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So far (1/9/2007) I have little information on this line. They were living in Heyshott at the start of the 18th century. I can find no marriages for any of Katherine's siblings, on IGI or the Sussex marriage Index.

This information kindly provide by Micharl Dummer


There had been earlier Dummers in Sussex, apart from the ‘Pyldren’ Dummers at Shipley described in the previous chapter. The fact that some of these earlier Dummers were sometimes recorded as Dommer or Domer is of no consequence; John Dummer of Shipley was sometimes recorded as Dommer, and we know he was a Dummer. There was a John Dommer of Rottingdean who made his will in 1574 who left most of his goods to his son, also John, who was under 18. And another John Dommer(of Rottingdean made his will twice in 1579. He had sisters Joan and Margaret, but most of his goods he left to his mother Elizabeth Hiles, so we may assume that his father was dead, that he was unmarried, and that probably he was the son of the first John Dummer who died but 5 years previously, although his sisters had not been mentioned in the first John’s will. It is unlikely that this line survived.

Midhurst was a respectable country town, at the centre of a group of villages such as Stedham, Cocking, Easebourne, and Heyshott, for which it would have provided the market place. The real centre of power for the district, however, was the great house of Cowdray, set in its own park, on the edge of Midhurst. At the end of the drive was Easebourne (pronounced eezz burn). Cowdray was another of those places in Sussex at which the flame of Roman Catholicism continued to burn during the dark days of religious persecution. Heyshott was a small village a few miles south of Midhurst tucked up under the northern face of the South Downs, which loomed large over the village. The wheel of Bex Mill there was turned by the Caster Brook. The old church was in a poor state of repair when the Dummers were first recorded there. Unlike Cowdray, Heyshott was generally a Puritan village.


Buried: 30/1/1711 Heyshott (note 1)

Married: Mary..(note 2)

Children: William Dummer

Elizabeth Dummer b.1691 Heyshott

James Dummer b. 1693 Heyshott

Thomas Dummer b. 1696 Heyshott

Jane Dummer b 1699 Heyshott

Ann Dummer b 1700 Heyshott

Katherine Dummer b. 1703 Heyshott

Susannah Dummer b 1706 Heyshott

David Dummer b. 1708 Heyshott

John Dummer (see note 3)

Note 1: John a day labourer (from baptism register). The only John Dummer on IGI in relevant years was baptised 11/6/1672 Eastergate, son of John & magdalen.

John possibly had a brother James who with Frances had a daughter Mary bapt 4/1706 Heyshott

Note 2: Mary remarried 29/6/1713 Terwixk John Browne, bachelor of heyshott, by licence issued 24/6/1713. Son William was surety for the marriage

Note 3: John Dummer who married Ann who possibly bur 5/12/1719 Heyshott He was possibly another son.. They had a son baptised John 28/1/1711 bur 6/2/1711 Heyshott.



Born: Heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary (see Note 1)

Married: Probably 9/2/1713 Rogate

Spouse: Mary Oliver

Children: Two children

Note 1: Was surety for his mother’s 2nd marriage. he was described as a sivemaker of Heyshott [Sivemaker was originally considered to mean "sieve maker" but is now thought to mean "scythe maker". There would have been far more demand for scythes than sieves, and it would have required skills as a blacksmith and carpenter.

Note 2: Presumably they were the "William and his wife" amongst the 54 people listed as "Popish recusants" inhabiting and sojourning the parish of Easebourne in 1727[


Born: 1691 Heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 14/4/1691


Born: 1693 heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary

Baptised; 22/9/1693 Heyshott

Buried: 12/3/1696 Heyshott (2 yrs 7 months)


Born: 1696 Heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary

Baptised; 20/5/1696 Heyshott


Born: 1699 Heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 18/7/1699 heyshott

Buried: 30/7/1699 Heyshott (aged 12 days)


Born: 1700 Heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 10/11/1700 Heyshott

Buried: possibly 5/12/1719 Heyshott


Born: 1703 Heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Baptised; 21/9/1703 Heyshott

Buried; 3/8/1762 heyshott

Married: 15/4/1723 Heyshott

Spouse; Nicholas Sowter

Baptised: 28/1/1699 Easebourne

Parents: John Souter

Children: Nicholas Souter b. 1724 heyshott

Mary Souterb. 1728 heyshott

Sarah Souter chr 13/2/1729

Ann Souter b.1731 Heyshott

Sarah Souter b 1733 Heyshott

Jane Souter b. 1735 Heyshott

Elisabeth Souter b 1738 Heyshott

Ruth Souter b 1744 Heyshott


Born: 1706 heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 22/4/1706 Heyshott


Born: 1708 Heyshott

Father: John Dummer

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 22/3/1708 Heyshott