Family History


Born: abt 1720

Buried: 1773 Billingshurst

Married: 2/12/1744 Billingshurst

Spouse: Susan Ellis of itchingfield

Born: abt. 1720

Buried; 28/5/1800 Billingshurst? (see note 1)

Children; John Bristow b 1745 Billinghsurst

Elizabeth (Betty) Bristow b 1746 Billingshurst

Thomas? Bristow b 1747 Billingshurst

Sarah Bristow b 1750 Billinghsurst

Ann Bristow b 1753 Billinghsurst

James Bristow b 1755 Billinghsurst

Daniel bristow b 1758 Billinghsurst

Susan Bristow?

William Bristow b 1766

Note 1: a Susan Bristow widow m 12/8/1777 Simon Vurchfwell widower. Witnessed Thomas Lucas, Mary henly



Children of Thomas & Susan Bristow


Born: 1745 Billingshurst

Father: Thomas Bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis

Baptised; 19/5/1745 Billingshurst

Buried: 31/3/ 1783 Billinghsurst from workhouse

Married; 12/2/1771 Billingshurst (see note 1)

Spouse: Hannah Wadey (see Note 2)

Baptised: 10/10/1749 Billingsahurst

Parents: Wdward & Jane Wadey

Children: Hannah bristow b 1775 Billingshurst (buried 25/7/1779 Billingshurst)

Jane Bristow b 1778 Billinghsurst

John Bristow b 1781 Billinghsurst

Note 1: witnesses Edward Wadey, William West

Note 2: Hannah remarried 28/8/1787 Billingshurst Luke Greenfield, widower. Witnesses Robert parsons, Foice Champion. She had twins Edward & Ann who were buried 11/4/1788.


Born: 1746 Billingshurst

Father: Thomas Bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis

Baptised; 23/10/1746 Billingshurst

Buried: 22/12/1824 Billinghsurst

Married; 31/5/1775 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Spouse; Allen (Alan) Etheridge

Born: 1750 Billinghsurst

Father: John Etheridge

Mother: Jane Hayler

Baptised: 15/9/1750 Billingshurst

Buried: 26/8/1802 Billinghsurst

Children: Elizabeth bristow b 1775 Billingshurst

Lucy Etheridge b 1776 Billingshurst

Charlotte Etheridgeb 1778 Billingshurst

Allan Etheridge Etheridge b 1780 Billingshurst

Rhony Etheridge b 1782 Billingshurst

Aaron Etheridge b 1785 Billingshurst

Eshac (Isaac) Etheridge b 1790 Billingshurst

Hannah Etheridge b 1796 Billingshurst

Note 1: Elizabeth’s name given as Betty on the banns. Marriage witnessed by Ann Hastwell and William Puttock. Allen signed, Betty made her mark


Born: 25/9/1748 Billingshurst

Father: Thomas Bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis

Note 1: 5/1/1757 on apprenticeship list Billingshurst (WSRO par/21/33/3)


Born: 1750 Billinghsurst

Father: Thomas bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis

Baptised: 4/11/1750 Billingshurst

Children: James Bristow b 1770 Billingshurst

Note 1: Banns read for Sarah bristow and Richard newman, a sojourner, but he forbidden to marry by mother as not of age. Married 3/12/1769?

Sarah Bristow m 27/1/1775 Billinghsurst William hatcher, sojourner Bookham

Sarah bristow married 23/9/1781 Billingshurst James Hill, labourer. Witnessed Abraham Southon, Hy Bennett



Born: 1753 Billinghsurst

Father: Thomas Bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis

Baptised: 29/4/1753 Billingshurst


Born: Billinghsurst (See note 1)

Father: Thomas bristow

Mother; Susan Ellis

Buried: 3/1/1797 Billinghsurst

Married: 17/3/1775 Billingshurst

Spouse: Richard Foice

Note 1: No trace of baptism


Born: 1755 Billingshurst

Father: Thomas Bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis


Spouse; Jane Newman

Born: 1755

Children: William Bristow b 1795 Billingshurst

Jane b 1797

Sarah b 1799

Ann b 1801

James b 1805

Charles b 1809

Hannah b 1813

William b 1783 m Sarah Stemp b 1782

Note 1: on apprenticeship list Billingshurst 23/4/1764 (WSRO Par/21/33/3)

Note 2: 27/23/1813 removal order from Warblington Hants. With wife jane and son James aged 7. (WSR Par 21/32/2)




Born; 1758 Billinghsurst

Father; Thomas Bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis

Baptised; 26/11/1758 Billingshurst

Married: 16/10/1782 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Spouse: Sarah Searle

Children; Jane Bristow b 1783 Billingshurst

Charlotte Bristow b 1784 Billingshurst

Hannah Bristow b 1797 Billinghsurst

Lucy Bristow b 1799 Billingshurst

Peter Bristow b 1801

( possibly Susan Bristow b.1804 Pulborough

Sarah Bristow b 1805 Pulborough

George Bristow b 1807 Pulborough)

Note 1: witnesses Geo Jordan and Foice Champion

Note 2: Possibly remarried 22/2/1803 Sarah White, of Billingshurst. Witnesses Charlotte Fowler, Jas Collins


BORN: 16/2/1766 Billingshurst

Father: Thomas Bristow

Mother: Susan Ellis

Buried: 27/5/1766 Billingshurst





Child of Elizabeth Bristow


Born: 1775 Billingshurst

Mother: Elizabeth Bristow

Baptised: 12/2/1775