Family History

Mary Butcher was the sister of my great-grandfather. If you have anything to add, correct or comment please e-mail






Born:                 1827 Wisborough Green

Father:               James Steer

Mother:             Rebecca Mirram

Baptised:          23/12/1827 Wisborough Green (

Died;                  1904 Guildford district

Married:             7/2/1849 in Rudgwick  (see Note 1)

Spouse:               Charles Butcher

Born:                  1823 Rudgwick.

Died;                 1893 in Guildford.

Father:               Charles Butcher

Children:            Charles Butcheer b 1850 Horsham

                            George Butcher b 1855 Horsham

                           James Butcher b 1856 Horsham

                           Jane Butcher b 1862 Horsham)

                            Ann Butcher b 1863 Horsham

                           Henry Butcher  b 1866(Billingshurst

                           John  Butcher b 1869 Guildford


1841 census: mary servant to Sarah Luff, farmer, Wisborough Green. Charles living Exfold Rudgwick. Occuaption: agricultural labourer. Father Charles a farm bailiff.(born abt 1781 died 1842)

1851 census: Residing New Town, Horham. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census : had lodger Thomas Reeves b 1829 Wisborough Green with them

1871 census:  residence Manor? Farm Guildford. Had with them Jane b 1862(Horsham), Ann b 1863 Horsham, Henry b 1866 (Billingshurst) John b 1869 Guildford

1881 census:   living 9 Staughton Terrace, Stoke, Surrey with Harry & John, Charles an agricultural labourer.

1891 census: Residing Stoughton Terrace, Stoke. Charles paralysed. Mary a laundress

1901 census:   Mary a widow with boarders, but no children Stoke, Guildford



Note 1: On marriage certificate Mary’s occupation was domestic servant, Charles agricultural labourer. Witnesses were William Steer and Ellen Mann. For children see Butcher tree.




Born:            1850 Horsham

Father:           Charles Butcher

Mother;          Mary Steer

Baptised:        28/7/1850) Horsham

Died:              1913 Southampton district

Married:          1874 Wandsworth district

Spouse:           Emma Letitia Webb

Born:              1855 Lambeth

Died:               1900 Southampton district

Married:         1901 Southampton disrict

Spouse:            Charlotte Ellen Moth  born Strudwick (see Note 1)

Born:                1857 Isleworth.

Parents:            George & Nancy Strudwick

Died:               1923 Southampton district

Children:          Ernest Butcher b 1874 (See Note 2)

                         Percy Butcher b 1878 (see Note 3)

                         Edwin Butcher b 1879 (see Note 4)

                         Herbert Butcher b 1880 (see Note 5)

                         Miriam Butcher b 1886 (see Note 6)

                         Alfred Butcher b 1887


1881census: : occupation railway engine driver. Residing Mason Row no 2, Guildford

1891 census; : occupation railway engine driver. Niece Ada Gray b 1880 Lavender Hill living with them. Residing Guildford North St.

1901 census:   Residing 54 Cranbury Avenue Southampton. occupation railway engineer. Residing in Southampton. Also with them his stepchildren Lottie Moth b 1880, Bertram Moth b 1881 (railway clerk)  Lilian Moth b 1883 (telephonist)

1911 census: Residing 296 Southampton Road, Eastleigh. Engine Driver

L & SW Locomotive



Note 1: Charlotte had married  1st 1879 Kingston district Arthur Henry Moth born 1853 Portsmouth died 1896 aged 42.. He was 1881 railway company clerk, 1891 locomotive foreman.son of John & Amelia Moth. Children: Arthur Henry Moth b 1879 Twickenham; Lottie Amelia E Moth b 1880 Southampton,  Bertram Godfrey Moth b 1881 Southampton; Lillian Eveline Moth b 1883 Southhampton.


Note 2;  Ernest Butcher m. Bessie b 1877 Southampton. Children: Ralph Butcher b 1899 Mansfield.

1891 census:: apprentice engine fitter

1901census: railway engineer fitter residing 20 Edon St, Tuxford, Notts.


Note 3: Edwin Butcher married Lillie born 1878 Grimsby.

Children: Irene Butcher born 1908 Grimsby

1891 census: Occupation post boy

1911 census: Residing 16 Thomas St, Grimsby. Occupation: engineer


Note 5: 1901 census. Boarder at 2 Spleen Villas, Teddington, Middlesex. Occupation: railway engine stoker


Note 6: Miriam Butcher married 1909 South Stoneham district Percy Thomas Richard Wilkins born 1884 Southmapton

1911 census: Residing 17 Northumberland Road. Occupation: warehouseman




Born:           1856 Horsham

Father:         Charles Butcher

Mother:        Mary Steer

Baptised:      17/2/1856


1891 census: Living with employer at 120 Denmark Hill, Lambeth. Occupation: foreman baker. Married but no wife living with him

James Butcher buried Thakeham district 1865



Born:             1858 Horsham

Father:           Charles Butcher

Mother:          Mary Steer

Baptised:        26/2/1858 Horsham

Married:         1877 Guldford

Spouse:          Thomas Lampard

Born:               abt 1852 Longhorn, Surrey or Aldershot

Children:         Arthur Thomas Lampard b. 1878 Guildford (see Note1)

                        Edgar Frank Lampard b 1887 Guildford (see Note 3)

                         Walter William  lampard b 1881 Guildford (see Note 2)

                        Amy Nelly Lampard b 1892 Guildford (see Note 4)



1881 census: Residing 13 Mount St, Guildford. Occupation: railway engine stoker. Sister Kate Lampard 17 visiting

1901 census: Residing 13 Mount St Guildford. Occupation: engine driver

1911 census: Residing Railway Cottages, Woking. Occupation: loco inspector for LSW Railway CO. Grandson Leslie Walter Lampard b 1905 Stoke next to Guildford with them


Note 1: Arthur Thomas Lampard married 1904 Fulham district (mary) Elizabeth Ferrer James born 1882 Stratford. Children: Gwendoline Mary Lampard b 1904 Shepherd’s Bush

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: railway engine stoker

1911 census: Residing 48 de laure Street, Kennington. Occupation: Metropolitan police sergeant


Note 2: Walter William Lampard

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: railway engine stoker


Note 3: Edgar Frank Lampard. 1911 census: Residing 36 Artillery Road Guildford with uncle Henry Butcher. Occupation : railway fireman


Note 4: Amy Nelly lampard. 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: apprentice milliner





Born:           1860 Horsham

Father:         Charles Butcher

Mother:       Mary Steer

Baptised:       1/5/1860 Horsham

Married:     1881 Petworth district

Spouse:        Tom Carn.

Born:            1859 Wisborough Green

Children:      Arthur Carn b 1881Selham (not with parents in 1901)

                     Emily Carn b 1885 Selham  (1911 census employed at home)

                       Ellen Carn b 1889 Graffham (1911 census: at home, dairy work

                    Edwin Carn b 1891 Graffham (1911 census: employed on farm

                    John Carn b 1894 Graffham (1911 cenus: working with horses on farm)

                   Fanny Carn b 1899 Petworth


1881 census: residing Black Hore Inn, Appledram. Tom licensed victualer

1891 census: residing Hayland, Graffham. Tom a farmer. Two farm labourers lodging with them, William Wood and William Bolton

1901 census: residing Medhone? Petworth. Tom a farmer. George Peirce 35 widower, stockman living with them

1911 census: Medhone Farm, Petworth. Occupation: farmer



Born:          1862 Billingshurst/Horsham

Father:         Charles Butcher

Mother:        Mary Steer

Baptised:      15/6/1862 Horsham

Married:        1881 Guildford

Spouse:         Charles Carpenter

Born;              1858 Bramley/Shalford, Surrey

Parents:          George & Mary Carpenter

Children:        Alfred E Carpenter b 1885 Woking (see Note 1)                                                                     T                      Thomas H Carpenter b 1887 Woking (see Note 2)

                      Eileen Carpenter b 1890 Woking

                     May S Carpenter b 1894 Woking (see Note 3)

                     Kenneth Walter Carpenter b 1902 Woking

                  Also had three children who died


1871census: servant to George Hewitt, tea & wine merchant Albion Place, Paddington

1881 census: Charles a militiaman

1891 census: resides Purley Rd, Woking. Charles’s occupation: asylum attendant. William Corbett aged 25, labourer, lodging with them

1901 census:  resides Fern Cottages, Woking. Occupation: asylum attendant

1911 census: Residing 1 Fern Cottages Knaphill Woking. Occupation: lunatic asylum attendant


Note 1: Alfred Carpenter 1901 census living with grandmother Mary Butcher. Occupation: butcher

1911 census: Residing Stanhope Lines, Aldershot. Occupation: butcher


Note 2: Thomas Carpenter. 1911 census in Royal navy


Note 3: May Butcher. 1911 census: General servant and living at The garibaldi, KnapHill




Born:          1864 Horsham

Father:          Charles Butcher

Mother:         Mary Steer

Baptised:       30/10/1864 Horsham

Married:        1890 Guildford

Spouse:         Robert George Ansell

Born:             1865 Pulborough

Parents:          George Ansell

Children:      Annie May Ansell b 1891 Pulborough

                       Elsie Ansell b 1893 Pulborough

                        George Frederick Ansell b 1895 Pulborough

                       Gladys mary b 1900 West Grinstead


1881: servant to Oz M? naval architect, Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster

1891 census: Residing Tower St, Pulborough. Occupation: Draper’s assistant

1901 census: Residing Jolesfield, West Grinstead. Occupation: grocer shop keeper. Widowed father George Ansell 70 and servant Elizabeth bacon 16 with them

1911 census: Widow, Residing Balls Cross Petworth. Occupation: grocer. Elsie assisting her mother, Gladys also at home

George living 31 Carfax Horsham. Occupation: draper



Born;             1866 Billingshurst.

Father:              Charles Butcher

Mother:             Mary Steer

Married:            1889 Guildford

Spouse:              Ellen Griffiths

Born:              1867 Ripley, Surrey

Mother:            Eliza Griffiths

Died:                [may have died Lambeth 1897]

Married:          1900 Guildford

Spouse:             Evelyn Harriet Simpson

Born:             b 1875 Guildford.

Parents:           John & Evelina Simpson

Children:           Ellen Maud  Butcher b 1890 died 1891

                          Harry Butcher b 1903 Guildford

1891: residing Church Road, Guildford, occupation railway fireman. Lodger William Brulett railway fireman with them

1901: residing 36 Artillery Rd, Stoke next to Guildford.  Lodger William J Simpson woollen sorter with them

1911 census: Residing 36 Artillery Rd, Guildford. Occupation: railway engine driver



Born:         1869  Guildford

Father:         Charles Butcher

Mother:        Mary Steer

Baptised:      1/8/1869 St Nicholas, Guildford


1901 census:      visiting uncle Eli Steer. Occupation: labour