Family History

this is the family of my gt-gt-uncle Richard (Dick) Blunden. It is not complete. If you have any additions or amendments please e-mail me


Born:           1859  Heyshott

Father:          William Blunden

Mother:        Martha Bennett

Baptised:     3/6/1859 in Heyshott

Died:             1948 Chichester district

Married :       1880 in Houghton

Spouse:          Annie Davis

Born:              1851 Houghton

Parents:           Henry & Caroline Davis

Died:             1950 Worthing district

Children:        Alice b 1882 in Amberley

                       William Blunden b 1883 Amberley

                        Richard b 1885 in Amberley

                        Harry b 1887 in Amberley 

                        Mary Jane Blunden born 1892 Madehurst

                     Minnie Blunden born 1894 Madehurst

                     Grace May Amy Blunden born 1896 Madehurst

                     Hilda Eva Ellen Blunden born 1899 Madehurst


9 children, 2 deceased by 1911


1861 census: Residing Street, Heyshott with widowed mother, brothers and sisters. Annie living Canada, Houghton with parents. Father an agricultural labourer


1871 census: Residing Betchworth Surrey with mother and stepfather. Occupation: scholar. Annie living with grandparents William & Ann Cooper, South St, Houghton. William an agricultural labourer


1881 census: Residing Church Square Midhurst with wife Annie. Occupation: agricultural labourer                  

1883: occupation limeburner (baptismal record)

1891 census:  living Chichester Lodge. Occupation:  bricklayer. Lodging with them William Dummer 42 hurdle maker from Cocking

1901 census: living Dale Park Lodge

1911 census: Residing Chichester Lodge (3 rooms). Occupation: bricklayer on private estate


Born:           4/10/1882 Amberley

Father:         Richard Blunden

Mother:        Annie Davis

Died:           1978 Braintree district

Baptised:      6/10/1882 Amberley

Married:     1906 Halstad District, Essex

Spouse:      Abraham Britton

Born:         1886 Sible Hedingham, Norfolk

Parents:     Charles & Sarah Britton

Children:   Albert Percy born 1906 Gosford 

                  Annie May born 1909 Gosford,


1891 census:   Visiting her aunt and uncle Kate and William Elliott. 26 South Lane, Houghton. Her widowed grandmother Caroline Davis also there. She is also given as being at her parents house, Chichester Lodge.

1901 census:  35 Eaton Terrace, Westminster. Occupation: cook to Mary Skinner, lodging house keeper


1911 census: living High gates, Gosford, Essex. Abraham an agricultural labourer



Born:               9/1884 Amberley

Father:             Richard Blunden

Mother:            Annie Davis

Buried:             14/1/1885 Amberley aged 1yr 4 months



Born:             1885 Amberley

Father:           Richard Blunden

Mother:          Annie Davis

Baptised:         29/11/1885 Amberley

Died:                1947 Worthing district

Married:          Dec q 1914 Steyning district

Spouse:         Mabel Jeanette Burg e

Born:             1890 Emsworth

Died:             1965 Worthing district

Children:       Violet M V Blunden born 1915 Steyning district

                      Gladys H Blunden born 1917 Steyning district

                      Elsie G Blunden born  1921 Steyning district

                      Irene P Blunden born 1923 Steyning district


1891 census: Mabel living Queen Street Warblington and recorded as daughter of Abraham and Janet. However as Janet was 59 it seems probable she was the illegitimate daughter of Bertha, with whom she later lived.

1901 census: Residing with parents Dale Park Lodge. Occupation: bricklayers labourer. Mabel living with sister Bertha Hall, near chalk pit Bedhampton Hants

1911 census: residing with parents. Occupation: carter on farm. Mabel living with sister Bertha Hall and her brother Harry Hall 27 Lanfranc Road, Worthing. Occupation: laundress

World War 1: Probably RE Spr 229884; TR Bn 10/37054; RE WR/363861



Born:             1888 Amberley

Father:            Richard Blunden

Mother:           Annie Davis

Died:             1972 Chichester district

Baptised:         3/6/1888 Amberley

Marriage         1916 Westhampnett district

Spouse:           Violet Fisher

Born:               3/5/1892 Charlwood Surrey

Parents:           Thomas & Faith Fisher

Died:               1979 Chichester district

Children:          Douglas H Blunden b 16/8/1919 Westhampnett district died 1990 Chichester district


1901 census: Residing with parents Stag Lodge.  Violet residing Vine Cottage, Ifield, Charlwood. Thomas a general labourer

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: shepherd. Violet  residing Punch Bowl.Madehurst. Occupation: laundress

WW1: possibly RSR pte G/477 enlisted 31/8/1914 went to France 31/5/1915 discharged 27/7/1918 wounded, given silver badge. (or possibly RGA Gnr 52559 France 11/7/1915 discharged 30/8/1916




Born:              11/5/ 1893 Madehurst

Father:             Richard Blunden

Mother:           Annie Davis

Baptised:         5/2/1892) Madehurst.

Married:           1913 in Westhampnett district. Sept q

Spouse:            Richard Edward Wilson

Born:               1882 Cork

Parents:            Richard & Mary Wilson

Died:               1948 Worthing district

Children:          Victor E Blunden born 1918 East preston district

                         Roy Wilson b 7/6/1920 East Preston district died 1996 Worthing district


1911 census:  Living 9 Chester Square, St George Hanover Square parish London. Occupation: kitchen maid to Harcourt Sawyer Cats Major 3rd Royal Scots. Richard Wilson  residing South Marshes Arundel with parents Richard Wilson (naval pensioner) and mother Mary Wilson (dealer, shop keeper groceries). Occupation: civil service postman



Born:                24/9/1894 Madehurst

Father:              Richard Blunden

Mother:            Annie Davis

Baptised:          4/11/1894 Madehurst

Died:               1986 Derby

Married:          1915

Spouse:           Oswald Forton

Born:              1892 Pateley Bridge district (Bishop Thornton)

Parents:             Holmes & Eliza Thornton, 1901 family living in Clint, West Yorkshire, Holmes a silk dresser

Children:          Daphne Vera  Forton b 1918 Lymongton

                        Nancy J Forton b 1919 Ashbourne

                          Colin B Forton b 1921 Ashbourne

                          Richard Forton b 1927 Ashbourne 


1911 census: Great Frenches park, Crawley Down. Kitchen maid to Dora Hill, Simla India resident. Oswald lodging Elmwood Bothy Darlington occupation gardener. Place of birth given as Shaw Mills, Yorks

WW1: went to France 20/5/1915 with Rifle Brigade, Northamptonshire Regiment. Lance corporal



Born:             1896 Madehurst

Father:             Richard Blunden

Mother:           Annie Davis

Baptised;         13/9/1896 Madehurst

Died:               1966 Worhing district (as Grace M)

Married:           1919 Westhampnett district

Spouse:            Cecil Thomas  Linfield

Born:                1894 Angmering

Baptised:           30/11/1894 Angmering

Died:                 1952 Worthing district

Parents:            Thomas and Agnes Linfield

Children:          Richard Cecil Thomas Linfield b 1920 East Preston district died 1992 Worthing district


1911 census: Residing  Chichester Lodge, Madehurst with parents. Occupation: general domestic servant.

Cecil residing High Street, Angmering with parents. Occupation: grocerís assistant



Born:                1899 Madehurst

Father:              Richard Blunden

Mother:             Annie Davis

Baptised:          14.2.1899 Madehurst

Died:                 1967 Chichester district

Married;            1927 Westhampnett district

Spouse:             Albert Dewey

Born:               7/4/1896 Tangmere

Baptised:        26/5/1896 Aldingbourne

Died:                14/6/1962 Chichester district

Parents:          Henry & Fanny Dewey

1901 census: living Dale Park Lodge,  Madehurst.  Albert living Decoy Farm, Tangmere

1911 census: Residing Chichester Lodge, Madehurst. Albert residing 4 Malthouse Cottages, Eastergate. Occupation: cowman. Living with widowed mother and sisters Alice 22, Ethel May 16 domestic servants, Helen/Ellen 13 and brother William 20 also a cowman