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Thomas is an ancestor. This is what I know about him so far. Can anyone add more, correct or comment. If so please e-mail me




Born:  1740 Binsted

Married:   22/4/1759 Amberley Jane Allen

Died: 1766 or after


Thomas Bennett was baptised 1 March 1740 in Binsted  the son of Thomas Bennett and Ann Rothwell. Binsted is a small parish three miles west of Arundel. He was married to Jane Allen by licence 22 April 1759 which described him as a bachelor from Yapton sponsored by Jo Peters  Burpham, yeoman farmer. Witnessed by John Peters, Thos Bonus. This evidence, and other evidence shows that in this part of Sussex at least there was movement of agricultural labourers between parishes, despite the difficulties imposed by the poor laws. Certainly parishes were happier to take on single men who wouldnít have families who could become a parish burden and I understand labourers were often employed for just short of a year so that the labourer would not be able to claim settlement.

The only reference I have found in Bibsted parish records was for 1761:  Jane Bennets weekly payment for 50 wks £2-16-6. Let Thos Bennett have when he was sick 15s; Paid Wm Bennet  for his two barrels of malt last year 6s. The following year the parish paid for Janeís lying in, midwife and the christening so Thomas was obviously at that time not able to fully support his family. Indeed from then onwards Jane received regular payments from the parish. This could not have been due to Thomasís death as their daughter Maria wasnít born until 1766. So far I have been unable to find his death. Jane remained in Binsted so I presume it was there?


The movement between parishes is certainly evident with Thomasís children, son Thomas married Elizabeth best in Steyning 1798.He was described as serving man from Tortington and his sponsors sponsor was Benjamin Sharp Tortington serving man living in  Steyning. Tortington is the neighbouring parish to Binsted and their seemed to be a lot of movement between the two.  An Elizabeth Bennett was buried in Steyning 28/3/1806 aged 34 who could have been his wife.



Children:           Thomas Bennett born 9/9/1759 Binsted married 1798 Elizabeth Best

                          Deborah Bennett born 1762  Binsted died 1845 married 1791 Thomas Winton

                          Maria Bennett born1766 Binsted married 1790 Thomas Manser