Family History

Ann Bennett

Born: 1754 Easeburne

Father: James Bennett

Mother: Sarah Boxall

Baptised: 24/10/1854 Easebourne (with sister Sarah

Buried: 9/10/1798 Easebourne

Married: 20/5/1777 Easebourne

Spouse: John Elliot

Children: Sarah Elliot chr 20/9/1778 Easebourne

Ann Elliot chr 19/5/1780 Easebourne

John 1781-1782 Easebourne

William chr 10/5/1783 Easebourne

Thomas chr 1/7/1787 Easebourne

Elizabeth chr 18/4/1790 Easebourne

Jane chr 15/1/1793 Easebourne

Sarah Elliot

Born: 1778 Easebourne

Father: John Elliot

Mother: Ann Bennett

Baptised: 20/9/1778 Easebourne

Married: 19/5/1801 Easebourne

Spouse: William Osgood

Children: James Osgood chr 6/9/1801 Easebourne (see note 1)

Jane Osgood chr 23/9/1804 Easebourne (see Note 2)

Ann Osgood chr 25/3/1810 Easebourne (see Note 3)

William or John chr 27/9/1812 Easebourne (see Note 4)

Mary Osgood chr 21/4/1816 Easebourne

Daniel Osgood chr 24/1/1819 Easebourne

Henry Osgood chr 12/4/1822 Easebourne

Note 1: James Osgood probably married Mary Ann Lloyd in Rogate 23/9/1824. James Osgood was from Kingston, witnessed Ham Maidman and Hny Boniface

Note 2: Jane Osgood married William Booker, Midhurst 3/4/1826 , banns read Easebourne. He was from Easebourne, she Midhurst. Witnessed Geo Ford and John White Jr. William Booker chr 14/7/1805 son of John & Elizabeth, Easebourne

Note 3: Ann Osgood m William Cook 12/5/1834 Easebourne

Note 4: John Osgood married 28/2/1835 Easebourne Ann Cook. Witnessed by Wm Cook and My Osgood



Born: 1780 Easebourne

Father: James Elliot

Mother: Ann Bennett

Baptised: 19/5/1780 Easebourne

Married: 28/4/1808 Easebourne

Spouse: John Larbe

Children: William Elliot chr 19/10/1806 (see Note 1)

Anne Larbe bapt 4/6/1809 (see Note 2)

Note 1: William Elliot. 24/7/1825 Easebourne banns entered then deleted for William Elliot and Hannah Dummer, widow. However a widower William Elliot married in Petworth (different woman) following year

Note 2: Anne Larbe possibly married as Ann Larby 12/8/1824 Midhurst John Heath, witnessed Jn Heath, My Kelsey (or 9/7/1829 St Peter the Great Chichester George Mitchell Hammond, however there seems to have been a Larby family in Chichester area


Born: 1790 easebourne

Father: John Elliot

Mother: Ann Bennett

Married : 5/11/1811 Easebourne (see Note 1)

Spouse: Robert Eade

Baptised: 29/9/1784

Parents: William & Ann Eade

Children: Ann Eade baptised 1815 Easebourne (see Note 2)

Robert Eade chr 10/11/1822 Easebourne

Elizabeth Eade chr 30/4/1826 Easebourne (see Note 3)

Jane Eade chr 13/6/1830 Easebourne (see Note 4)

Note 1: witnessed by John and Jane Elliott

Note 2: Ann Eade m Eli Deadman 12/11/1840. Two possible Eli Deadmans one chr 9/6/1816 Eastt Meon, Hants. The other 23/5/1813 Oxenbourne, Hants.

Note 3: Elizabeth Eade m George Upfield 30/1/1853 (George chr 13/5/1827 son of John & Frances Upfield)

Note 4: Jane Eade possibly m 12/4/1856 Henry Boxall