Family History

My ancestors Sarah Boxall and James Bennett married in 1851.  This is my attempt to date at trying to trace Sarah's ancestry. Any information will be gratefully recieved. I hope soon (13 August 2007) to be able to consult various parish registers which might help.



Married: 29/12/1751 North Mundham

Spouse: James Bennett

Children: James Bennett b 1752 Easebourne

Ann Bennett b 1754 Easebourne

John Bennett b 1757 Easebourne

Mary bennett b 1759 Easebourne

Catherine Bennett b 1762 Easebourne

Moses Bennett b 1765 Easebourne

William Bennett b 1768 Easebourne

Note 1: by licence issued, 29/12/1751 Spinster of parish. James Bennett from Easebourne. Sponsor Joseph Heather, Chichester, labourer (Easebourne).

There were no Boxalls in the Easebourne or North Mundham registers for the first forty years of the 18th century. However Elizabeth Boxall married in Easebourne in 1744 and James Boxall in 1755. A family with children Sarah, Elizabeth and James was that of (John) Morrice Boxall and Mary Tregoose of Woolavington. It would seem that only one of their children Richard continued to live in that village so most of the family might have moved to nearby Easebourne. Morrice Boxall was baptised 3/8/1689 Woolavington, the son of Richard and Elenor. He is sometimes referred to on his childrens’ baptism records as John Morrice or John as well. He had an older brother John baptised 6/1/11684 who I surmise might have died young, and Morrice was also given his name (as often happened).

The children of (John) Morrice and Mary are

Sarah baptised 8/8/1730 Woolavington - also

Mary bapt 5/11/1721 Woolavington

Betty (Elizabeth) bapt 25/8/1723 Woolavington

Morrice bapt 6/3/1725 Woolavington

Richard bapt 15/6/1726 Woolavington

John bapt 24/11/1732 Woolavington

William bapt 30/11/1733 Woolavington

In 1756 in Woolavington John Boxall was in occupancy of land with John Robertson and Henry Mullings which was owned by Martha Newman who married Joseph Porter that year (WSRO Lavington/745)

James Boxall m Easebourne 1755 Ann Lambert of Tything witnessed by William Lambert & John Durman

Jane bapt 14/12/1755 Easebourne

Anne bapt 21/1/1759 Easebourne

Sarah bapt 11/7/1762 Easebourne (had son James ‘spurious’ bapt 1781 Easebourne)

Elizabeth bapt 2/9/1770 Easebourne

Elizabeth Boxall m Benjamin Brookfield 31/1/1744 Easebourne

Mary bur 1750

Benjamin bapt 9/4/1745 Easebourne

Richard Boxall and Hannah had a daugher Ann baptised Woolavington 5/1/1755.