Family History

Eliza Ann Bridger was the cousin of my ancestor. This is something about her family. If you have any comments, additions, amendments please e-mail 



Born:                1845 Chichester

Father:              Charles Bridger

Mother:             Mary Ann Biles

Buried:              24/1/1919 Portfield cemetery  

Married:            24/5/1867 St Peter the Great Chichester

Spouse:             George Brown

Born:                 1837

Father:               Thomas Brown

Died:                 Probably 1870 Chichester

Married:            3/11/1872 St Peter the Great Chichester

Spouse:             William White

Born:                 1830 Birdham

Buried:              no burial Free BMD in Chichester

Father:               James White

Children:            Georgiana Bridger b 1865 Chichester (bapt 28/5/1865) (see Note 1)

                         William Brown b 1867 Chichester

                         Ellen Brown b 1869 Chichester

                         Emma Brown b 1870 Chichester

                         Elizabeth White b 1874 North Mundham (see Note 3)

                         Edith White b 1875 North Mundham(see Note 2)

                         Charles White b 1877North Mundham (see Note 4)

                         Eliza White b 1879 North Mundham

                         Alice White b 1882 Chichester

                         Albert White b 1885 North Mundham (see Note 5)

                          Mable White b 1888 Chichester


1911 census: 11 children, 6 surviving 5 deceased


1861 census: Residing with parents. No occupation.

1871 census: Eliza a widow residing with parents.

1881 census:  Residing North Mundhum.

1891 census: Residing 15 Bottle Lane, Oving. Occupation: general labourer

1901 census: Residing 18 St James Rd, portfield, Chichester. William registered as blind, Eliza occupation: monthly nurse. Emily Page  aged 11 nursechild and gransson Herbert Kiddle 7 months also with family

1911 census: Widow residing 18 St James Rd Chichester. Husband William totally blind (place of birth given as St Elienor), Eliza a cripple. With them daughter Edith, care of home, son Albert labourer, and grandson Herbert Francis Kiddle 10 born Southampton. Possibly the son of Annie Brown who married 1891 South Stoneham district George Kiddle


Note 1: Georgiana Bridger. Baptised 28/5/1865 Chichester.

1881 census:  Residing Southgate, Chichester. Occupation: domestic servant to Upton family


William Brown baptised 29/9/1867 (no chuch on family search) POSSIBLY married 1891 Ellen born 1868 Croydon

Children: Rosa Brown born 1894 Croydon; Daisy Brown born 1898 Croydon; Valentine Brown born 1900 Croydon; George Brown born 1905 Thornton Heath

1911 census: Residing 83 Lakehall Rd, Thornton Heath. Occupation: stone sawyer

However could be the William Brown in the Royal Sussex Regiement (Infantry) 1891 at Portsmouth, 1901 at Chichester


Ellen Brown

1891 census: Servant at 14 The Circus, Greenwich


: Edith White married 1910 Weswthampnett district James Ewens and died 1960. Daughter Ada Ewens born 1912 died 1989 married Gordon Faulkener. They had one son, one daughter. Ada remarried John Biles b 1912  a descendent of Elizabeth Margaret Bridger.

1891 census: residing with parents. Occupation: domestic housemaid

1911 census: Residing with parents. Taking care of home for parents


. Elizabeth White. 1891 census. Residing with parents. Occupation: servant


Charles White. 1901 census: occupation: bricklayer’s labourer


Alice White married 1910 Westhampnett district John J Brewer born 1888 Dublin.

Children: Elsie White born 1907 Bognor; John G Brewer born 1911 Chichester

1911 census: Born 86 Whyke Road, Chichester. Occupation: baker. Sister Mabel living with them


Albert White. 1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: cowboy on farm


Mabel White 1911 census: Staying with sister Alice