Family History


Born: 1815 Middleton, Derbyshire

Father: William Brooks

Died: 1886 West Ham district

Married: 1838

Spouse: Maria Mitchell

Born: 1819 Deptford

Father: William Mitchell

Children: Ann Brooks b abt 1837

Job Brooks b 1839

William Brooks b 1840

Samuel Brooks b 1842 Woolwich

Mary Ann Brooks b 1844 Woolwich

John Brooks b 1852 Woolwich

Sarah Brooks b 1858 Stratford

Henry Brooks b 1865 Stratford

1841 – living Stowage, St Nicholas, Deptford

1851  Boilermaker. 3 East Street, Stratford

1861. Boiler maker. From 1861 onwards address 36 Francis Street, Forest gate, Stratford

1871 & 1881 unemployed boilermaker. 1891: Maria at same address, has small shop

1901 36 Francis St, Maria on own still running her small shop

Note 1: . On marriage certificate occupation given as engineer. Father given as William Brooks, labourer. Maria’s father William, labourer. Witnessed by Robert Inwood (made his mark) and Mary Ann Giles



Born: 1837

Father: Job Brooks

Mother: Maria Mitchell

Married: ? Inwood

Children: Ann Inwood b 1859 Greenwich [an Annie Inwood died 1876 Shoreditch aged 17]

                            Mary Ann Inwood b 1862 Greenwich

                            Alice Inwood b 1868 Greenwich

1861 census; living with parents, daughter Ann with her

1871 census: Residing 1 Union Wharf, Greenwich. Husband absent but she was called fishermans wife so he was probably at sea


Born: 1839 Kent

Father: Job Brooks

Mother: Maria Mitchell

Died: possibly 1844 Greenwich district (Mar 1844)


Born: 1840 Kent

Father: Job Brooks

Mother: Maria Brooks

Died: (possibly 1844 Greenwich district Mar q)


Born: 1842 Woolwich  

Father: Job Brooks

Mother Maria Mitchell

Died: 1898 West Ham district

Married; 1867 Bethnal Green district

Spouse: Ann Fisher

Born: abt 1845

Died: 1881 West Ham district

Married: [no trace of marriage]

Spouse; Sarah Jane Mounteer

Born: 1859 Stratford

Children: James Arthur Brooks b 1868 Stratford (see Note 1)

Jane Maria Brooks b 1871 Stratford

Samuel Job Brooks b 1874 Stratford (see Note 2)

Henry Brooks b 1878 Stratford (see Note 3)

1861 census: Ann residing Leyton Street, East Side with widowed mother Mary Ann and brother. Occupation: charwoman

1871 census: Residing 25 Leyton Rd, Stratford. Occupation: Bricklayer

1881 census: Residing 5 Hart St, West Ham. Occupation: general labourer. Living in same house as brother John and his family

1891 census: Residing No.1 Sydney Cottages, Holloway Rd, Leyton. Occupation: general labourer. Living with them were step-daughters Ann Mountier aged 14, mary Nountier aged 8 and Rose Mountier aged 5. All were born in Stratford. In 1881 an Ann Mountier was in the workhouse Leyton Low

1901 census: Widpw Sarah residing 26 Holly Rd, West Ham with daughter Ann laundress and daughter Mary book keeper. Several lodgers also living with them.

Note 1:   James Arthur Brooks b 1868 1891 census: lodging in registered lodging house 99 South St, Wandsworh. A milkman. Possibly married Wandsworth district 1891 either Catherine Hancock or Nancy penfold

Note 2: Samuel Job Brooks After mother died sent to Forest Gate Essex Industrial School July 1883-May 1890 then sent to Canada by Chelmsfor Industrial School at age 16yrs . Job's full height as an adult was 5'3" .By 1902 he was working in a silver mine Victoria Mines near Sudbury He then enlisted with the Canadian Expiditionary force for the South Africa War and went for 4 years In 1906 he was working at Cobalt(Ontario Canada) mine In 1914 Job enlisted to fight in WW1 as a private in the Canadian Army. He was killed in Ypres,Belgium Feburary 1915. Job never married

Note 3: Henry Brooks sent to Barnardo Homes after mother died and father remarried 1891. Then sent to Canada April 1892 aboard the Carthaginian. Arrived Quebec,  then train to Toronto, then train to a subsistence farm in Huntsville Ontario. Became a silver prospector 1907 and 1910 a gold prospector (not very successful).  1911 married Mildred Breuls of Markham Township. Drowned 1919 in Lake Kenogami while going to stake a mining claim along with partner Percy Shields and two other men.  Henry's body was not found until 10 months later. Henry's full adult height was 5' and he weighed 100 lbs. He left a widow and four children




Born: 1844 Woolwich

Father: Job Brooks

Mother: Maria Mitchell

Died: 1923 West Ham district

Married:  20/8/1865 St James the Great Bethnal Green Middlesex (see Note 1)

Spouse: William Rothenburg.

Born: 27/1/1841 George Street, Bromley, Middlesex

Father: John Rothenburg

Mother: Ann Warr

Died: 1901 West ham district

Children: Elizabeth Rothenburg b 1866, Mile End, Essex.

Ann Rothenburg b 1867 Stratford, Essex.

Louisa Rothenburg b 1870 Stratford, Essex.

William James Rothenburg b 1871 Stratford, Essex.

Maria Rothenburg b 1872 Stratford, Essex.

Alice Rothenburg b 1874 in Stratford, Essex

Jane Rothenburg b 1875 in Stratford, Essex

Clara Rothenburg b 1876 in Stratford,Eessex

Mary Ann Rothenburg b 1878

Kate Rothenburg b 1879, Stratford, Essex)

Albert Eugene Rothenburg b 1882 Stratford, Essex.

Edward Rothenburg b 1884 Stratford, Essex



Born: 1852 Stratford

Father: Job Brooks

Mother: Maria Mitchell

Died: 1886 West ham District

Married: 1875 West Ham district

Spouse: Eliza Bourne

Born: 1853 Stratford

Children: Maria Brooks b 1876 Bromley by Bow [not with mother 1891]

Mary Ann Brooks b 1878 West ham

Arthur Brooks b 1881 Stratford

Elizabeth Brooks b 1884 Stratford


1871 census: living with parents : occupation plasterer

1881 census: 5 Paul Street, West Ham. Occupation: general labourer

1891 census: Eliza widow residing 10 Roberts Rd, Stratford. Occupation: charwoman

Mary Ann Brooks.: 1901 census: Residing 8 Barclay Rd (next door to Elizabeth). Occupation: domestic servant to Charles Perry, traveller perfumery

Arthur Brooks.: 1901 census residing 19 Skiers? Rd West ham. Lodging with James Hare. Occupation: carman

Elizabeth Brooks: 1901 census: Residing 6 Barclay Rd, Leyton. Occupation: domestic servant to James Cockerill


Born: 1858 Stratford

Father: Job Brooks

Mother: Maria Mitchell

Died: 1863



Born: 1865 Stratford

Father: Job Brooks

Mother: Maria Mitchell

Married: 1885 West Ham district

Spouse: Emily Flora Kendall

Born: 1867 Chadwell heath

Parents: Ebeneezer & Sophia Kendall

Children: Henry Edward Brooks b 1885

Ernest Brooks b 1884

William Brooks b 1890

Frederick Brooks b 1892

George Brooks b 1895

Violet Brooks b 1900

1881census: Residing with parents. occupation: wood dealer

1891 census: Residing 42 Francis Street, Stratford. Occupation: wood dealer. Sister-n-law Annie Kendall, domestic servant, living with them

1901 census: Residing 23 North St, Stratford. Occupation: wood dealer (self employed)

Children of Job & Maria Brooks