Family History

I am descended from mary Cubberley and Robert Pay. The name seems to have died out or was greatly changed. THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. IF YOU HAVE ANY AMENDMENTS OR ADDITIONS PLEASE E-MAIL ME

Elizabeth Coberley buried 31/1/1682 St Peter the great, Chichester

Mary Cooberley was buried St Pancras Chichester 1614

A Cubberley is on the 1841 Protestation returns for Rumboldswycke and also for Angmering



Married: 13/11/1581 St Pancras, Chichester

Spouse: Jane Flood

Buried: Two Joans were buried St Pancras, Joan Cooberleye 1588 and Joan Cubberly 1614

Children; Richard Cubberley b. 1581/1582 Chichester

Alice Cubberley b 1586 Chichester (bapt 12/11/1586 bur 26/11/1586) St Pancras

Walter Cubberley b 1586 Chichester(bapt 12/11/1586 bur 26/11/1586) St pancras


Buried: 5/9/1793 Birdham


Spouse; Joan

Buried: 10/4/1591 Birdham

Children: Mary Cubberley b 1588 Birdham (bapt 4/9/1588) possibly buried 1614 Chichester?

Possibly Walter buried 5/9/1793 Birdham


Married: 5/11/1593 Birdham

Spouse; Edward Waterhouse



Children of James and James Cubberley


Born; 1582 Chichester

Father: James Cubberley

Mother: Jane Fludd

Baptised; 17/1/1582 St Pancras Chichester

Married: 30/4/1610 St pancras, Chichester

Spouse: Anne Goldbury

Children: James Cubberley b 1611 Chichester (see Note 1)

Thomas Cubberley b 1612 Chichester (bapt 11/2/1612 St Pancras)

Ann Cubberley b 1615 Chichester (bapt 10/9/1615 St Pancras)

William Cubberley b 1617 Chichester (bapt 16/11/1617 St Pancras)

Richard Cubberley b 1619 Chichester (bapt 19/1/1619 St Panceas)

Edward Cubberley b 1622 Chichester

Note 1: James Cubberley had daughters CICLY CUBBERLEY baptised 12/7/1643 St peter the Great, Chichester and MILDRED CUBBERLEY baptised 28/12/1657 St Peter the Great


Children of Richard and Anne Cubberley


Born: 1619 Chichester

Father: Richard Cubberley

Mother: Jane Fludd

Buried: 5/10/1666 St Peter the Great Chichester

Children: Cicily Cubberley 12/7/1643 St peter the Great, Chichester

Unnamed child buried 28/3/1848 St Peter the Great Chichester

Mildred Cubberley b 1657 Chichester (bapr 28/12/1657 St peter the Great)


Born: 1622 Chichester

Father: Richard Cubberley

Mother: Anne Goldbury

Baptised: 23/4/1622 St Pancras

Buried: 13/11/1685 St Peter the great Chichester

Children: unnamed child buried 3/12/1645 St Peter the Great Chichester

Mary Cubberley b 1657 Chichester

Ann Cubberley b 1661 Chichester (bapt 4/2/1661 St Peter the Great)

[Elizaberh Cubberley]

[Sarah Cubberley]


Children of Edward Cubberley


Born: 1657 Chichester

Father: Edward Cubberley

Baptised: 26/7/1657 St Peter the Great Chichester

Married; 27/8/1676 Harting

Spouse: Robert Pay


Born: 1661 Chichester

Father: Edward Cubberley

Married: 21/8/1680 Chichester, by licence

Spouse: John Turner

Note: he was a clerk from Middleton

Possible sisters of Mary


Married: 14/2/1669/70 Chichester, by licence

Spouse: James House

Note: She was from The Cathedral Close, he a tobacconist, Chichester (Howse in bond) ]


Married: 20/12/1653 St Peter the Great Chichester

Spouse: Ellis Newman, from Boxgrove

Baptised; 7/12/1632 Boxgrove

Father: Henry Newman

Feoffment, and bond  Add Mss 19648, 19649  28 September 1676.(WSRO) This document gives a good description of where Edward Cubberley lived
(a) Thomas Greene of Aldingbourne, gent
(b) Margaret Dallender of Chichester, widow, and Anne Dallender, her daughter
Messuage heretofore new built, comprising a room now used as a hall, a little room at the end of the hall chimney, two chambers over the hall with the closets belonging to them, one garret over the chambers; and all the old kitchen and the lean-to buttery adjoining it, lying on the east side of the messuage, with the chimney and oven in the said kitchen; which said kitchen and buttery do adjoin on the south side to the tenement of Thomas Greene called the Rose; also all that backside and two gardens lying against the said new built messuage and old kitchen. All of which are in the parish of St. Peter the Less Chichester, and are bounded by the highway from North Street to Greyfriars to north, the tenement called the Rose and the garden now used with it to east, and the wall and garden belonging to the gardens of Edward Exton and Widow Vace to south and west. All of which were late in the occupation of Edward Cubberley, and are now in the occupation of the said Margaret Dallender
With free use of the well in the fence of the gardens late in the occupation of the said Edward Cubberley, on the east part of the gardens herein sold; also with free use of the House of Office at the south end of the said gardens. With all deeds of the property
Consideration: 70
Endorsed: Memo. of livery of seisin
Witnesses: Nicholas Dallender, William Baldwin, Henry Warner

And the following document gives us he information that Edward Cubberley was classed a gentleman

Assignment of lease for 200. Richard Beaver of South Bersted, yeo. and w. Anne to Edward Cubberley of Chichester, gent  Add Mss985  20 Aug. 1665(West Sussex Record Office)
Property, as in Add Mss982
Recites: (i) lease, 20 Mar. 1569/70, as recited in Add Mss981; (ii) that John Elnett bequeathed the property to John Harvey from whom it descended to John Harvey, his son, as recited in Add Mss981; (iii) Add Mss981; (iv) Add Mss982; (v) that Elizabeth, w. of John Bridger died about twenty years since; (vi) the relevant clauses of the will of John Bridger, as in Add Mss983; (vii) that John Bridger and dau. Joan are both dead; (viii) Add Mss984; (ix) that administration of the goods of said Joan Bridger was granted, 23 Apr. 1664, to said Anne Bridger; (x) that by other lawful means the term of years in the property is vested in (a)
Signature of Richard Beaver only; seal missing
Witnesses - John Peachey, Richard Peachey