Family History




MI James Dean 16/3/1873 (87) ‘He died in peace’

James Dean 4/3/1867 (67) ‘I am the resurrection’

George Dean 29/12/1886 (68) and wife Hannah 9/2/1910 (80)

Slindon St mary

John Gilbert 13/1/1927 and Dora Gertrude 14/8/1977 (89)

Harriett 3/12/1945 (90)

Herbert killed in action 9/1916

Charles 29/7/1956 (78) and Clara Elizabeth 21/1/1962 (84)

Alice dean wife of Sydney Vincent daughter of Edward and Ada 31/1/1930 aged 43

Melicent wife of Thomas Dean 17/7/1867 aged 70 and Thomas 12/11/1865 (74)


Born: 1815 Slindon

Father: james Dean

Mother: mary Saxbee

Baptised: 26/2/1815 Slindon

Died: 1/8/1865 Slindon

Buried: 3/8/1865 Slindon (see Note 3)

Married: 10/4/1852 Arundel (see Note 2)

Spouse: Theresa Gilbert

Born: 1/6/1823 Houghton

Father: Joseph Gilbert

Mother: Mary Searle

Died: 4/2/ 1909 Slindon

Children: James Dean b 1853

Mary Dean b 1854 Arundel

Louisa Dean b 1856 Arundel

Charles Dean b 1857 Arundel

Theresa Dean b 1859 Arundel

Charles Dean b 1861 Slindon

William Dean b 1864 Slindon

1861 census: Residing Biddleside

1871 census: Theresa widow residing Biddleside Slindon. Occupation: charwoman

1881 census: Theresa residing Slindon. Occupation: laundress

1891 census: Theresa residin Bittleside, Slindon with son James and his family. Occupation: laundress

1901 census: Residing Parkside, Slindon with James and family

Note 1: Listed as a labourer in baptismal records of Slindon born children, a thatcher in baptismal record of son Charles and under keeper at Arundel castle in son james’ entry, gamekeeper in daughter mary’s. In ‘Portrait of Slindon’ he is described as a gamekeeper to the Duke of Norfolk. It also describes him as the best scholar in the village in 1854 and having attended school in Chichester.

Note 2: Charles described as a gamekeeper of Arundel. Witnesses were James Dean & Mary Gilbert. All signed.

Note 3: Inscription on headstone reads: In memory of Charles Dean who died August 1st 1865 aged 50 years. Now if we be dead with Christ we believe that we shall also live with him. Curved top to headstone

Inscription on heasdstone ‘In loving remembrance of Theresa the beloved wife of Charle Dean who entered inbto rest February 4th 1909 aged 86 years. Resting in the Lord, Curved top to headstone



Born: 1853 Arundel

Father: Charles Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Baptised: 24/4/1853 Arundel

Died: 7/1/1935 Slindon

Buried: Jan 1935 Slindon (see Note 2)

Married: 19/4/1977 Slindon

Spouse; Harriett Chalk

Born: 1855 Downton, Wiltshire (see Note 3)

Parents: james

Died: 3 December 1945 Slindon

Buried: Dec 1945 Slindon

Children: Charles Dean b 1878 Slindon

George Dean b 1880 Slindon

William Dean b 1882 Slindon

Arthur James Dean b 1884 Slindon

Theresa Dean b 1887 Slindon

John Gilbert Dean b 1889 Slindon

Mary Dean b 1890 Slindon

Herbert Dean b 1891 Slindon

Venice Dean b 1892 Slindon

Louisa Dean b 1894 Slindon

Albert Edward Dean b 1896 Slindon

1911 census records that they had 11 children, 10 living. I haven’t traced the deceased child yet.

1871 census: Residing with mother The Common, Slindon. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing Slindon. Occupation: gardener

1891 census: residing Bittleside, Slindon. Occupation: general labourer

1901 census: residing Park Lane, Slindon. Occupation: Bricklayer’s labourer

1911 census: Residing 47 Park Lane (four roomed property). General labourer on estate. Arthur, Jack, Herbert and Edward living with them.

1916 : Address 24 Park Lane, Slindon (register for son Herbert)

Note 1: Wrote a Slindon diary called Slindon Notes for the West Sussex gazette for almost 40 years. Also kept diaries now in WSRO

He was a ploughboy, estate worker and chorister. He was 4th generation to live at Bittleside. When this accidently burnt down in 1900 they moved to 47 park lane where they remained as tenants of th Slindon estate. Attended school at rectory Cottage, Dyers Lane where the master had one leg & walked on crutches. When his father died he was sent to Court Hill Farm assisting John Dean the carter for 2/6d a week. In 1873 joined the threshing gang on the first mechanical thresher to come to the village. Was a chorister in village church for 60 years and played in the cricket team. Served for 3 years as Parish Constable. In 1923 had right leg amputated at West Sussex hospital, used a wheelchair the crutches, finally a cork leg.

Note 2: Inscription on headstone: In loving memory of James Dean who fell asleep 7 January 1835 aged 81. (north side). At rest (east side). Deaths of wife Harriett and son Herbert (South side). Marble kerbstones with corner pillars

Note 3: Harriett Chalk’s birthplace 1891 & 1901 census given as Redlinch, Wilts. This is a hamlet in the parish of Downton. Gravestone is part of husband’s and son Herbert’s. Inscription: also Harriett, wife of James Dean, died 3 December 1945, rest in peace.


Bon: 1854 Arundel

Father: Charles Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Baptised: 30/7/1854 Arundel

1871 census: Residing Court Hill Slindon. Occupation: housemaid (no head of household given. All occupants servants)


Born: 1856 Arundel

Father: Charles Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Baptised: 30/3/1856 Arundel

Died: 5/10/1884 Slindon

Buried: 9/10/1884 Slindon

1871 census: Residing with grandfather James Dean, Gaston Cottage, Slindon

1881 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: housemaid

Headstone reads ‘In loving memory of Louisa dean who died October 5th 1884 aged 28 years. The Lord is my shepherd how long. How long befre thoilt take me by the hand and thy weakest child at last among the children stand’ . Headwtone is urmounted by a cross



Born: 1857 Arundel

Father: Charles Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Baptised: 30/8/1857 Arundel

Buried: 4/4/1861 Slindon


Born: 1859 Slindon

Father: Charles Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Baptised: 10/7/1859 Slindon

Married: 1901

Spouse: Godfrey Francis Robey

Born: 1864 London

1881 census: Residing Slindon Rectory (head of household given as Jane Izard, rector’s wife). Occupation: domestic servant

1911 census: Residing West bar St, Banbury. She as a cook, he a butcher, both servants to Richard Gooch, dealer, horse & C


Born: 1861 Slindon

Father: Charles Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Baptised: 4/8/1861 Slindon

Died: 26/6/1882 Slindon

Buried: 30/6/1882 Slindon (see Note 1)

1881 census: Listed as Charlie. Residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 1: Inscription on headstone: In affectionate memory of Charlie Dean, who died June 26th 1882 in the 21st year of his life. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. I was so long with pain oppressed, it wore my strength away, and made me long for an endless place, that will never decay Headstone has a circular cross on top


Born: 25/12/1864 Slindon

Father: Charles Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Baptised; 28/2/1864 Slindon


Spouse: Priscilla

Died: 1902 Brighton

Buried: 9/7/1902 Brighton

Children: Louisa M Dean b 1886 Brighton

Charles W Dean b 1888 Brighton

1881 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: brewer

1891 census: Residing 30 Dean Street, Brighton. Occupation: milk carrier

1901 census: Priscilla given as head of household, married. Occupation: baker and confectioner on own account

Children of Jimmy and Harriet Dean


Born: 1878 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

Died: 29/7/1956 Slindon (see Note 2)

Married: 22/6/1901 Slindon

Spouse: Elizabeth Clara poat

Born: 1878 Arundel

Father: George Poat

Mother: Emma Eames

Died: 21/2/1962 Slindon

1881 census: Clara residing Chichester Rd, Walberton (name transcribed as Prat)

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: gardener’s boy. Clara cook domestic at the Rectory, Slindon (Izzard family). Name transcribed as Poal

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: domestic gardener

1911 census: Residing Dyers Lane Slindon. Occupation: domestic gardener

Note 1: Had his newspaper delivered to the pub every day and picked it up there, where it covered a bottle of beer for his walk home. He would leave it empty under a hedge so Clara wouldn’t find it.

Note 2: Tombstone inscription reads ‘In loving memory of my dear husband Charles Dean died 29th July 1956 aged 78 years. Also Elizabeth Clara Dean died Jan 21st 1962 aged 84 years. Marble kerbstones with corner pillars.



Born: 1880 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

Married: 1903 Petworth district

Spouse: Carrie Luxford

Married: 24/8/1912 Slindon

Spouse: Alice Hudson

Children: Ivy Kathleen Dean b 1905 Rusthall, Kent

Reginald George Dean b 1910 Langton Green, Kent


1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: grocer’s assistant

1911 census: Residing 15 Homestead Road, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells. Occupation: grocer’s assistant

Note: Alice Hudson was maid in same household as his sister Mary 1911


Born: 1882 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Theresa Gilbert

Died: 29 April 1884, one year 10 months

MI inscription Slindon ‘suffer little children to come unto me’


Born: 1884 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

Married: 24/8/1912 Slindon

Spouse: Alice Hudson

1892/1893 Apprenticed to a cooper. Later went to work for George Bulbeck at his sawmill

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation; tent peg maker

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: general labourer timber merchant

1951 kelly’s directory for Slindon. Occupation: jobmaster

Note: Alice Hudson was maid in same household as his sister Mary 1911



Born: 1887 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: housemaid (domestic)

Note 1: A friend of my grandmother, Nellie Blunden. Known as Tizzy


Born: 1889 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

Died: 13/1/1927 Slindon

Buried: Jan 1927 Slindon (see Note 1)

Married; 11/3/1918 Slindon

Spouse: Dora Gertrude King

Died: 14 August 1977 Slindon

Buried: August 1977 Slindon

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: garden labourer on estate.

12/4/1917 Jack Dean came home from Dublin Hospital after 6 months at hospital

Note 1: Inscription on headstone reads: Sacred to the memory of John Gilbert Dean 13 the January 1927, aged 38 years, also his wife Dora Gertrude Dean, 14th August 1977, aged 89 years. Rough granite headstone on plinth




Born: 1890 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: harriett Chalk

Married: 16/9/1916 Slindon

Spouse: William George Robinson

1911 census: Residing Yapton (house of Sidney Hetcher retired stockbroker). Occupation: cook


Born: 1891 Slindon

Father: James Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

Died: Killed in action 3/9/1916 (see Note)

1891 census: Aged under one month, no name given

1911 census: undergardener on estate. Residing with parents

Note: WGCR register states: H dean Private G/17811 12th battalion Royal Sussex regiment died Sunday 3 Sept ember 1916 age 26. Buried at hamel Military Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel, France grave II.A>31

He is also commemorated on plaque inside Slindon Church and on tombstone of his parents.


Born: 1892 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

Married: 6/9/1919 Slindon

Spouse: Algernon Herbert Lester

Born: 1893 Aldingbourne

Father: Frederick Thomas Lester

Mother: Bessie Farrenden A Blackman

Died: 5/11/1950 eastergate

On a choir outing Jimmy Dean visited the Venice in London exhibition. Missed last train home and spent night on Vcitoria Station. Upon return home found his wife had given birth.

1911 census: Residing 3 Bedford Ave, Bexhiill.Cook at a private house school & Kindergarten


Born: 1894 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

Married: 27/2/1916 Slindon

Spouse: Archibald Cooper

Baptised: 23/2/1896 Slindon

1911 census: Residing 3 Bedford Ave, Bexhill. Housemaid at a private house school & kindergarten, with sister Venice


BORN: 1896 Slindon

Father: Jimmy Dean

Mother: Harriett Chalk

1911 census: residing with parents. Occupation: under plumber building


12/4/1917 Jack Dean came home from Dublin Hospital after 6 months at hospital

26/4/1917 George Ruff dropped dead madehurst wood

13/5/1917 Fine apple trees to be seen in Slindon, wonderful sight with blossom

14/5/1917 Mary home, measles all week

15/5/1917 Jack dean back to Newhaven from Thorntonheath hospital

24/5/1917 two fat pigs KILLED, Humphreys, Walberton

13/6/1917 Jack Dean went to Dover from Newhaven over to France to w front after being severely wounded

jimmy spent a lot of time at Slindon House, and cottages – drains, windows etc.

10/8/1917 Harold Carver home from France for 10 days

13/8/1917 Arthur Dean in motor smash on crosswords between Slindon and Walberton

25/8/1917 Joe Refoy and family left Slindon to live in Bognor

3/9/1917 Jen? Came back from Northampton

7/9/1917 George Carrie Refoy came home. Working Bitterside and Gaston

21/11/1917 Pig killed Humphreys Walberton 14st 6lb £2 3 shillings. Working New Peers timberyard

20/12/1917 Edward (Ted) Dean went back after 16 days leave

‘Slindon smugglers went down to the sea would bring up tubs of gin rum brandy’

Toby refoy, flint builder died 1814 in a gypsy van in the Large Dell Hotel (?) near Dog & Partridge

Six generations of Deans. Great grandfather lived in house close to Newburgh Arms. Had his own copyhold property. Grandfather born there. Married a Saxby – one child Charles dean, Grandfather remarried – no children. Charles married Frances Gilbens of Houghton. 3 sons, 3 daughters.

Biddleside burnt 12/10/1900

Ann Herrington head housemaid Slindon House married Thomas Collins.

Harry Cooper lived Biddleside. Wheelwright & carpenter. Joe Refoy insulted caroline & was imprisoned. Harry Cooper eventually ordered off Biddleside. William Blunden, wife & two sosns and daughter moved in. Cooper ended up West hampnett Union workhouse. William Blunden had notice to leave by RA Leslie to let Charles Horthon Blacksmith live there. Got new made Biddleside farm (was Bittleside)

Refoys came from France in 1814 to build on Earl of Newburgh’s estate.

Fresia Filbert kitchenmaid Arundel estate – father worked on estate all his life. Charles Dean gamekeeper on Dale park estate.

Deans originated from South Stoke.

Thomas Routs – three daughs – he 1 leg carpenter Newburghs – Ellen married Thomas Geprge Phillips, Oliver 2nd

George Herrington and his brother were in plough contests.

John Hornsby remember great deep of 1881

1918 Theresa Dean bridesmaid at John’s marriage to Dora King

4/10/1897 old Jim Hornsby died 1897 – woodcutter

John saxby in hole 1860s mrs saxby sent son with sugar bread & butter and to say to john before the other men ‘please mr saxby mrs saxby sent you some suga bread and butter because you got drunk yesterday’

Jack Hornsby – old gardener

William Dean went to Boer war

1870 fire at Rose Farm

Wilmer game keeper in James leslie’s time died 3/4/1914

Dick Saxby bricklayer died 8/2/1891

Daughter Theresa married in London by licence 27/6/01 to Robey

Elizabeth Cooper bedridden left Bitterside 5/5/1886 to a home in Worthing

George Bowley postmaster married 12/11/1892

Anthont Refoy bricklayer left Slinden estate 10/3/1898

Old Harry Bowley old famous cricketeer doied 1/11/1889

Gypsies at Slindon Bottom 1860s. John Saxbee & wife have 2 rooms off Jimmy Deans grandfather

Mon 14/6/1920 old Pearce funeral

7/7/1920 Mrs Anthony Refoy buried st Richards

1/11/1920 Tis took me as far as Royal oak in afternoon in bath chair

5/11/1920 Tis took me to Humphries, Walberton

sat 6 1918 Mrs George Herrington drowned herself in tank of water 6 foot deep at back of house

18/6/1818 Charles Carver joined up

21/6/1918 ted Herrington joined up

20/6/1918 Charles Bowley joined up

2/11/1922 Mrs Bowley buried St Richards

25/12/1922 Jack herringtons mother died

Some Transcripts


Village notebook -James Dean 1853-1927

Add MSS 29045


Par 175-7-11 Slindon in the Old Days


Harry Cooper was the owner of a large orchard at Biddleside fronting on Elm? Cottage and adjoining Cow Park Meadow


Old Harry Jackson who lived at the Dog and Partridge on Slindon Common used to go all round the village collecting wood ash at four pence a bushel which he then sold to the farmers. Everybody in the old days burnt wood, so there was always plenty of ash available for Old Harry to buy


Page 15

On Jan 18th 1881 snow made Slindon impassable for over a week


Page 30

Referring again to Biddleside in 1860 when Jimmy Dean was 7 we are told that the Biddleside pond had to be emptied of water in order to recover the carpenters tools belonging to Harry Cooper, some spiteful ‘onlookers’ had thrown Harrys tools into the pond and they had sunk into the mud



Dates in Jimmy Deans writings

1826 Birth of Charles Jackson who lived 53 years at 47 Park Lane

1886 Harry Cooper left Biddleside for the Union

1900 Biddleside Cottage accidentally burnt down

1914 Jack Dean & Arch Cooper join 7th Royal Sussex Regiment

1917 or 1920 Death of Charles Jackson at age of 94

21st Nov 1918 Arch Cooper died in Castle Mount Hospital Dover


Page 9

Elizabeth Cooper bedridden was taken on 5th May 1886 from Biddleside to a home in Woking




Beer Glorious Beer!

Jimmy Dean’s records say that in the 1870’s you couldn’t get anything done in Slindon without beer. The Slindon cricketers wouldn’t play cricket without beer. Bricklayers wouldn’t work without beer, nor the woodcutters or the carters or the ploughmen. The men who cut the hay and the corn wouldn’t work without beer. The Slindon church ringers wouldn’t ring the bells at Christmas or The New Year without beer, and the singers wouldn’t sing without beer, Bandsmen, Blacksmiths, Bootmakers,Bakers,Butchers….none of these would work without beer. Few people could afford to buy tea in those days and certainly not the Slindon workers….. so they had to have beer glorious beer!