Family History

Harriet Refoy was the cousin of my ancestor Jane Saxby. On her death her husband married Frances Broadbridge, the mother of Jane's brother-in-law. This page is not complete. If you have any amendments or additions please e-mail me


Born: 1770 Slindon

Father: Thomas saxbee

Mother: Elizabeth Hoare

Baptised: 11/3/1770 Slindon

Married; 23/1/1792 Slindon

Spouse: Michael Refoy

Children: Henrietta Refoy b 1792 Slindon

Catherine Refoy b 1794 Slindon

Charles Refoy b 1798 Slindon

Robert Refoy b 1803 Slindon

Michael Refoy b 1804 Slindon (bur 10/3/1803 Slindon)

Martha Refoy b 1807 Slindon


Born: 24/9/1792

Father: Michael refoy

Mother: Elizabeth Saxbee

Baptised: 25/9/1792 Slindon RC church (SEE Note 1)

Died: 31/12/1825 Slindon

Buried: 4/1/1826 Slindon

Married: 6/5/1813 Slindon (see Note 2)

Spouse: Joseph Bowley (see Note 3)

Baptised: 24/9/1786 Slindon

Father:: John Bowley

Mother: Jane Ayling

Buried: 6/3/1854 Slindon

Remarried: 14/4/1827 Slindon

Spouse: Frances Broadbridge

Buried: 16/8/1859 aged 67

Children: Ann Bowley b 1814 Slindon (see Note 4)

Mary Bowley b 1816 Slindon (see Note 5)

Joseph Bowley b 1818 Slindon (see Note 6)

Francis Bowley b 13/2/1821 Slindon (see Note 7)

Harriett Bowley b 6/7/1823 Slindon (see Note 8)

John Bowley b 16/6/1825 Slindon (see Note 9)

Edward Bowley baptised 23/12/1827 St Mary’s Slindon

George Bowley baptised 22/2/1830 St mary’s Slindon

Charles Bowley baptised 29/7/1832 St Mary’s Slindon

1841 census: Residing Slindon. Occupation: sawyer. With them sons Joseph (a sawyer) Edward, George and Charles

1851 census: Resing Slindon. Occupation: sawyer. Sons Joseph, George and Charles living with them, all sayers


Note 1: baptismal register reads Henrietta but also recorded as harriett. Godparents Richard & Mary Bowley

Note 2: Married with consent of mother. Witnesses ? Willshear and John Ruff. All signed.

Note 3: Joseph’s place of birth given as Oving on 1851 census. Joseph confirmed 18/9/1791 as Richard Bowley Joseph. Remarried Frances Broadbridge. Witnessed by james Broadbridge and mary Trim. All signed apart from Frances. He was described as a sawyer in childrens’ baptism and sons’ marriage registers

Note 4: Ann Bowley bapt 12/9/1814 Slindon RC Church as Anna (godparents ? and Melicent Refoy)

Note 5: Mary Bowley bapt 29/9/1816 Slindon RC church as Maria. Godparents John Wilcox & Anna

Note 6: Joseph Bowley bapt 17/12/1818 Slindon RC Church. Godparents John Hornsby and Margarita Crawford.

1841 census: residing with parents in Slindon. Occupation: sawyer

1851 census: residing with parents in Slindon. Occupation; sawyer

Note 7: Francis Bowley bapt 18/2/1821 Slindon RC church. Godparents John Mills & Maria Forester

Note 8: Harriett Bowley bapt 10/7/1823 Slindon RC church. Name recorded as Harreitta/Henrietta Godparents james Fletcher representing Thomas Bateman & Martha Refoy. Confirmed 18/10/1837, baptismal name Harriett

Note 9: John Bowley bapt 19/6/1825 Slindon RC church (Godparents Charles Jackson and Henrietta Refoy) buried 19/2/1826 Slindon.(according to protestant record, Catholic record gives date of death as 23/2/1826)


Born: 1827 Slindon

Father: Joseph Bowley

Mother: Frances Broadbridge

Baptised: 23/12/1827 Slindon

Died: 19/1/1886 Slindon aged 5 from ) Slindon MI (St Mary’s)

Married: 27/7/1850 Slindon

Spouse: Mary Ann Collins

Born: 1830 Walberton

Father: George Collins

Died: 26/3/1909 (from MI St mary’s Slindon)

Children: Walter Bowley born 1851 Slindon (see Note 1)

Edward Bowley born 1856 Slindon (see Note 2)

George Bowley born 1865 Slindon (see Note 3)

1851 census: Residing Slindon Street, Slindon. Occupation: sawyer

1861 census: Residing Slindon Street, Slindon. Occupation: sawyer

1871 census: Residing Slindon Cottage, Slindon. Occupation: sub postmaster

1881 census: Residing Slindon. Occupation: subpostmaster

1891 census: Widow Mary Ann residing Post Office, Slindon. Occupation: postmistress. Son George Post Office clerk and grandson Walter Bowley telegram messenger

1901 census: Widow mary Ann residing Post Office, Slindon. Occupation: post office and stationers. Son George working with her. He married 1892 petersfield district Annie born 1869 Headley, Hants.

Daughter Ethel Bowley born 1893 Slindon

Note 1: Walter Bowley married 26/9/1876 Eartham Mary Ann Elliott born 1848 Ebernoe, Sussex

Children: Edward Bowley born 1877 Eartham; Maud Bowley born 1878 Eartham

1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: gardener domestic

1881 census: Residing Eartham House, Eartham. Occupation: coachman

1891 census: Residing Flying Bull Inn, Rake, Rogate Sussex. Occupation: publican

1901 census: Residing Flying Bull INN, Cypress Dell, Liss hants. Occupation: licensed vixtualler. Son Walter civil service post office telegraphist

1911 census: Residing Tarrant Street Arundel. Occupation: retired innkeeper. Daughter Maud a certified school mistress

Note 2: Edward Bowley married 1883 Lambeth district Jane Eliza Champion born 1850 Shepperton, Middlesex.

Children: Arthur Bowley born 1883 paddington; Henry Edward Bowley born 1889 Leatherhead.

1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: gardener

1881 census: Boarding Oak Tree Cottage, Byfleet, Surrey. Occupation: gardener

1891 census: Residing Clayton Court Lodge. London Road, Rogate. Occupation: domestic gardener

1901 census: Residing Clayton Court Lodge Hill Brow Rogate. Occupation: domestic gardner. Son Arthur gardener’s labourer

1911 census: Residing Clayton Court Lodge, East Liss, hants. Occupation domestic gardener. Son Henry also domestic gardener

Note 3: George Bowley Married 12/11/1892 Petersfield district Annie Howick born 1869 Headley, Hants.

Children: Ethel Bowley born 1893 Slindon; Lilian Bowley born 1901 Slindon

1881 census: Residing with parents occupation: gardener

1891 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: post office clerk

1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: assisting mother in Post office and stationers

1911 census: Residing Post Office Slindon. Occupation: Sub Postmaster and stationer. Wife assisting and daughter Ethel post office clerk