Family History



Born: 1781 Sompting

Father: Thomas Steer

Mother: Fanny Goble

Baptised; 19/2/1781 Sompting

Buried: 2/2/1853 Sompting aged 72

Married; 12/4/1809 (witnessed by James and Sarah Steer)

Spouse: James Bashford

Born: 1785 Sompting

Buried: 3/5/1873 Sompting aged 89

Children: Mary Bashford born 1809

James Bashford born 1811

George Bashford born 1813

Jane Bashford born 1814

Frances Bashford born 1816

Sarah Bashford born 1818

John Bashford born 1820

Josias Bashford born 1823

Thomas Bashford born 1825


1841 census: Residing Sompting Street, Sompting Occupation: gardener

1851 census: Residing Sompting Street, Sompting. Occupation: gardener

1861 census; widower James residing Lower Cokeham with son George. Occupation: market gardener

1871 census: Residing Hams House Sompting with son George



Born: 1809

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 11/9/1809 Sompting


Born: 24/3/1811 Sompting

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 21/4/1811 Sompting

Died: 1895 Altrincham district

Married: 1842 Uckfield district

Married: Caroline Piper

Born: 1819Framfield

Died: 1896 Altrincham district

Children: Robert Bashford baptised 11/9/1842 Sompting (from Cokeham) buried 22/9/1843 Sompting aged 1 year I month

William Taylor Bashford baptised 14/4/1844 Sompting from Cokeham

  1. census: male servant Middleham, Ringmer

1851 census: Residing Brick Field, Cuckfield. Occupation: gardener

1861 census: Residing Rose Hill, Bowden lances. Occupation; gardener. William a pupil teacher

1871 census: Residing High lawn, Bowden


Born: 1813

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 14/2/1813 Sompting

Died: 1890 Steyning district

1841 census: Living with Peter and Charlotte Harden Sompting Street. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Lower Cokeham, Sompting. Occupation: labourer. With him widowed father James, unmarried sister anf grandchildren George Bashford 16 and Sarah Bashford 10.

1871 census: Residing Hamís House, Sompting. Father and sister sarah with her

1881 census: residing Cokeham. Market gardener of 8 acres employing 4 men. Sister Sarah with him.


Born: 12/11/1814 Sompting

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 4/12/1814


Married: 21/8/1848 Sompting. Witnesses James bashford, Caroline Bashford, Frederick Fuller. James a market gardener.

Spouse: Ezekiel George Morris

Father: George Morris, steward


On baptism James given as labourer


Born: 10/1816 Sompting

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 23/2/1817 Sompting from Cokeham

Buried: 28/8/1817 aged 7 months


Born: 17/6/1818 Sompting

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 26/7/1818 Somting

Died: 1907

James recorded as labourer

1901 census: Residing Ballís Cottages, Cokeham, Somting. Living with brother Thomas and niece Minnie Bashford.


Born: 12/7/1820 Sompting

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 20/8/1820 from Cokeham

Died: 1858 Steyning district

Married: Sarah Kimber, widow from lancing. Banns read 13/20/27.1845 in Sompting

Born: 1814 Lancing

Died: 1887 Steyning district

Children: John Bashford born 1846 Lancing

Esther Bashford born 1848 Lancing

Sarah Jane Bashford born 1850 Lancing

William Bashford c1853 - ?

Father recorded as thatcher at baptism

1841 residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing South House Lancing. Step-children George, Mary and Frederick Kimber with them. Occupation: gardener

1861 census: Widow Sarah living Terrace Lancing with children. Occupation: charwoman

1871 census: Residing Monks Farm House, Lancing. Servant to John Stringer.

1881 census: Residing 7? With son John, daughter Esther, nurse child Emily Heasman 2 and a lodger

John Bashford died 1931 married 1882 East Preston district Eliza Jane Bridger.

Children: William John E Bashford born1883; Clara Jane Bashford born1886; Reginald Bashford 1888 -1918; Edward Joseph Bashford born 1891; Percy Bashford born 1893; Alice Emily Bashford born1897.

1871 census: Residing Ham Cottage Lancing with sisters Esther and Sarah

1881 census: Residing with mother. Occupation; gardenerís labourer

1891 census: Residing South Street, lancing. Occupation: South Street. Stepson James (Fred) Bridger 14 with them

1901 census: Residing South Street, Lancing. Occupation: market garden labourer. Son William a market garden labourer, daughter Clara a domestic servant, and Reginald grocerís assistant

1911 census: Residing 18 Cecil Road, Lancing. Occupation gardener labourer. Son Percy a general labourer

Esther Bashford died 1925 married 1887 Steyning district George Slaughter born 1832 Sompting.

Children: Sarah Jane Slaughter born 1889 married 1927 Steyning district Thomas H Duxfield

1881 census: Residing with mother. Occupation; domestic servant

1891 census: Residing 3 Thatch Cottages, Penn Hill Road, South lancing. Occupation: garden labourer. Emily Hearman 12 nurse child wtih them

1901 census: Residing Ham Cottage, Lancing. Occupation: shepherd. Walter Stenning nurse child with them

1911 census: residing Yew Tree Cottage South Street Lancing. Occupation: jobbing gardener

Sarah Bashford died 1929

1871 census: Residing Ham Cottage Lancing with brother John

1881 census: Residing 14 Marine Parade, Broadwater. Occupation: cook

1901 census: Cook housekeeper St Maryís Vicarage, Burpham

1911 census: 5 Seaton terrace, Shoreham. Occupation: cook



Born: 12/8/1823 Sompting

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Died: 1899 Steyning district (Dec q)

Baptised: 31/8/1823 Sompting from Cokeham

Married: 1/5/1843 Sompting (witnessed by John Bashford & Frederick Fuller)

Spouse: Ann White

Born: 1822 Leominster

Died: 1899 Steyning district (Sept q)

Father: John White

Children: John Bashford born 1843 Sompting

Edward Bashford born 1849 Broadwater

Bertha Bashford born 1852 Lancing

Emma Bashford born 1855 Lancing

Mary A Bashford born 1858 Lancing

Father James given as gardener at baptism

1841 census: Residing with parents

1851 census: Residing Cherry Cottage Lancing. Occupation: garden labourer

1861 census: Residing Terrace, Lancing. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing Hams House, Sompting

1891 census: Residing Cokeham, Sompting. Occupation: market gardenerís labourer


Born: 25/11/ 1825 Somting

Father: James Bashford

Mother: Mary Steer

Baptised: 1/1/1826 Sompting from Cokeham

Died: 1906

Married; Harriett Hacker

Born: 1828

Died: 1898 Steyning district

Children: Sarah Ann Bashford born 1854 Sompting

Thomas Bashford born 1855 Worthing

Amelia Jane Bashford baptised 13/7/1856 Sompting from Cokeham

George Bashford born 1860 Sompting

Frances Emily Bashford born 7/6/1863 baptised 12/7/1863 as Emily Frances from Cokeham

Father Thomas given as gardener on baptism register

1851 census: Residing with parents

1861 census: Residing Upper Cokeham. Occupation: labourer

1871 census: Residing Ball Cottage Cokeham

1881 census: Residing Cokeham. Occupation; gardener labourer

1891 census: Residing The Street, Sompting. Occupation: market garden labourer

1901 census: Residing Ball Cottage, Cokeham, Sompting with sister sarah and niece Minnie Bashford born 1882 Portslade

Sarah Ann Bashford baptised 11/6/1854 Sompting married George Newman born 1855 Cheltneham

Children: Harold George Newman born 1887 Altrincham; Mabel Caroline Newman born 1889 Altrincham

1851 census: Servant at Warwick Street Bank Broadwater

1891 census: Residing 58 Byron Street Altrincham. Occupation: domestic gardener

1901 census: Residing Ashley Rd, Willow Bank, Hale Cheshire. Occupation: domestic gardener. George recorded as from Charlton Kings, Glos.

1911 census: Residing 14 Albert Road East Hale. Occupation: domestic gardener. Harold a fitter, Mabel a dressmaker


Thomas (Tom) Bashford married 1878 Altrincham district Catherine Shaw born 1851 Altincham died 1898 Manchester district aged 57.

Children: Thomas William Bashford born 1879; Leonard George Bashford born 1880; Ada Bashford born 1886; Elsie Bashford born 1889

1891 census: Residing 9 Moss Rd, Urmston. Occupation: domestic gardener

1901 census: Residing Appleton Rd, Hale. Occupation: domestic gardener. Son Thomas a plumber and Leonard a cycle maker.

1911 census: Widower, boarder 46 Oak Road, Hale. Occupation; domestic gardener

George Odd Bashford born 9/7/1860 baptised 12/8/1860 Sompting from Cokeham married 6/5/1889 Mary Ann Smith domestic servant aged 26 (born 1862 Henfield) daughter of John Smith farm labourer, witnessed by James Riddles and Sarah Ann Hoar.

Children: Allan Bashford born 8/5/1890 baptised 13/7/1890 from Wenham Cottages Cokeham; Tom Bashford born 2/2/1893 baptised 9/4/1893 Sompting from Wenham Cottages Cokeham; May Estelle Bashford born 22/9/1997 baptised 14/11/1997 From Wenham Cottages, Cokeham

1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: gardener labourer

1891 census: Residing 1 Wenham gardens, Sompting. Occupation: market gardener. Brorther-in-law Thomas Smith market garden labourer living with them

1901 census: Residing 1 Wenham Cottages. Occupation: market gardener

1911 census: Residing Cokeham. Occupation: market gardener. Allan and Tom market garden labourers