Family History





Born; 1810 Harting

Father: Peter Trimmer

Mother; (Mary) Ann Ayling

Baptised: 28/1/1810 Harting

Died; 1892 Midhurst district

Married; 28/1/1837 Harting

Spouse ;John Croucher

Born; 8/5/1807 Foxfield, Hants.

Baptised: 31/5/1807 Froxfield, Hants

Parents: John Croucher & Mary Wells

Died: 1897 Rogate

Children; Mary Ann Croucher b 1840 East Meon

William Croucher b 1841 East Meon

George Croucher b 1848 East Meon

Elizabeth Croucher b 1850 East Meon

1841 census: Living East Meon, Hants. Neice Rose Trimmer with her

1851 census: Residing Park Cottages, Riplington, Hants. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Great-niece Jane Croucher aged 5 with them

1861 census; Residing ivy House, Froxfield. Niece Jane Croucher b 1847 with them and mother-in-law Ann Trimmer.

1871 census: Residing Habin, Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Niece Jane Croucher with them

1881 census: Residing Carnegies Cottages, Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: Residing Habin, Rogate. Receiving outdoor relief living. Daughter Mary Ann and niece Jane Croucher with them.


Born: 1840 East Meon, Hants.

Father: John Croucher

Mother: Ann Trimmer

Died: 1908 Midhurst district

1901 census: patient at Easebourne Workhouse

Note: Idiot from childhood, always with parents



Born; 1841 East Meon, Hants

Father: John Croucher

Mother: Ann Trimmer

Married; 13/1/1861 Alverstoke

Spouse: Louisa Rye

Baptised:: 16/9/1832 Bexley

Parents: William Robins & Harriet Rye

Died; 1880 Alverstoke district

Children; William Croucher b 1861 Forton, Hants

George Croucher b 1866 Alverstoke

1861 census: Residing 12 Alma Street., Alvestoke, occupation: Carter

1871 census; Residing The village, Alvestoke. Occupation: labourer

1881 The two sons living on their own the Village, Alverstoke. Williamís occupation: labourer

Note 1: William Croucher m Annie b 1858 Fareham. Children: Lilan Susan b 1881 Fareham (m 1899 Alvestoke Robert Paton b 1876 Gosport. Children: Robert Paton b 1900 Chichester 1901 living Fishbourne. Occupation: journeyman baker.) William Albert Croucher b 1882 Gosport; George Thomas Croucher b 1885 b Alvestoke, (1901 milk deliverer) ; Ellen Charlotte Croucher b 1887 Alvestoke; Thomas Stephen Croucher b 1889 Alvestoke; Edwin John Croucher b 1892 Alverstoke; Albert David Croucher b 1893 Alverstoke; Frederick Percy Croucher b 1895 Alverstoke; Robert Charles Croucher b 1898 Alverstoke; Harry Leonard Croucher b 1900 Alverstoke

1891 census: Residing Alverstoke. Occupation: general labourer

1901 census: residence 13 Church Rd, Alvestoke. Occupation: carter

1911 census; Widower residing 13 Church Rd, Alvestoke. Occupation: carter for a builder. Living with him were sons Edwin 19 (Captainís valet, RN); Frederick 13 (grocerís shop assistant) and Robert 13. House had 5 rooms


Note 2: George Croucher m 1888 Hartley W district Sarah Frances Lovelock b 1876 Somerford Keyes, Wilts. Children George Joel Croucher b 1889 Haslemere; William Croucher b 1889 Witley

1891 census: Residing Graywood. Witley, Surrey. Occupation: Coachman (domestic)

1891 lodgers Henry J Lovelock groom & Albert Parnell, hoop maker living with them

1901 census: Residing Graywood, Witley, Surrey. Occupation: coachman

1911 census: Residing Stoney Rd, Balckwater, Hants. Occupation: coachman, domestic


Born: 1847 East Meon

Father; John Croucher

Mother: Ann Trimmer

Died: 1923 Alverstoke district

Married: 1873 St Olave Southwark

Spouse; Louisa Kemp

Baptised: 26/5/1850 Terwick

Parents: John & Elizabeth Kemp

Children: Frederick Croucher b 1874 Bermondsey (see Note 1)

Ada Croucher b 1875 Bermondsey (see Note 2)

William Albert Croucher b 1879 Bermondsey (see Note 3)

Louisa Jane Croucher b 1880 Bermondsey (see Note 4)

Beatrice Croucher b 1887 Gosport (see Note 5)

Henry Walter Croucher b 1892 Gosport (see Note 6)

May Croucher b 1889 Gosport (see Note 7)

Evelyn Alice Croucher b 1895 Gosport (see Note 8)

1861 a carter

1871 census: Residing Rogate with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881: residence 43 Esmeralda Rd, Bermondsey. Occupation: railway guard

1891 census: Residing 7 Haslar View, Clay Hall, Alverstoke. Occupation: agricultural labourer, gravel digger

1901 114 Clayhall Rd, Alvestock, carter on farm

1911 census: Residing 114 Clayhall Rd, Gosport. Occupation: carter on road

Note 1: Frederick Croucher 1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: cowman

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 2: Ada Croucher. 1891 census: Residing with parents: occupation: general servant (domestic)

1901 census: Residing 32 Gayton Road, Hampstead occupation: cook to Robert Raikes, surveyor

Note 3: William Croucher. 1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: golf attendant. 1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer at naval hospital

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer

Note 4: Louisa Croucher. 1901 residing with parents. No occupation. [possibly working 1901 as barmaid Ship & Astle, 1 The Hard, Portsmouth, public house manager Robert Scott]

Note 5: Beatrice Croucher

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: goes out to work

Note 6: Henry Croucher

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: imbecile from birth

Note 7: May Croucher married Ernest Saltmarsh

Note 8: Evelyn Croucher

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: housemaid (domestic)


Born: 1850 East Meon

Father: John Croucher

Mother: Ann Trimmer

Died: 1924 Midhurst district

Married: 16/8/1874 Terwick

Spouse: William Putman

Baptised: 1/10/1843 Rogate.

Parents: Peter & Elizabeth Putman

Died: 1924 Midhurst district

Children: Elizabeth Jane Putman b 1875 (see Note 1)

Ellen Blanche Putman b 1877 Terwick (see Note 2)

Frederick George Putman b 1878 Terwick (see Note 3)

Bessie Putman b 1880 Terwick (see Note 4)

Emma Hilda Putman b 1890 Terwick

Thomas Graham Putman b 1893 Terwick

1871: servant to James Simmons retired, Charm? Shottermill, Frensham, Surrey

1881 census: residing Dangstein Lane, Terwick. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: residing Chases Terwick. Occupation; agricultural labourer

1901 census: residing Chases, Terwick. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1911 census: Residing Fern Bank, Trotton. Occupation: agricultural labourer.Son Thomas (domestic gardener) and granddaughter Elizabeth Hilda Porter aged 14 (born Bosham) with them

Note 1: Elizabeth Jane Putman m 1894 George Porter b 1867 Rogate. Children: William G Porter born 1895, Bosham; Elizabeth Hilda born 1896 Bosham; Frederick John born 1901 Bosham, Edward Yhomas born 1904 Lyminster.

1891census: servant to Sidney Phillips, retired living on own means, 24 Park Road, South Bersted

1901 census: :Sister Besie visiting, and Alfred Sopp b 1882 lodger. Residence: Broadbridge Cottages, Bosham. Occupation:cowman

1911 census: Residing Hurston Cootham Pulborough. Occupation: shepherd, son William a cowman on farm

Note 2: Ellen B Putman married 1905 Midhurst district Thomas Woolford

1891 census: servant to Jane Witten 67, no occupation, The Steyne, Hilsea House, South Bersted

1901 census: cook for Elizabeth Franklin living on own means, The Firs, Nyewood, Harting

Note 3; Frederick Putman

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: gardener, domestic

Note 4: Bessie Putman 1901 census: visiting sister Elizabeth