised 2/7/1854 Billingshurst. Married 24/6/1871 Pulborough John Haylor Scutt born abt 1846 Pulborough. Children: Albert William Bristow bapt 25/6/1871 Pulborough; Sarah Ann Scutt baptised 5/4/1874 Pulborough; Louisa Scutt born 1876 Pulborough (married 1898 East Preston district George Jenkins born 1878 Worthing. Children: Georgina Jenkins b 1900 Broadwater, Daisy Jenkins b 1901 Broadwater. 1901 census; residing Broadwater. Occupation, general labourer; 1871 census: residing with parents, Crowell Cottage, West Chiltington; Dinah Elizabeth Emily Scutt b 1879 Pulborough (Married 1896 Horsham district Joseph Lidbetter).

1881 census residing Northwood cottage, Pulborough. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 5: Ann Bristow baptised 10/4/1870 Pulborough. Died 1881 Thakeham district

Note 6: Albert Peter Bristow b 12/1/1873 Pulborough baptised 23/3/1873 Pulborough, died 1938 Moat Farm buildings, Hockwood, Sidlow Bridge, Surrey. Married 7/9/1901 Alice Wickham born 12/2/1885 Hammerpond, Lower Beeding daughter of George & Rosina Wickham , baptised 26/2/1885. On 1901 census name given as Kate. Gave her age on marriage as 20.Had three sons one of whom Ernest A married 1923 Reigate district Edith Lilian Fisher b 1/12/1905 Reigate died 1936. He remarried Hilda Bassett. Gave birth to 10 children the first four of whom died; 8 daughters including Mary Bristow born 29/8/1924 Reigate died 26 Woodlands Road, Redhill, buried 4/9/1924 Reigate cemetery 24 hours old. Cause of death – born premature, feebleness; Kathleen Bristow born 1926 Redhill died 66 Knighton Road, Redhill aged 20 months buried 11/4/1928 Reigate Cemetery. Cause of death bronco-pneumonia, whooping cough & marasmus; Edith Bristow b 1927 Redhill died 1927 66 Knighton Rd, Redhill, buried 7/4/1928 Reigate cemetery aged 5 months. Cause of death bronco-pneumonia and whooping cough. Two sons including unnamed male born 28/6/1925 died 67 Hooley lane, Redhill aged 5 hours, buried 7/7/7/1925 Reigate cemetery. Cause of death premature and feebleness. By second wife had four daughters and three sons.


Born: 1835 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 15/2/1835

Died: 1905

Married: 27/4/1861 Pulborough

Spouse: Ruth Skinner

Baptised: 20/1/1839 Billingshurst

Parents: George & Louisa Skinner

Died: 1915

Children: Susan Etheridge b 1861 Pulborough (see Note 1) registered as Susan Skinner

William Etheridge b 1862 Pulborough (see Note 2)

Sarah Etheridge b 1865 Pulborough (see Note 3)

Walter Etheridge b 1868 Billinghsurst (see Note 4)

Harriet Etheridge b 1871 Billingshurst (see Note 5)

Elsie Etheridge b 1874 Billingshurst (see Note 6)

Alice Etheridge b 1875 Billingshurst (see Note 7)

Ellen Etheridge b 1877 Billingshurst (see Note 8)

Annie Etheridge b 1881 Billinghsurst (see Note 9)

1861 census: occupation; carter,

1871 census: living Dingles, Billingshurst

1881 census: Living Dingles, Billinghsurst

1891 census: Living Newbridge, Billingshurst. Walter & Annie with them.

1901 census: Aaron & Ruth servants at Lordings farm, Billingshurst (George Avarice, farmer). Annie with them

Note 1: Susan Etheridge baptised 30/6/1861 Billingshurst. It seems her birth was registered in June q 1861 as Susan Skinner and as Susan Skinner she married 1884 Horsham district James Green born 1862 Rudgwick son of William & Mary Green .

1861 census: Aged 3 weeks. Residing with her mother Ruth Skinner at her maternal grandparents George & Louisa Etheridge, The Street, Pulborough.

1881 census: servant Kings Arms Public House Rotherford.

1891 census. Residing Newbridge Billingshurst next to Aaron and Ruth. Occupation: carter

1901 census: Residing Pratts? Cottages, Billingshurst. Occupation: gardener. Percy Drew signalman lodging with them. Daughter Alice housemaid in High Street, Billingshurst to Hugh Ireland, manager on farm

Note 2: William Etheridge m 1887 Elizabeth Voice. She was a widow, born Elizabeth Woodhatch baptised 6/9//1840 Rudgwick daughter of John & Elizabeth Woodhatch. She married first 1873 John Voice who died 1886. She possibly died 1904 recorded aged 60

1891 census: Residing Pallingham Quay Cottage No2, Wisborough Green. mother-in-law Elizabeth Woodhatch, 78, on poor relief living with them and brother-n-law John Woodhatch 41 agricultural labourer. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901census: living Egdean Farm cottage. Niece Kate Kitchener 30 born feebleminded living with them.

Note 3: Sarah Etheridge baptised 30/4/1866 Billingshurst m 1889 Thomas Lillywhite baptise 3/10/1858 Wisborough Green. Son of William & Louisa Lillywhite. Children: Thomas Lillywhite b 1890 Wisborough Green, Annie b 1892 West Grinstead, Eli C b 1898 Thakeham

1881 census: housemaid Timberley Farm, Bury to Maurice Ireland, farmer

1891 census: living Bridgewater, Pulborough, Occupation: horse carter

1901 census: living Thakeham Rd, Thakeham. Occupation: carter on farm

Note 4: Walter Etheridge m 1898 Thakeham district Sarah Mallet (or Maller) b 6/4/1865 Acton, Middlesex, baptised 30/4/1865 Monken Hadley, daughter of Frederick and Fanny. Birth registered as Maller, baptism as Mallett On marriage register as both.. Children: Wallie (Walter ) Stanley Etheridge b 1889 Rudgwick

1891 census: living with parents

1901 census: living Green Bank, Rudgwick. Carter on farm. On census as Wallie

Note 5: Harriet Etheridge baptised 26/3/1871 Billingshurst. 1891 census: servant Newbridge farm (Edward Vickers farmer). Sister Ellen with her, next to where Sarah worked.

Note 6: Elsie Etheridge baptised 26/7/1874 Billinghsurst m 1893 John Johnson bapt 18/12/1869 Shipley, son of John and Mary Johnson.

1901 census: living Smither Hill, Shipley. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 7: Alice baptised 25/12/1874 Billingshurst m 1896 Petworth district Albert Covey b 1871 Wisborough Green. Probably son of William & Eliza Covey. Children: Albert Covey b 1897 Wisborough Green Reginald G Covely b 1899 Wisborough green

1901 census: residence Wisborough Green. Occupation bricklayer

1891 servant to Henry Puttock, timber merchant, Billingshurst

Note 8: Ellen Etheridge. Baptised 25/11/1877 Billingshurst.

1891census: servant Newbridge farm with sister Harriet

1901 census: housemaid to Gabriel Troostwyk provisions merchant from Holland, 175 Goldhurst terrace? Hampstead

Note 9: Annie Etheridge baptised 24/7/1881 Billinghsurst. 1901 census: servant with parents, Lordings Farm, Billingshurst



Born: 1837 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 2/4/1867 Billingshurst

Died: between 1891 and 1901

Married: 1867

Spouse: Rhoda Reeves

Born: 1846 Wisborough Green.

Children: Harriet Etheridge b 1869 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

John William Etheridge b 1870 Billingshurst

Thomas Etheridge b 1874 Pulborough

Annie Edith Etheridge b 1875 Wisborough Green (see Note 2)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Etheridge b 1880 Wisborough Green

Jane Etheridge b. 1884 (see Note 3)

Frederick Etheridge b 1885 Alford, Surrey

Harriet Etheridge b 1885 Alford, Surrey (see Note 4)

Ethel Etheridge b Billingshurst

1861 census: a carter.

1881 census: living Hansfold, Wisborough Green..

1891 census: High St, Billingshurst

1901 census: widowed Rhoda living with Frederick, Lucy & Ethel at Kiln Cottage, Wisborough Green

Note 1: Harriet Etheridge m George Reeves b 1865 Loxwood. John b 1892 Alford, Raymond b 1896 Alford, Lily b 1898

1901 census: living the Pound, Alford. George a stockman on farm. Jane living with them

Note 2: Annie Edith b 1875 Wisborough Green m 1895 Benjamin Barnett b 1874 Billingshurst. Children: Albert Barnett b 1896 Loxwood, Wisborough Green, Emily Barnett b 1898 Billingshurst

1901 census: residing Slinfold. Occupation cattle steerman

Note 3: Jane Etheridge. 1901 census: living with sister Harriet

Note 4: Harriet b 1885 Alford, Surrey [possibly servant Newbridge Farm 1901 rather than Harriet daugh of Aaron]



Born: 1839 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 21/4/1839 Billingshurst

Died: Poss 1862 registered Horsham district

1861 census: servant Stopham House, Stopham Rd to Walter Sanders, Lime merchant



Born: 1842 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 18/9/1842)

Died: 1894

Married: 1869

Spouse: Thomas E Greenfield

Born: 1841 Bury.

1871 census: living Todhurst? Pulborough. No occupation given.

1881 census: publican Punch Bowl Inn, Oakwood Hill, Abinger, Surrey. No children. Nephew damuel Beech b 1875 Middlesex with them

1891 census: Nutbourne St, Pulborough. William Chatfield 18 lodger (agricultural labourer) with them


Born: 1848 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 5/3/1848 Billingshurst

Died: Possibly 1849. He is not on 1851 census


Born: 1850 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 30/11/1850 Billingshurst

Buried: 15/8/1852 Billinghsurst from Newbridge



Born: 1813 West Grinstead

Father; Aaron Etheridge

Mother; Elizabeth Slaughter

Baptised: 3/7/1813

Buried: 12/6/1879 Billingshust

Married: 22/6/1834 Billinghsurst (see Note 1)

Spouse: Mary Robinson

Buried; 6/11/1882 Billingshurst

Children: Ellen Etheridge b 1835 Billingshurst

Elizabeth Etheridge b 1840 Billingshurst

Walter Etheridge b 1843 Billingshurst

Clement b 1846 Billingshurst

Amelia b 1849 Billingshurst

Mary Ann b 1851 Billingshurst

Children of John & Mary Etheridge


Born: 1835 Billingshurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Mary Robinson

Baptised: 4/1/1835

Buried: 8/2/1846


Born: 1840 Billingshurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Mary Robinson

Baptised: 13/9/1840

Died: possibly died Petworth district 1842 or 1848


Born: 1843 Billingshurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Mary Robinson

Baptised: 16/7/1843 billingshurst

Died: 1892 Horsham district.

Married: 1866 Midhurst district

Spouse: Lucy Hamilton.

Born: 1843 Midhurst district


Buried: 14/5/1870 Billingshurst

Married: 1872 Horsham district

Spouse: Elizabeth Sacks

Born: 1850/1851 Rudgwick.

Parents: James Sacks & Rebecca Burtenshaw

Children: Ellen Etheridge b 1869 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Elizabeth Etheridge b 1873 Billingshurst (see Note 2)bur 19/9/1874 Billingshurst, from Layhold]

Mary Jane Etheridge b. 1877 Billingshurst (see Note 3)

Alfred Etheridge b 1879 Billingshurst (see Note 4)

John Etheridge b 1882 Billingshurst

1871 census: a lodger with Henry & Mary Bussel, Little Landings, Billinghurst.

1881 census: living Layhold, Billingshurst. Mother Mary with them.

1891 census: Residing Frenches Farm

1901 census: widow Elizabeth living Binchman? Canal with Alfred. She was a laundress

Note 1: Ellen Etheridge bapt 26/7/1868 Billingshurst m 1889 Harry Etheridge baptised 12/4/1868 Horsham, son of George & Harriet. George Etheridge was first cousin to Ellen’s grandfather John Etheridge. Children: Harry b 1891, Alfred b 1893, Edith b 1896, Frederick b 1898.

1891 census: living with widowed mother-in-law Harriet Etheridge 44 New St, Horsham. Occupation: bricklayer’s labourer

1901 census: 90 New St Horsham, unmarried brother-in-law Robert 50 with them. Occupation: a railway bricklayer.

Note 2: Elizabeth Etheridge bapt 30/11/1873 Billingshurst buried 19/9/1874 Billingshurst, from Layhold

Note 2: Mary Jane Etheridge baptised 25/6/1876 Billingshurst. 1891 census: servant to Robert Alford, farmer, Poplands, Wisborough Green

1901 census: housemaid Victoria Hospital. Horsham

Note 3: Alfred Etheridge. 1901 census: an engine driver. Living with widowed mother


Born: 1846 Billingshurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Mary Robinson

Baptised: 1/11/1846 Billingshurst

Married: 1871

Spouse: Emma Hunt

Born: 1847 Fittleworth.

Children: William Etheridge b 1874 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Charlie Etheridge b 1875 Billingshurst (see Note 2)

Herbert Etheridge b 1878 Billingshurst (see Note 3)

Eliza Etheridge b 1881 Billingshurst (see Note 4)

Minnie Etheridge b 1882 Billingshurst (see Note 5)

Elsie Etheridge b 1884 Billingshurst (see Note 6)

Nellie Etheridge b 1887 Billingshurst (see Note 7)

Amy Etheridge b 1889 Billingshurst (see Note 8)

Augusta Etheridge b 1891 Billingshurst

1871 census: Ostler to Albert Sprinks, Station Inn, Pulborough,

1881census: Residing Hight St, Billingshurst, also with them lodger Frederick Worsfold b 1819, Worth

1891 census: General dealer, High St, Percy Worsfold aged 2 with them

1901census: self employed chimney sweep, MareHill, Billingshurst., 1891 Percy Worsfold 12 b Billingshurst and Laura Richards aged one born London lodging with them , also visitor Fanny Cole 24 visitor, Dunston, Bedford

Note 1: William Etheridge 1891 census: working as groom, Summersby Lodge, Shalford, Essex

Note 2: Charlie Etheridge. 1891 census: apprentice tailor 1901 census: painter & plumber

Note 3: Herbert Etheridge . 1901 lodging with George Brackley, Babrook, Billingshurst. Occupation : A groom

Note 4: Eliza Etheridge: 1901 census: living at home

Note 5: Minnie Etheridge married 1902 Croydon district Alfred William Chiverall born 1880 Peckham son of Alfred and Harriet Chiverall. Children: Herbert Alfred Chiverall born 1905 Camberwell district, Minnie C Chiverall born 1913 Camberwell district. 1901 census: servant to Arthur Ellis jeweller 21 Ackroyd Rd. Lewisham. Alfred was living 41 Tyrrell Rd, Camberwell working as a self-employed plumber.

Note 6: Elsie Etheridge 1901 census: 7b Bedford Rd, Horsham, servant to Goerge Longby, timber trade

Note 7: Nellie Etheridge 1901cenus: at home

Note 8: Amy Etheridge 1901 census: 8a East Parade, Horsham servant to John Cowpwe, wheelwright



Born: 1849 Billingshurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Mary Robinson

Baptised: 4/7/1849 Billingshurst

Married: 1867

Spouse: James Wilson

Born: 1844 Billingshurst.

Children: William Wilson b 1868 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Fanny Wilson b 1870 Horsham (see Note 2)

James Wilson b 1872 Billingshurst (see Note 3)

Amos Wilson b 1875 Ewhurst, Surrey (see Note 4)

Albert Wilson b 1876 Cranleigh, Surrey. (see Note 5)

Mary Ann Wilson b 1878 Cranleigh, Surrey (see Note 6)

1871 census: Beer Shop, Brook lane, occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Lewis Farm, Cranleigh, Surrey.

1891 census: Residing Stroud Lane, Occupation: a bricklayer.

1901census: Residing Stroud Common, Wonesh, Surrey Occupation: a farmer and wood dealer. No children with them.

Note 1: William Etheridge. 1881census: farm boy living with Henry Jay farmer High Canfold, next to parents.

1891 census: agricultural labourer lodging with Parsons, Sanderstead, Surrey

Note 2: Fanny Wilson married 1891 Hambledon district

Note 3: James Wilson 1891census: Ist Bttn Queens Regiment West Surrey regiment, Frimley

Note 4: Amos Wilson died 1904 Hambledon district

Note 5: Albert Wilson 1901 census: rural postman lodging with James Potter, The Common, Cranleigh

Note 6: Mary Ann Wilson. 1901 census: servant to James Hale, retired wharfinger Hendred, Wallington, Surrey




Born: 1851 Billingshurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Mary Robinson

Baptised: 23/11/1851 Billingshurst

Married: 1880 Horsham district

Spouse: Phillip Hamilton

Born: 1851Tillington

Parents: Benjamin & Eliza Hamilton

Died: 1889 East Grinstead district

Married: 1890 Hambledon district

Spouse: George Cuff

Born: 1850 Hurball Town, Dorset. (see Note)

Children: Rosetta Etheridge b 1876 Billingshurst (see Note 2)

1881 census: living Hammonds farm, Clayton, Philip an agricultural labourer,

1891 census: Residing Stroud, Wonersh Surrey,

1901 census: Residing The Street, Pattenham, Surrey. George a carter.

Note 1: Possibly the George Cuff 1871 census lodging in Pagham. Place of birth then given as Harpeth. 1891 census just Dorset. Only one birth registered 1949-1851 which was in Blandford district and was a different George Cuff

Note 2: Rosetta Etheridge (as Etheridge Hamilton) married 1898 Guildford district George Henry Lilley b 1874 Norwood. 1901 census: residing 14 Cecil Road, Reigate. Occupation: furniture carman





Born: 1819 Billingshurst

Father: Aaron Etheridge

Mother; Elizabeth Slaughter

Baptised: 21/3/1819 Billinghsurst

Died: 1890

Married: 1841

Spouse: Daniel Wakeford (Wackford)

Baptised: 30/3/1817 Fittleworth

Parents: David and Mary Wakeford

Died: 1890

Children: Emma Wakeford b 1845 Stopham

David Wakeford b 1848 Stopham

Mary Wakeford b 1849 Stopham

James Wakeford b 1852 Stopham

Fanny Wakeford b 1855 Wisborough Green

Martha Ann Wakeford b 1857 Wisborough Green

William Wakeford b 1861 Wisborough Green


Born: 1823 Billingshurst

Father: Aaron Etheridge

Mother: Elizabeth Slauter

Baptised; 9/2/1823 Billingshurst

Died; 1882

Married: 1841

Spouse; Henry Gumbrill

Born: 1820

Died; 1887

Children: Hugh Gumbrill b 1841 Billingshurst

George Gumbrill b 1846 Billingshurst

James Gumbrill b 1849 Billingshurst

Esther Gumbrill b 1852 Billingshurst

Alfred Gumbrill b 1855 Billingshurst

Edith Gumbrill b 1859 Billingshurst

Leah Etheridge infant 27/8/1806 buried

31/10/1808 Martha Etheridge