Family History

I would love to hear from you about this - FANNY GREENFIELD Born: 1783 Pulborough Father: Edmund Greenfield Mother: Sarah Clarke Baptised: 15/7/1783 Pulborough. Buried: 6/11/1847 Amberley Married: 13/2/1802 Greatham Spouse: William Carpenter Baptised: 26/9/1774 Amberley Buried: 24/10/1820 Amberley aged 46 Parents: William & Elizabeth Carpenter Children: William Carpenter born 1802/1803 Amberley Charles Carpenter born1804 Amberley Luke Carpenter born1805 Amberley Elizabeth Carpenter born/1806 Amberley Mary Carpenter born 1808 Amberley Joseph Carpenter born 1810 Amberley Frances Carpenter born 1812 Amberley James Carpenter born 1814 Amberley Sarah Carpenter born 1816 Amberley John Carpenter born 1817 Amberley Jane Carpenter born 1819 Amberley Phoebe Carpenter born 1821 Amberley 1800: On her fatherís death according to his will of 1796 Fanny was to be given £4 a year, in two six month instalments until she reached 21 and £200 at the age of 21 1809: 2/11/1809 Lease for 14 years at an annual rent of £50, from Edward Bushby of Adversane, yeo., to William Carpenter of Amberley (WSRO Add Mss 46024) 1841 census: Fanny residing High Street Amberley with brother-in-law Joseph Carpenter. Occupation: farmer William Carpenter bapt 23/1/1803 Amberley buried 23/5/1873 Amberley married 13/11/1828 Parham Calistha Leggett buried 16/11/1867 Amberley. She was baptised 2/3/1800 Storrington daughter of Sarah Leggett Children: George Carpenter bapt 10/5/1829 Amberley; Phoebe Carpenter bapt 22/5/1931 Amberley 1841 census: High Street, Amberley. Occupation farmer. Son George aged 12 1849: 1/1/1849 By William Carpenter to Henry Lear. 2 barns, 11a. land in East and West Common Fields of Amberley; 5a. in North and South Meadows of Amberley; 4a. in Rackham called the Hale, Ĺa. and two small orchards with 5 bullock leazes on the Common Down, all held of the Manor of Amberley in occ. of William Carpenter. [WSRO Formerly catalogued as SAS HB 47. Copy surrender of property within the Manor of Amberley. Parham/1/2/2/39] 1851 census: residing Frindsbury Parish Kent. Occupation farm bailiff. Son George with them, plus servant and agricultural labourers 1861 census: Residing Hooe Street, Hooe Kent. Occupation: farm labourer 1871 census: Residing Church Street Amberley as a lodger. Occupation: agricultural labourer Charles Carpenter bapt 30/9/1804 Amberley buried 21/3/1833 Amberley married 9/4/1828 Eliza Geering (witnessed by William Carpenter, Frances Clark). Eliza remarried 26/1/1835 Brighton James Jupp Luke Carpenter bapt 17/11/1805 Amberley Elizabeth Carpenter bapt 16/11/1806 Amberley died 1882 Lambeth district married 31/11/1828 St George Camberwell James Piper (double wedding with sister Mary). He was baptised 26/10/1808 St Giles Camberwell son of Robert and Sarah Piper died 1888 Lambeth district. Children: Fanny Piper bapt 30/5/1831 St Giles Camberwell (father James a plasterer); James Piper bapt 15/1/1832 St Giles Camberwell (father James a plasterer) bur 22/2/1832 Camberwell; William Piper bapt 3/3/1833 St Giles Camberwell (father James a plasterer) bur 13/4/1833 Camberwell; James William Piper born 2/8/1834 bapt 31/8/1834 St Giles Camberwell (father James a plasterer); Charles Piper bapt 15/10/1837 All Saints Wandsworth (father James a policeman); Elizabeth Piper born 29/5/1840 bapt 29/5/1841 St Mark Kennington (father James police officer); Sarah Piper bapt 1/3/1841 St Mark Kennington (father James police officer); Joseph Piper born 24/3/1847 bapt 4/11/1852 Kennington from Princes Buildings, father a plasterer; 1841 census: Residing Little Clayton Street, Kennington. Occupation: policeman 1851 census: Residing 13a Cottages Princes Buildings St Mary Lambeth. Occupation: police constable. James William listed as John 1861 census: Residing 12 White Hart Square Lambeth. Occupation: plasterer. Elizabeth and Joseph with them 1871 census: Residing 12 White Hart Square, Lambeth, Occupation: plasterer. Son Joseph plasterer out of work 1881 census: Residing 12 White Hart Square, Lambeth. Occupation: plasterer. No children with them Mary Carpenter bapt 6/11/1808 Amberley buried 23/4/1879 St Bartholomew Haslemere married 31/11/1828 St George Camberwell John Voller Clark (double wedding with sister Elizabeth). He was born 1804 Haslemere, son of John Clark and buriedn18/1/1883 Haslemere Children: James Clark born abt 1829 Haslemere; John Clark born abt 1831 Haslemere (died 1876 Hambledon district); Mary Clark born abt 1836 Haslemere; William Clark born 1838 Haslemere; Frances Clark born 1842 Haslemere (buried 1864 Haslemere aged 21) 1841 census: Residing High Street Haslemere. Occupation: farmer. Father James Clarke with them 1851 census: Residing High Street Haslemere. Occupation: farmer of 20 acres and carrier 1861 census: Residing High Street Haslemere. Occupation: farmer. Nephew Natter Carpenter 14 with them, Son William at Roundhurst & Barfold Farm Lurgasall, managing farm for father. Sister Fanny with him 1871 census: Residing High Street haslemere. Occupation: farmer of 20 acres. Grandson Henry Skilton aged 10 with them 1881 census: Widower John residing High Street Haslemere with son William (a seedsman) Joseph Carpenter bapt 14/10/1810 Amberley Frances Carpenter bapt 9/8/1812 Amberley James Carpenter bapt 30/3/1814 Amberley died 27/12/1873 Amberley bur 1/1/1874 Amberley married 26/12/1835 Amberley Rhoda (Rhodah) Searle (witnessed by Charles Searle and Sarah Carpenter) bapt 11/7/1813 Amberley daughter of William & Maria Searle. She died 29/5/1891 Amberley buried 14/5/1891 Amberley Children: James Carpenter Searle bapt 13/1/1833 Amberley buried 9/3/1834 Amberley 1841 census: Residing Hide Street, Upper Beeding. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1851 census: Residing North Stoke Street. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1861 census: Residing Canada, North Stoke. Occupation: farm bailiff. Nephew William Huggens with them 1871 census: Residing High Street, Amberley. Occupation farmer employing one man, one boy. Nephew William Huggens with them 1873: Left estate under £600. Probate to widow Rhoda 1881 census: Residing 1 East Street, Amberley. Occupation: farmer of 47 acres emplying two men. Nephew William Huggins, 25, farm labourer living with her 1891 census: Residing East St, Amberley. Occupation: farmer. William Huggins, agicultural labourer with her and Emily Bryant visitor 1891: Left personal estate of £483 9s 4d resworn September 1891 £622 16s 8d. Proved by nephew William Ruff of Amberley. Farmer and John Warner Coldwaltham Sarah Carpenter bapt4/2/1816 Amberley buried 29/4/1886 Storrington married 4/5/1836 Amberley Thomas Linfield of Storrington baptised 1/6/1812 son of William & Harriet Linfield buried 19/5/1884 Storrington, from Thakeham Children: Fanny Linfield bapt 29/1/1837 Storrington (twin, other one not baptised at same time); Thomas Linfield bapt 25/3/1838 Storrington; Emma Linfield b 1840; John Linfield bapt 29/5/1842 Storrington; Luke bspt 1/6/1845 Storrington; Jane Linfield b 1851 Storrington; Kate Linfield b 1856 Storrington 1841 census: Residing Billingshurst village. Occupation: butcher 1851 census: Residing Storrington Town. Occupation butcher. 1861 census: Residing Church St, Storrington. Occupation: butcher 1871 census: Residing Church St, Storrington. Occupation: butcher 1881 census: Both living with son Luke (carpenter) East St, Storrington. Occupation: butcher John Carpenter bapt 16/7/1817 Amberley died 1894 Holybourne Hants married 27/12/1840 Coldwaltham Sophia Cobby born 28/7/1819 daughter of William and Lydia Cobby, bapt 29/8/1819 Coldwaltham buried 13/9/1856 Sompting from Cokeham. Married 1860 Lucy North born 1800 Alton, Hants. She died 1882 Holybourne, her age recorded as 90. Children: Anne Sophia Cobby bapt 7/2/1839 Coldwaltham; William Carpenter bapt 8/9/1842 Upper Beeding; John Carpenter bapt 1/3/1844 Upper Beeding; Walter Carpenter bapt 5/7/1846 Upper Beeding; Fanny Carpenter bapt 7/1/1849 Upper Beeding; James Carpenter bapt 5/1/1851 Upper Beeding; Jane Carpenter bapt 14/8/1853 Sompting 1841 census: Residing Bury. Occupation: blacksmith 1851 census: Residing High Street, Upper Beeding. Occupation: blacksmith. Lucy North a laundress Ash Cottage, Howards Lane, Holybourne. Married but no husband recorded 1861 census: Residing Turnpike Road, Holybourne Hants. Occupation: blacksmith 1871 census: Residing Turnpile Road, Holybourne. Occupation: blacksmith. Son James blacksmith apprentice 1881 census: Residing Main Road North, Holybourne. Occupation: blacksmith 1891 census: Widower John lodging London Road, Holybourne. Occupation: retired blacksmith Jane Carpenter bapt 25/7/1819 Amberley buried 1/6/1851 Amberley married James Johnson baptised 14/5/1814 Pulborough son of Andrew & Elizabeth Johnson buried 3/9/1848 Amberley Children: John Johnson bapt 9/9/1839 Amberley (buried 1/2/1840 Amberley); Charles Johnson bapt 20/6/1841 Amberley; Elizabeth Johnson bapt 14/5/1843 Amberley; Will Johnson bapt 27/4/1845 Amberley; Andrew Johnson bapt 14/2/1847 Amberley; Rose Johnson bapt 24/3/1849 Amberley (bur 3/4/1851) 1841 census: Residing Amberley. Occupation: labourer 1851 census: widow Jane living Church Street Amberley. Occupation: pauper Phoebe Carpenter bapt 20/4/1821 Amberley bur 14/2/1822 Amberley