Family History



Born: see Note 1

Married: 31/1/1724 Walberton

Spouse: Ann Badcock

Born: 26/4/1702 Walberton

Baptised: 27/4/1702 Walberton

Children: Ann Downer b 1725 Lyminster

John Downer b 1728 Lyminster

Thomas Downer b 1729 Lyminster

John Downer b 1729 Lyminster

James Downer b 1735 Lyminster

Sarah Downer b 1737 Lyminster

Elizabeth Downer b 1739 Lyminster

Lyminster MI Mary wife of Thomas Downer 8/3/1755 (40)

Thomas Jr died 29/10/1779 aged 23 (Lyminster MI)

Note 1: On marriage record he is given as from Slindon


Children of Thomas & Ann Downer


Born: 1725 Lyminster

Father: Thomas Downer

Mother: Ann Badcock

Baptised: 6/2/1725 Lyminster


Born: 1728 Lyminster

Father: Thomas Downer

Mother: Ann Badcock

Baptised: 22/9/1728 Lyminster

Buried: 1/12/1728 Lyminster


Born: 1729 Lyminster

Father: Thomas Downer

Mother: Ann Badcock

Married: 14/7/1756 Lyminster

Spouse: Ann Terry

Possible son Thomas Jr died 29/10/1779 aged 23 (Lyminster MI)


Born: 1732 Lyminster

Father: Thomas Downer

Mother: Ann Badcock

Baptised: 8/10/1832 Lyminster


Born: 1735 Lyminster

Father: Thomas Downer

Mother: Ann Badcock

Baptised: 23/1/1735

Married: 6/1/1778 Lyminster

Spouse: Elizabeth Sole

Baptised: possibly 27/1/1754 Ferring

Parents: possibly Philip & Mary Sole

Children: Thomas Downer b 1780 Lyminster

James Downer b 1783 Lyminster

George Downer b 1784 Lyminster

MI Lyminster Elizabeth wife of james Downer 17/12/1813 (72). I believe there might be a missing. This Elizabeth could be the wife of the James born 1735 and Elizabeth Sole married his son James

Assignment Holmes, Campbell & Co/862 12 July 1786

These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office
Of residue of above term from James Downer of Lyminster, cordwainer, (exor. of will of Thomas Downer), in consideration of £30, and from William Bristow of Warningcamp, blacksmith, in consideration of £20, to John Wyatt of Walberton, carpenter.
Lease for 7 years, at the annual rent of £7 7s., from (a) James Downer of Lyminster, cordwainer and Elizabeth, his wife, to (b) Thomas Duke of Lyminster, yeo Add Mss 15,944 30 August 1787

These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office
Barn, garden, orchard and 11a. land in Lyminster


Born: 1737 Lyminster

Father: Thomas Downer

Mother: Ann Badcock

Baptised: 17/7/1737 Lyminster


Born: 1739 Lyminster

Father: Thomas Downer

Mother: Ann Badcock

Baptised: 4/3/1839 Lyminster


Children of James and Elizabeth Downer


Born: b 1777 or 1778 according to burial record

Buried: 1831 Madehurst aged 53.

Married: 13/3/1803 in Ford (see Note 3)

Spouse: Ann Smith

Baptised: 1774 Burpham

Died: 2/7/1854 in Madehurst (see note 1)

Buried: 5/7/1854 aged 80

Children: William Downer b abt 1807 Tortington

1841 census: residing Madehurst with son William

1851 census: residing Madehurst with son William

Note 1: Died of bronchitis. Notified 4/7/1854 by son William who made his mark. Described as widow of James Downer, labourer

Note 2: No trace of any other children on IGI

Note 3: On the Sussex marriage Index he is recorded as Thomas James Downs as well as James Downer, bachelor, Tortington


Children of James & Ann Downer


Born: abt 1807 Tortington

Father: James Downer

Mother: Ann Smith

Baptised; possibly baptised 28/6/1806 son of James & Anne Downton in Tortington

Died : 21 June 1885 in Madehurst

Buried: 23/6/1885 Madehurst. (see note 1)

Married: 13/12/1826 Madehurst

Spouse: Maria Wells b 1804

Buried: 24/8/1828 Madehurst (see Note 2)

Married: Jane Saxby 14/2/1835 Oving.

Born: 1814 in Oving

Father: Thomas Saxbee

Mother: Ann Ellis

Died : 24/10/1881 in Madehurst. (see Note 3)

Buried : 25/10/1881 Madehurst.

Children: George Downer b 1829 Madehurst

Thomas Downer b 1837 Madehurst

Fanny Downer b 1839 Madehurst

Ann Downer b 1840 Madehurst

William Downer b 1843 Madehurst

John Downer b 1845 Madehurst

James Downer b 1847 Madehurst

Ellen Downer b 1849 Madehurst

Charles Downer b 1852 Madehurst

Henry Downer b 1855 Madehurst

Arthur Downer b 1861 Madehurst

1837 Residing Madehurst. Described as a labourer (baptism register).

1841 census: Living Chichester Lodge with wife Jane, daughter Ann aged one and mother Ann aged 65.

1851 census: William’s occupation is gardener, labourer Dale Park

and Jane Lodge keeper. Mother is now an invalid with Sarah Collins 56 her nurse.

1861 census: Chichester Lodge with Jane, James, Ellen, Charles & Henry.

1871 census: Park Lodge, Fairmile Bottom, William, Jane, Henry and lodger William Daw, 46.

1881 census: Stag Lodge William, Jane, Ellen 31 housekeeper & Henry gardener

Note 1: Cause of death was embolism, moist gangarine. Death registered 22/6/06 by James Downer son who was present at the death. He lived 42 Eland Road, Croydon. Age given as 77 and occupation garden labourer.

Note 2: Marriage witnessed by Harriet Wells (other witness’s name unreadable). All made their marks

Note 3: Committed suicide by drowning herself in a rain-butt according to entry for Madehurst burials, however death certificates gives the cause as variola confluence (small pox) 3 weeks and gangrene senilis 4 weeks. Death notified on 3/11/1881 by sister Martha Broadbridge of Slindon. William described as a garden labourer

GANGRENA SENILIS – form of gangrene occurring particularly in old people and caused usually by insufficient blood supply due to degeneration of the walls of the smaller arteries

VARIOLA smallpox – Areola major – very serious, now 30% mortality rate

Variola minor – milder infection, mortality now less than 1%

Symptoms – high fever, fatigue, severe headaches, backache, malaise, rash spreading out from mouth and throat. This turns to pus filled lesions which turn crusty 8th or 9th day, delirium, vomiting and diarrhoea, bleeding

William’s MI Madehurst – He giveth his beloved sleep

I have an anchorage steadfast and sure, and have outrid the storm and entered the port where anguish and sorrow never come

Children of William Downer


Born: 1828 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Maria Wells

Baptised: 11/6/1828 Madehurst

Buried : 29/1/1829 aged 8 months, Madehurst


Born: 1837 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Baptised: 7/5/1837 Madehurst

Buried: 24/2/1841Madehurst


Born: 1839 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Baptised: 31/5/1839 Madehurst

Buried: 5/7/1839 Madehurst, aged 4 months


Born: 1840 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Baptised: 8/6/1840 Madehurst

Buried: 10/9/1845 Madehurst


Born: 1843 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Died: 1928 Bristol

Married : 1867 Bristol

Spouse: Mary Emma Powell

Born: 1844 in Abergavenny

Died: 1891 in Bristol.

Children: Beatrice Elizabeth J Downer b 1869 Bristol district

Ellen Emma Downer b 1872 Bristol district

William Henry Downer b 1875 Bristol district

1861 census: able seaman on Flora. 1861 census has it In the Downs, Master George Samways..

1871 census: 3 Kewton St, Bristol.

1881 census: police constable (water policeman) living 1 Melbourne Cottage, Bedminster.

1891 census: living 3 Victoria Place, Bedminster. Emma a tailoress. Margaret Downer aged 7 with them. I assume this is daughter of John Downer.

1901 census: retired policeman living in Bristol 14 Addison Rd, Bedminster with daughter Beatrice. In 1861 able seaman on Flora. 1861 census has it In the Downs, master George Samways..


Born: 1845 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Died: 1888 Wandsworth (June q)

Buried: Madehurst

Married: 14 February 1877

Spouse: Margaret Amelia Martin

Born: 26/6/1853 lambeth

Died: 1885 in Lambeth.

Father: Charles Eustace Martin

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Hadlow

Children: Nellie Jane Downer born 1878 in Pimlico (see Note 3)

John Charles Downer born 1881 Brewer Street Pimlico (see Note 1)

Margaret Amelia Downer born 1883 in Pimlico (see Note 2)

1871 census: lodging with Thomas & E Hamilton, 10 Brewer Street, London. Working as a slaleman? Margaret was a seamstress living 17 James Place, St Mary Newington with her father an omnibus driver and probably stepmother Caroline and siblings.

1881 census: working as a steward (D). Living 10 Brewer Street, London. Visiting them were Alexander E Carpenter, visitor, 36, unmarried hotel waiter from Great Haseley, Oxford and John Collins, aged 40 hotel waiter from Farnham, Kent. Lodging with them were James Forsgate 19 telegraphist from Westminster; Alfred Forsgate 13 Chemist’s errand boy from Westminster; Thomas Brown 32, railway guard from St Pancras, Charles G Martin 24, hotel kitchen porter from Hackney, Middlesex; Thomas E Martin 22 hotel kitchen porter from

Note 1: died 13 September 1952 in Sydney, New South Wales. Married 26/5/1901 Lambeth Elizabeth Alice Thomas b 2/2/1881 Lambeth daughter of William Thomas and Eliza Gardner died 30/12/1956 Lambeth

Children: John George Downer b 27/11/1901 Smith Street, Camberwell died 20/1/1976; Frederick James Downer b 29/1/1903 Lambeth died 22/9/1907 Lambeth; Margaret Alice Downer b 12/3/1905 Lying In Hospital York Road died 13/7/1989 Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia (6/2/1930 Perth Robert Brooks 1896-1983 (died Melbourne)); Florence Ada Downer b 24/3/1908 Princes Road Lambeth died 23/12/1971; Annie Lilian Downer born 1910 Princes Rd, lambeth; Ellen F Downer b 1912 Lambeth; George Albert Downer b 14/4/1815 Lambeth died 26/5/1918 Lambeth.

1901 census: working as a bedstead maker in Pimlico, lodging with George & Beatrice Carmody, 41 Cranmer Street, Pimlico.

1911 census: Residing 142 Princes Street, Lambeth. Occupation: bedstead moulder

Note 2: Margaret Downer: 1891 living with Uncle William in Bristol. . Married Bristol 1910 to William Robert Brown born 1884 Bristol. Children: possibly Lilian D Brown b 1911 Bristol (mother recorded as Downes) 1915 William R Brown b 1915 Bristol

1901 census:underparlourmaid to Lord Beckwith, 4 Chelsea Embankment Other occupants at 4 Chelsea Embankment were Lord Monswell 56 (Hindesham Hall, Suffolk), his wife Mary 51, son Gerard Collier 22, student at oxford, Richard Gardiner 41 butler (married, Nuneham), Frederick G martin 18 footman (Cullen, Banff), Isabella Morrison 47 cook (Wandsworth), Elizabeth Callinghsow 70 ladys maid (St Pancras), Maria Mansfield 46 housemaid (Hertford), Mabel St ? 18 kitchenmaid

1911 census: Residing 85 Elvaston Rd, Bedminster. Occupation; labourer in tanyard

Note 3: Nellie Jane Downer married probably 1904 East Preston district Herbert Blunden (1901 a 22 yr old policeman Littlehampton) or Charles Douglas Dawes (1901 a 23yr old fishmonger Littlehampton)

1891 census: servant to Frank Elliott High Street Littlehampton



Born: 1847 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Baptised: 16/10/1847, Madehurst (private baptism)

Died: 1933 Croydon

Married: 1869 St george Hanover Sq district

Spouse: Mary Harriet Shearing

Died: possibly 1879 Wayland, Norfolk

Married : 1880 in Marylebone district, London

Spouse: Elizabeth Matilda Croft.

Born: 1847 in London, Middlesex, St George Hanover Sq district (see Note 1)

Parents: James & Elizabeth Croft

Died: 1892 Croydon

Married: 1893 Croydon

Spouse: Henrietta Biddle, widow (born Stubbington)

Baptised: 31/8/1843 Fareham, Hants

Parents: James & Sarah Stubbington

Died: 1925 Croydon distict aged 82

Children: John Croft b.1873 in London, Middlesex (see Note 3)

Ethel Mary Downer born 1876 in Havant (see Note 4)

Lizzie Nellie Jane Downer born 1880 in Croydon (see Note 5)

William James Downer born 1882 in Croydon, (see Note 6)

Charles Henry Downer b 1884 Croydon (see Note 7)

George Thomas Downer born 1889 in Croydon (see Note 8)

Ada Rose Downer born 1891 in Croydon (see Note 9)

1861 census: Residing with parents occupation: agricultural labourer.

1881 census: Residing 42a Eland Road, Croydon. Occupation: railway ticket collector. Mother-in-law Elizaberth Croft aged 75 born Croydon living with them

1891 and 1901 census: working as a railway ticket collector in Croydon. Living 95 Oval Road, Croydon. Boarder with them in 1901, William Fletcher aged 32 from Albourne, Sussex, railway company engineer’s photographer.

1911 census: Residing 18 Oval Road, Inner Circle, Croydon. Occupation: railway pensioner. Living with them son George, daughter Ada, Kathleen Slater aged 9 foster child and two young railway clerks as lodger

Note 1: Elizabeth Croft’s father James was a butler.

Note 2: Henrietta Stubbington married Charles Biddle Barnet district 1867

1861 census: Henrietta residing Priddys Yard, Alverstoke servant to Henry Doue, foreman, War Department

1871 census: Henrietta residing Albert Cottages Croydon, occupation laundress. Married but no husband listed. Children: Annie Henrietta Biddle b 1868 Surrey and Roseana Biddle aged 1

1881 census: Henrietta was a widow, laundress living at 4 Alma Villas, Grant Road, Croydon, with her children Annie H Biddle and William A Biddle both aged 1 born in Croydon and nursemaid Amy Gooddy aged 12 from Croydon. Henrietta’s place of birth is given as Portsmouth

1891 census: Henrietta widow residing 39 Neville Rd, Croydon. Occupation: laundress. Living with her daughter Rosina. Laundress, son [William] Arthur and daughter Lilian Eliza aged 6 who died 1891

Annie Biddle 1891 census residing 93 Selhurst Rd, Corydon. Servant to John Gascoigne, civil servant 1st class clerk.

Note 3: John Croft (Downer) Possibly born John Crator Croft 1871 St George Hanover Sq. district.

married 1894 as John Croft Emily Mary Cotton probably born 1866 Hitchin, Herts (baptised 28/9/1866) daughter of Thomas & Sarah Cotton.(1901 census reads like Kent). Children: William John Downer b 1901 Croydon.

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: telegram messenger.

1901 census: was calling himself John Croft and living at 11 Warner Road, Croydon, working as a railway stoker? Charles Downer was boarder with him

1911 census: Residing 43 Brendon Rd, Croydon. Occupation: revitter

> This would suggest that he married Emily Kate Edgcombe Sep qtr 1900 in
> Croydon. There is an Emily Kate Edgecombe registered Sep qtr 1868
> Sevenoaks. If her 1901 census place of birth is Otford, Kent then this
> is the likely candidate.
> Hope this is helpful,
> Regards
> James Downer

Note 4: Charles Henry Downer 1901 census: a merchants junior clerk in Croydon and boarding with John Croft 11 Warner Road, Croydon

Note 5: Lizzie Downer married 17/10/1907 St Matthews Croydon James Richardson. At time of marriage she was living 124 Oval Road Croydon and he was living 287 New Cross Road, occupation parcel clerk railway official. Father James Downer is recorded as a railway official. Witnessed by James, Charles and Ada Downer and Ethel Richardson.

Children: Grace Elsie Richardson b 13/9/1908 New Cross (died 1960 65 Compton Rd, Brighton, married Lewes Road Congregational Church Brighton Harry Stanley Pettitt born 30/5/1907 Brighton son of Henry Pettitt died 1985 65 Compton Road, Brighton); Reginald J Richardson b 1913 Steyning district; Beatrice Louise Richardson b 1918

1911 census; Residing 9 Mayo Rd, Brighton. Occupation: clerk

Note 6: William James Downer died 1891 in Croydon

Note 7: Ethel May Downer b 15/1/1876 Havant (registered 16/2/1876 by father James Downer, ticket collector) - married 1894 Samuel Newman b 1866 London (possibly Camberwell). Occupation: corporation carman. In 1881 he had been a milk boy to John Willmer china dealer and dairyman Stafford House, Croydon

Children: Charles S Newman born 1895 ( Took his own life)m Ethel Barnes b 1900

(children Ethel Newman b 1918, Lilian Newman b 1923 Charles Newman b 1923); Ethel Annie Newman born 1898, Lizzie May Newman born 1900, Nellie Mabel Newman b 1904, Beatrice Maud Newman born b. 1907, Bobbie Newman born, possibly Robert born 1910 Croydon? – not on 1911 census Dorothy Newman b 1912; Ivy Newman born 1917 ( married 1st James Morgan m 2nd Leslie Cotton.

1901 residence: 24 Cromwell Rd, Croydon.

1911 census: 19 Johnsons Road. Occupation: carman

Note 6: Annie Eliza Biddle b 1871 Alverstoke. Annie Biddle married 1902 Croydon either John Bibby or Richard Alfred Stokes, William Biddle married 1913 Rose E Child

Note 7: George T Downer married 1913 Annie E Drake. Children: Marjorie A Downer b 1914 Croydon, Lionel G J Downer b 1921 Croydon

1911 census: residing with father. Occupation: railway clerk

Note 8: Ada R Downer married 1922 Croydon district Thomas A Mills

1911 census: Residing with father. Occupation: mother’s help, domestic

Note 9: Elizabeth’s father James Croft was a butler. 1851 family living 12 Ranleigh Street, and in 1871 her parents were at 23 Hanover St, London. With two sons, William 31 a butler and Thomas 28 unemployed butcher. . 1861 census possibly working as servant to Mary Rowe, 28 Charles St, Marylebone.

Note 10: 1871 census Henrietta Biddle recorded as Harriet Biddle born Fareham, Hants aged 26 head but married. Children: Annie aged 2 and Rosina aged 1. Residing 2 Albert Cottages. On 1881 census Rosina was living in Croydon with Richard Parham, carpenter, and his family,


Born: 1849 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Baptised: 11/11/1849 madehurst

Died: 23/4/1901Madehurst (see Note 1)

Buried: 28/4/1901 Madehurst

Married: 1885

Spouse: William Blunden

Born: abt 1848 in Midhurst,

Died: 1935 in Walberton.

Children: Nellie Jane Blunden b 1885 Madehurst (see Note 2)

William Henry Blunden born 1887 in Madehurst (see Note 3)

Charles Henry Blunden born 1888 in Madehurst. (see Note 4)

1871 census: she was working as a general servant to Thomas Brown aged 70 (from Middlesex) Vicar of St Paul’s Chichester, 90 West Street Chichester. The rest of the household was Jane Brown aged 58 (from Hertfordshire) and Clara L Coe, 27 from Cley, Norfolk, another general servant

1881 census: housekeeper to her parents.

Note 1: Died of gangerine poisoning

Note 2: Nellie Jane Blunden born 6 December 1885 died 1973 married 1914 in Walberton Joseph Henry Hill b 17/4/1885 in South harting, died 1942 in Walberton

Note 3: William Henry Blunden born 1887 in Madehurst Died 4 July 1918 in 5th Casualty Clearing Station France of wounds, serving with the Australian forces (Private 4150, 13th Bn, Australian Infantry A.I.F.). Buried Crouy British Cemetery, Crouy-sur-Somme, Somme (grave III.B.25). Not Known as Harry. Attended Slindon National school. Emigrated to Australia in 1911. At time of enlisting worked for Mr W Morewood, Rushholme, Merrivale Road, Pymble, nr Sydney NSW, as a groom and gardener.

Note 4: Charles Henry Blunden born 1888 in Madehurst. Died 1976 In Walberton. Married 1921 in Dover, Agnes Crux born 1889 in Canterbury.died 1984 in Walberton



Born: 1852 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Note: 1871 footman at Dale Park House,

1891 buttler to 4th earl of Belmore Eaton Square, London. See separate list for Dale park House servants

No trace after this. Deaths searched up to 1938.

Dale park House

1871 John Fletcher head 68 from Elgin and Elizabeth 54 from Dumfrieshire. Daughters Eleanor 23 born Liverpool, Beatrice 13 born Madehurst. Nephew Alfred M Fletcher 17 born Walton, Lancs and niece Maude Fletcher 15 Walton, Lancs. James Church 68 brother-in-law born Berwickshire and Sarah Church 55 sister-in-law born London.


Helen Thomson 24 governess born London

Elizabeth Cole 31 Housekeeper born Chichester

Harriet Rooke 23 servant b London

Isabella Mclelhan 24 b Rosshire

Emma White 25 laundreymaid b Ringwood, hants

Mary A Brown 19 laundreymaid b Stockport

Henry Shepherd butler45 b Somerset,

George Charlton 25 footman b Farnborough, hants

Charles Downer 18 footman

John Walter 27 groom b madehurst

Lucy Borditch 66 nurse b Riminster, Dorset

Louisa Parker 32 ladysmaid b London

Marie Hensken 25 Lady’s maid b Luxembourg

Jessie McDonald 25 housemaid b Loch borough, Scotland

Emma Trakeham 28 housemaid b Devon



The ist Earl of Belmore (1790-7) had estate in Northern Ireland. Could Charles have settled there? Castle Coole Enniskillen. Built by the competitive Earl of belmore at end of 18C by james Wyatt. Impressive service buildings, servant’s tunnel. Laundry house, dairy & ice house – house in landscaped parkland & mature oakwoods. Bed prepared for george IV. 2nd earl commsssioned a remarkabele set of Rehgency furnishigs from Dublin upholsterer between 1807 & 1825


Sie Somerset Richard Lowry-Cory 4th Earl Belmore was the son of Armar Lowry-Cory 3rd Earl of Belmore and Emily Louise Shepherd. He was born on 9/4/1835 Bruton St London, married Anne Elizabeth Honira Gladstone on 22/8/1861 St george’s Church, Hanover Sq. He died 6/4/1913 at castle Coole Inniskillen and buried 9/4/1913 Derryvullen, Co Fermanagh.

He succeeded to his titles on 17/12/1845 and held office of representative peer for Ireland 1857-1913. He was Under-Secretary for Home Dept July 1866 and July 1867 and Governor of NSW 22/8/1867 and Feb 1872. he was Jp for CountybTyrone, Vpunty Fermanagh and Kent. And Lord Justice (Ireland) 1885 and and Loref-Lieutenant County Tyrone 1892. Captain in service of Fermanagh Militia and Major in the London Iruish RV, 21896.

Anne his wife died 5/10/1919 at Castle Coole and bur 8/10/1919 Derryvullen

Succeeded by eldest son Armar the earl 1864-1948, who was then folloed by second son Cecil 6th earl 1873-1949

Daughters – Florence 1864-1943

Kathleen 1887-1972

6 others

Other sons – Ernest 1874-1912

Corry family date back to Col John Corry who wasHigh Sherrif of Fermanagh and MP for Emnniskillen at start of 18th century. Both he and his son leslie who occupied same offices lived in Catle Coole

1891 CENSUS 66 Eaton Sq

Earl 55, Elizabeth wife 49, son 28, Madeline 25, Mary? 20, Amar 20, Cecil 18, Wiifred 14, Edith 12, Violet 9, Margaret 7, ? daughter 5, Kathleen 3

Charles as butler top of servants list

? Powell footman, Cjharles ? footman, Ann ? cook, / Withers ? nurse, ? ; / schoolroom maid; ?Kennedy nursery maid; Isabelle/ ? housemaid, mary Gallagher housemaid; Marie ? kitchenmaid; Lucy or Mary McCafferly scullery maid



Born: 1855 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Died: 1932 Brentford district

Married: 1891 London, St George Hanover Square district

Spouse; Ellen Hill (see note 1)

Born: 1862, Broxbourne, Herts.

Parents; George & Maria Hill

Died: 1922 Brentford district

Note: worked as housekeeper and valet.

1871census: occupation: agricultural labourer.

1881census: occupation: gardener living at Stag Lodges, Dale Park with parents and sister Ellen.

1891 census: servant at Warnham Court mansion, Warnham to Charles Lucas, aged 70 (contractor public works).

Following were also in the household: Anna M Lucas, single, living on own means aged 73; George Henderson, widowed son-in-law and grand-daughter Florence Henderson 2; grandsons Charles Lucas 5, Geoffrey 3; neice Kate Mandereley 44 and her son Refinald 19; Edmund Locker 29 valewt; Albert Davey 23, William Rigby 19 and John footmen; Samuel macey 15 page boy; Isabell Bell 37, Elizabeth Brand 40 and mary Bird 30 nurses; Alice Teamis and Mercy Taylor 15 nursery nurses; Edith Nichols 21 trained nurse; Elizabeth Watts 36 cook & housekeeper; Ellen Short 16 scullery maid; Florence Suton 19, Annie Nash 24 & Esther Hibbert 20 housemaids; Emily Palmer 23 kitchen maid; Lettice Cliff 24 ladiers maid; Annie Buxton 18 still room maid

1901 census: lodging keeper 70 Ebury St, London (he and wife were looking after retired army officer Cecil V Jervoise (aged 66) servants Mabel Morris 23 parlourmaid and Annie Morris 15, kitchenmaid.

1911 census: lodging keeper 71 Ebury Street. Servant Henrietta Yammon, single, aged 26 from Bristol.

Note 1: In 1881 Ellen was living with her family in Keepers Lodge, Denton, Lincoln (father was gamekeeper) and working as a cook. In 1891 as Ellen Maria she may have been servant in Leigh Road, Knutsford, Lancs


Born: 1861 Madehurst

Father: William Downer

Mother: Jane Saxby

Baptised: 19/7/1861

Buried: 21/7/1861