Family History


Born: 1842 Wisborough Green

Father: Frederick Stenning

Mother: Mary Mann

Baptised: 27/11/1842 Wisborough Green

Died: 1899 Petworth district

Married: 4/12/1865 Broadwater

Spouse: Charlotte Hester b 1841

Children; Mary Ann Stenning b 1866 Worthing (see Note 6)

Edwin Stenning b 1867 Worthing (See Note 8)

William George Stenning b 1869 Wisborough Green (see Note 1)

Louisa Kate Stenning b 1871 Wisborough Green (see Note 3) W Walter Stephen Stennning b 1874 Wisborough Green (see Note 2)

Frederick James Stenning b 1878 Wisborough Green (see Note 4) C Caroline Stenning b 1880 Wisborough Green (see Note 7)

John Stenning b 1881 Pulborough (see Note 7)

1871 census: Residing Wisborough Green Occupation: carpenter

1891 census: Residing Barracks, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Widow Charlotte residing Lowfold Cottage, Wisborough Green. Living with her sons Walter, John and grandson Edwin Fielder aged 15

Note 1: William George Stenning baptised 29/8/1869 Stenning married 29/9/1894 Wisborough Green Jane Wadey aged 20 of Billingshurst, daughter of George Wadey carter. Edwin a carpenter. Witnessed George & Emily Wadey

Note 2: Walter Stephen Stenning baptised 11/5/1874 Wisborough Green. 1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural laboureer

Note 3: Louisa Kate Stenning baptised 29/10/1871 Wisborough Green m 1889 petworth district James Fielder b 1859 Wisborough Green. Children: Edwin Fielder b 1894 Wisborough Green. 1901 census residing Blacksmiths, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 4: Frederick James Stenning baptised 10/2/1878 Wisborough Green. Married 4/10/1899 Wisborough Green Harriet Strudwick 20 of Wisborough Green daughter James Strudwick labourer witnessed by Robert Strudwick, Catherine Kate Newman. Frederick and Edwin labourers..Children: Edith Stenning b 1900 Wisborough Green

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing Brookland, Wisborough Green. Occupation: carter on farm

Note 5: John Stenning 1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 6: Mary Ann Stenning baptised 8/4/1866 Broadwater (father recorded as Edmund) died 1899 Petworth district married 1885 Petworth district William Fielder.b abt 1858 Kirdford, Children: Edwin Fileder b 1885 Wisborough Green (1891 and 1901 census residing with Stenning grandparents. Occupation: agricultural labourer); William Fielder b 1886 Wisborugh Green (1901 census. Residing with father. Occupation: carter on farm); George Fielder b 1897 Wisborough Green; Jane Fielder b 1891 Wisborough Green; Frank Fielder b 1893 Wisborough Green; Frederick Fielder b 1896 Wisborough Green. William Fielder remarried Mary Blunden widow in 1900 and they had Walter Fielder b 1900 Wisborough Green.

1891 census: Residing Meons? Hill, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census William Fielder residing Love Cottage, Wisborough Green. Occupation: stockman on farm

Note 7: Caroline Stenning baptised 11/4/1880 Wisborough Green m 1889 Westhampnett district William Swann b 1874 Bognor. Childeren: William F Swannb 1899 Bognor.

1901 census: Residing John St, Bognor. Occupation: tradesmanís porter.

Note 8: Edwin Stenning baptised 26/6/1867 Broadwater married 1891 Horsham districr Alice Fanny Pullen b 1865 Alford, Surrey. Children: Kate Stenning b 1891 Rudgwick; Rose Stenning b 1893 Rudgwick; Leonard Stenning b 1895 Rudgwick; Beatrice Stenning b 1897 Rudgwick; Frederick Stenning b. 1900 Rudgwick