Family History

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Susan Martin ALFRED JOHN BRIDGER LINE Born: 29/5/1844 12 noon Chichester Father: James Bridger Mother: Martha Boxall Baptised: 2 June 1844 St Olave, Chichester Died: 29/4/1907 Chichester (see Note 1) Buried: 2/5/1907 Fishbourne Married: 29/6/1865 Broadwater Spouse: Katie Mabbs Parents: James & Hannah Mabbs Baptised: 21/7/1844 St Bartholomew Chichester Died: 1894 Chorlton district, Lancs Children: Emily Bridger born 11/12/1865 Chichester Alfred Harry born 27/1/1869 Chichester died 1869 (Mar q) Annie Bridger born 2/1/1870 Chichester Harry Bridger born 30/11/1871 Chichester Alfred Walter Bridger born 23/2/1873 Chichester Kate Bridger born 5/11/1875 Chichester Percy Bridger born 23/12/1876 Chichester Mary Ann Bridger born 14/11/1878 Chichester Eily Mabbs Murray Howell Bridger born 14/5/1880 Chichester Hilda Bridger born 12/4/1882 Chichester Wilfrid Bridger born 25/9/1883 Chichester Beatrice Maud Bridger born 6/9/1885 Chichester Frederick Bridger b 29/3/1888 Chichester Douglas Bridger b 18/8/1890 Chichester 1861 census: residing with parents. Occupation: corn merchant’s assistant 1867: Bridger family tradition has that the Mabbs came from Ireland 1869: 23/1/1869 Hampshire Telegraph. City petty sessions. George Woodland pulterer and Matthew his son were charges with assaulting Alfred on the 4th and pleaded not guilty. Alfred’s father had asked him to make out the Woodland’s bill for using the market house. James Bridger presented it to them, words were exchanged. Alfred asked what the dispute was about , Matthew Woodland struck him violently in the chest and father gave him a blow under his ear with his fist. This was corroborated by George Barnes a poutlerer in the Hall. Each were fined 10s and costs, which they paid. 1870: 4/1/1870 Chichester Express. Stephen Woodland a well known horse dealer was indicted for stealing a sovereign of James Bridger at the City bench. This was on the evidence of Alfred John who on 24th December went into Mr Harris’s at the heart and Hand, public house, North Street and saw a gambling match between Woodland and Blake. A complicated story in which Blake gave him £2 5s 3d owing to his father and 1s 4d for tolls, including a sovereign coin in which Woodland later claimed was his. Woodland was committed for trial at Quarter Sessions but given bail 1871 census: Residing North Street with his family in mother’s house North Street. Occupation: corn merchant 31/10/1871 Chichester Express. Alfred was summoned by Sarah Beecher on two charges of assault. Alfred had taken out a injunction under the Masters and Servants Act, charging her with unlawfully absenting herself. He asked the case to be delayed a week in order to get legal assistance, and this was agreed. 1879: 29/4/1879 Petersfield Express. George Light was charged with obtaining two boxes of bloaters by false pretences from Alfred by telling Frank Pennicot, Alfred’s servant that Alfred had told him he could have them at a reduced price. He was committed to trial at the quarter sessions 1881 census: Residing Little London, Chichester. Occupation : corn merchant. Emily Wrapson 21 assistant and Elizabeth Ann Jupp 14 servant living with family 1888: A J Bridger given tender for potatoes 5s 6d/cwt to Chichester workhouse. Broyle St, 1888 1890: 21/7/1890 Portsmouth Evening News. Corn dealer summoned before City bench for allowing a dog to be at large on 7/7 two days bfore expiory of the muzzling order. Case dismissed as evidence of dog’s identity not satisfactory 1894: "Family Lore" passed down in Bridger family in Canada was that Kate had died of a reported heart attack, whilst on a train journey back to Chichester from the Northern part of England. 1891 census: 1 North St, Chichester. Occupation: corn merchant and fishmonger. Kate is described as fishmongers assistant. Ellen Edney 22 general domestic servant living with them 1901 census: residing 67 South St, Chichester. Alfred a widower. Occupation: corn fruit and potato merchant 1907: At time of death residence given as Highland Rd, Summersdale, Chichester. Probate granted to son-in-law Robert Becker (husband of Annie) and daughter Mary Bridger. He left £62 ‘We (Wilfrid and Percy's offspring) heard while growing up that their father Alfred John was troubled, and that he eventually lost the business through problems of his own. Apparently the kids suffered, and Wilfrid and my grandfather Percy eventually left England, I guess for a fresh start, after the troubles there. Percy had a lifelong aversion to certain vices (drinking and gambling) which I think were ascribed to Alfred John.’ Emily Bridger married 8/12/1894 St Peter the Great Chichester Daniel Stockdale. Annie Bridger married 1891 St Olave Chichester Frederick Becker born 1870 at sea, British subject. Children: Harry Thomas A Becker born 1892 Earlsfield, Haydee Kathleen Becker born 1896 Twickenham, Eily Annie E born 1900 Twickenham 1891 census: Residing with parents. Fishmonger’s assistant 1901 census: Residing Sutton House, Sutton Lane, Heston, Sutton. Occupation: wood pulp merchant and ship owner. Sister Eily Bridger and cousin Mary McBrod? staying with them. Had a housemaid, footman, cook and nurse. 1911 census: Residing Sutton Hall, Sutton. Occupation: wood pulp merchant. Son Harry a commercial traveller for wood pulp. They had children’s nurse, housemaid, parlourmaid, cook and kitchenmaid Harry Bridger baptised 29/11/1870 St Olave Chichester buried 4/12/1871 St Olave Chichester Alfred Walter Bridger baptised 20/4/1873 St Olave Chichester 1891 census: residing 4 North Street, Chichester (next door to Little Anchor) with brother Percy. Occupation: corn dealer. Only the two brothers living in the house their father possibly owned? 1901 census: Loding 4 Kingsfield Road Harrow on the Hill. Occupation: clerk Kate Bridger baptised 16/5/1875 St Olave Chichester married 1896 Westhampnett district Charles Bernard R Maltby, wood pulp board and paper manufacturer. They had Douglas Carleton B Maltby born 1897 West Ham district and Gordon Gustaf Maltby born 1898 Kew. 1901 census: Residing 6 Birch Grove, Lee, Kent. Occupation: wood pulp board and paper merchant. Sister Mary Ann with them and a cook and nursemaid. Percy Bridger baptised 9/2/1877 St Olave Chichester. Died 24/9/1865 Vancouver. Married 24/9/1913 Hilda Humphry, niece of his uncle Henry Humphry. She was born 7/5/1883 Chichester died 5/9/1966 Vancouver Children: Eva Kate Bridger born 9/6/1904 in Chichester Stayed with Edward Woodcock family in Westbourne, Sussex until brought to Vancouver. Died 3/4/1971 Vancouver. Married William Honiball. No children. Ada Marion Bridger b 24/7/1906 Chichester stayed with Frank Wood family in Chichester until brought to Vancouver. Died 13/5/1966 Death 13 May, 1996 West Vancouver. Did not marry. Eily Hilda Bridger born 12/8/1914 Vancouver; Douglas Humphry Bridger born 12/11/1915 Vancouver died 21/7/2008 Kelowna, British Columbia ‘As for Percy, he was pretty well educated, and obviously experienced in business, and on coming to Canada, he opted for, or was restricted to, a job on the streetcars until he retired. He brought up a family of four (Hilda never worked outside the home) and saw them through the depression, and my aunt Ada through teacher training. I can’t begin to explain how that worked, especially with the family growing up during the Great Depression, but it did work, and I never had any impression of hardship or poverty. In fact my grandfather owned two houses by the time I came along, the family house on a double lot, and another rental house down the street. He probably used his transit work as a steady and secure base, and I remember that with the double lot, he used the extra lot for a large food garden’. ‘Hilda was a confectioner’s assistant on the Isle of Wight before coming to Canada. Apparently that was where her sister Emily’s Husband, Charles West, came from. She appeared to be staying with the Wests before coming to Vancouver. She was accompanied by her Brother Albert, who also lived and died in Vancouver. The Wests (somewhat later?) also came to Vancouver.’ 1891 census: Residing with brother Alfred. 1901 census: Residing with father. Corn, fruit and potato merchant 1904: 20/4/1904 London Gazette. Percy listed in bankruptcy list, corn and fruit dealer 1907: Emigrated to Vancouver. Mary Ann Bridger baptised 5/2/1879 St Olave Chichester 1901 census: Residing with sister Kate Maltby 1907 unmarried when father died Eily Mabbs Murray Howell Bridger baptised 22/9/1880 St Andrew Chichester died 1/5/1951 address: 22A Aglaia Road, West Worthing . 1880: Family story is that her name came about because her father had a bet with Murray Howell with the condition that if he lost the bet the baby should be named after him 1901 census living with sister Annie Becker 1911 census: Nurse in hospital, Lion Terrace, Portsmouth 1948: 10/5/1948 Residing The Lea, Thantonhall, La 1949: In Lanarkshire when she wrote to brother Percy in Canada however it seems her permanent residence was in Worthing 1951 Executors of will Hayden Kathleen Bertha Moore wife of Geoffrey Moore and Denis Robert Sydney Becker, company director. £2400 7s Hilda Bridger baptised 9/7/1882 St Andrew Chichester 1911 census: Probationer nurse Leytonstone Workhouse Infirmary, Whipps Cross Road, Leytonstone Emigrated to New Zeland, and became Mrs Hilda Short 1948: letter from sister Eity to brother Percy mentions she had died, presumably airly recently Wilfred Bridger. Born 5/12/1883 Little London Chichester, baptised 16/12/1883 St Andrew Chichester died 14/12/1967 Vancouver married Vancouver Kathleen Reeves born 1/9/1890 Alton Barnes, Wilts died 18/1/1890 Vancouver Children: Walter David Reeves Bridger born 1914 Vancouver died 17/7/1990 Richmond BC; Kathleen Mary Bridger born 24/2/1915 Vancouver died 10/11/2002 Ridgecrest Kern, California. 1901 census: Residing with father. Occupation: corn merchant’s assistant Emigrated to Vancouver ‘He was a general labourer on first arriving in Vancouver (with Percy) but later, when he was able to drive, had his own truck and did deliveries for such as Maynard’s and Love’s Auctioneers. With sign: “Bridger’s Transfer.” A newspaper photo showed Wilfrid with his truck and the occasion was his delivering a dinner for the Prince of Wales when he visited Vancouver. September 22, 1919’ Beatrice Maud Bridger baptised 18/12/1885 St Peter the Great buried 26/4/1899 Chichester cemetery from 11 Parchment Street Frederick Bridger b 1888 Chichester 1911 census: Residing 6 Market Station Road, Harrow. Live-in draper’s assistant Douglas Bridger b 1890 Chichester 1911 census: Boarder 13 Prescott St, Bury, Lancs. Occupation: engineer Emigrated to Vancouver