Family History


This is the family of Annie Barnett my husband's great-grandmother. I have just  (25 Aug 2007) received the marriage certificate of John and Emma Barnett which I hope will enable me to trace the Barnetts further back. This shows John's father as being Richard, labourer. A quick search using this information has failed to take me further back however. 17/4/08 have updated family of John and Emma - all names indexed are on their page - but haven't tried getting further back - yet


Born: Between 1800 and 1810 West Ham (see Note 1)

Died: 4/3/1877 2 Leabon Street, West Ham (see Note 2)

Married: 10/4/1831 St Dunstan, Stepney (see Note 3)

Spouse: Mary Ann Banning

Born; about 1807

Died: 28/7/1888 West Ham district (see Note 4)

Children: Mary Barnett b 1832

John Barnett b 1835-1837

Possibly Richard Barnett b 1838

James Barnett b 1841

Hannah Barnett b 1844

1841 census : Residing Vine Passgae Ratcliffe. Occupation ? servant. Children: Mary 9, John 6, James 6 months

1851 census Richard Barnett 43 roadman and Mary 45 both born West ham living Church St, West ham with James 9 born Ratcliff, Mddsx and Hannah 5 born ratcliff. James was a leasing boy (?)

1861 census: Residing 20 Leabon Street, West Ham. Occupation: labourer. No family with them.

1871 census: 11 Alma Terrace, West Ham. Occupation genrtl labourer. Daughter Hannah Robinson born 1844 with them and grandchildren Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary Ann

1881 census; Mary Ann widow lodging 2 Labon St Court, West Ham

Note 1: Richardís death certificate gives his age as 75. However his age on census returns varies considerably. 1841 32; 1851 43; 1861 59 and 1871 70.

No conclusive baptism record has been found. However place of birth was consistently given as West Ham

Note 2: death notifed 5/3/1877 by widow Mary Ann who made her mark, 2 Leabon Street, Richard was a road labourer. Cause of death paralysis, three days

Note 3: Richard signed, she made a mark. Witnessed by Joseph Odell (mark) and Mary? Barnett (signed)

Note: Mary Ann Barnett widow of Richard Barnett road labourer died 28/7/1888 from senile decay exhaustion. 10 Marcus Street West Ham. Notified by daughter MA Rodbard of same address 21/7/1888


Born: 1832 Plaistow, West Ham

Father: Richard Barnett

Mother: Mary Ann Banning

Died: 1916 Romford district

Married: 12/9/1857 Stepney parish church

Spouse: Jonas Rodbard

Born: 1832

Died; 1909 West Ham district aged 77

Children: Mary Ann Rodbard born 1862 (see Note 1)

Jane Rodbard born 1864

Emma Rodbard born 1868

Possibly Jonas Rodbard born 1863 died 1864

1851 census: Housemaid at 98 Cheapside, St Mary-le-Bow, City of London for T Guartly, clerk

1861 census: Residing 15 King George St, West Ham. Brother John Barnett lodging with them. Occupation: labourer

1871 census: Residing Abbey Road, West Ham. Occupation bricklayerís labourer

1881 census: Residing 2 Leabon Street, West Ham. Occupation: labourer

1911 census: Widow Mary Ann residing with daughter Mary Ann Ridpath 98 Corporation Street, West Ham. Old age pension.

Note 1: Mary Ann Rodbard married 1883 West Ham district George Ridpath.


Note 2: Jane Rodbard married 1887 her cousin Alfred Barnett. See below.

Note 3: Emma M Rodbard married 1890 George Harris born 1864 Stratford



Born: 1837 Plaistow, West Ham, Essex

Father: Richard Barnett

Died: 19/2/1915 Union Workhouse Leytonstone of 1 Willis Rd, West Ham

Married: 8/12/1861 St Thomas Hackney (see Note 1)

Spouse: Emma Hardwick

Baptised: 21/10/1842 Great Stoughton, Huntingdon

Died: 21/1/1903 West Ham district

Father: John Hardwick

Mother: Sarah Sewell

Children: Thomas Barnett b 1862 West ham

Alfred Barnett b 1863 West ham

Annie Barnett b 1867 West Ham

James Barnett b 1868 West Ham

John Barnett b 1871 West Ham

Alice Barnett b 1873 West Ham

Richard Barnett b 1876 West Ham

Emily Barnett b 1877 West Ham

Amelia Barnett b 1881 West Ham

Walter Barnett b 1884 West Ham

1851 census: servant to Isaac Smith beer seller, High Street, West ham (St John district).

1861 census: lodger with sister Mary Rodbard. 15 St George Ct, West Ham.. No occupation given

1871 census: Residing 53 Plaistoe Grove. Occupation: worker in leather cloth

1881 census: living 53 Plaistow Grove, Plaistow, West Ham, Occupation: labourer

1891 census: 26 Plaistow Grove. Occupation: a leather cloth worker.

1901 census: 26a Plaistow Grove, leather cloth works, labourer. Emily and Walter with them

1911 census: John, widower, general labourer living with daughter Emily Wiltshire, 86 Holbrook Rd, West Ham

Note 1; Both residing Brook St. Witnessed by William & E Hardwick. John, his and Emmaís father John Hardwick all described as labourers

Note 2; Died of senile decay. Notified by A Barnett daughter-in-law 18 Cecil Rd, Upton Manor 20/2/1915. His occupation was leather cloth factory hand

Note 3: Emma died of cirrhosis of the liver and bronchitis. Wife of John Barnett labourer at leather cloth works. He reported death 21/1/1903


Born: 1841 Ratcliffe

Father: Richard Barnett

Mother: Mary Ann Banning

1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: leasing boy (?)

1861 census: possibly in Royal navy at port or at sea


Father: Richard Barnett

Mother: Mary Ann Banning

Born: 1845 Radcliffe

Buried: 1907 West Ham district

Married: Thomas Henry Robinson born 1842 Clithero

Children: Hannah Martha Robinson born 1863 West Ham (see Note 1)

Elizabeth Robinson born 1867 Bromley (see Note 2)

Mary Ann Robinson born 1869 Clithero, Lancs

Martha Robinson born 1875 West Ham

Arthur Jonas Robinson born 1878 East Ham (see Note 3)

Ada Robinson born 1882 Plaistow

Walter Robinson born 1884 West Ham (see Note 4)

Stanley Robinson born 1889 West Ham

1861 census: House servant Daisy Farm, Moyers Lane, Leyton to Henry Emery, butcher and dairyman

1871 census: Staying with parents.

1881 census: Residing 15 North Side Crescent Road, East Ham. Occupation: gas stoker

1891 census: Residing 13 Barnaby Street, West Ham. Occupation: gas stokers foreman

1901 census: Residing 10 Henniker Road, Stratford. Occupation: gas stokers foreman

1911 census: Widowed Thomas living with daughter Elizabeth at 145 Caistor Park Road, Plaistow. Pensioned gas works foreman

Note 1: Hannah Robinson married 1884 Charles Playell born 1862 West Ham


Note 2: Elizabeth Ellen Robinson married Isaiah Nunn born 1868 Hadleigh, Essex

Children: Amy Elizabeth Nunn born 1895 West Ham (1911 census: housemaid); Ida Beatrice Nunn born 1996 West Ham; Leonard Thomas Airlie Nunn born 1901 West Ham

1911 census: residing 145 Caistor park Road, Plaistow. Widowed father Thomas Robinson with them. Occupation: gas stoker

Note 3: Arthur Robinson married 1906 St george Hanover Square district Minnie Georgina Murray b 1877 Dover. Children: May Robinson born 1905 West Ham; Maud Robinson born 1906 West Ham; Walter Robinson born 1907 Forest Gate.

18911 census: residing 5 Roding St, Forest gate. Occupation: gas stoker

Note 4: Walter Robinson married 1904 Eleanor Kate Hodsoll born 1882 Stratford. Children: Eleanor Kate Robinson born 1904 West Ham; Ethel Hannah Robinson born 1906 West Ham; Gertrude Maud Robinson born 1909 West Ham

1911 census: Residing 20 Farringford Road, Stratford. Occupation: gas stoker




Children of John & Emma Barnett



Born: 1862 West ham

Father: John Barnett

Mother: Emma Hardwick

Died: 1917 West Ham district

Married: 1885 West Ham district

Spouse: Amelia Ann Reed

Born: 1859 Plaistow, Essex

Died; 1929 Romford district

Parents: Thomas & Jessie Reed (Thomas a thatcher)

Children: Alice Edith b 1886 Canning Town (see Note 1)

Elsie Catherine b 1888 Plaistow (see Note 2)

Lily Mabel b 1893 Plaistow (see Note 3)

1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer

1891 census :Residing 21 Herbert Street Plaistow. sister-in-law Emma C Reed ladies maid living with them . Occupation: Foreman dry?

1901 census: living 26 Terrace? Rd, Plaistow Occupation: foreman shiphandler. Jessie Reed 72 mother-in-law living with them

1911 census: Residing 26 Terrace Road, Plaistow. Occupation: commercial traveller ships stores. Sister-in-law Margaret Poston Reed, 43, dressmaker living with them

1915: Residing 18 Cecil Rd, Upton manor. Address given 20/2/1915 when she notified her father-in-lawís death

Note 1: Alice Edith Barnett. 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: music teracher

Note 2: Elsie Barnett. 1911 census Student at Hockerill Training College, Bishop Stortford

Note 3: Possibly married 1911 Romford district John Moss. Children: John C Moss b 1911

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: pupil teacher




Born: 1864 West Ham

Father: John Barnett

Mother: Emma Hardwick

Died; 1929 West Ham district

Married: 1887 West Ham district

Spouse: Jane Rodbard

Born: 1864 West Ham

Parents: Jonas and Mary Ann Rodbard

Children: Flora Ethel Barnett born 1888 West Ham (see note 1)

Alfred Barnett born 1891 West Ham (see note 2)

Tom Barnett born 1893 West Ham (see Note 3)

Percy Barnett born 1895 West Ham (see Note 4)

Bertie Barnett born 1897 West Ham

1911 census also records they had one child deceased

1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer

1891 census: Residing 44 Malmesbury Road West Ham. Occupation: ship chandlerís shopman

1901 cesnus: Residing 15 Pervy Road West Ham. Occupation: ship chandlerís assistant

1911 census: Residing 70 Ravenscroft Road, Canning Town. Occupation: shop assistant

Note 1: Flora Barnett possibly married 1925 Edmonton district Leonard W Graham

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: machinist

Note 2: Alfred Barnett. Possibly married 1911 West ham district Eliza Townsend. Children: Alfred M Barnett born 1916 West ham district

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: warehouseman

Note 3: Tom Barnett. 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: clerk

Note 4: Percy Barnett 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer general




Born: 1867 West Ham

Married: 4/6/1892 West Ham (see Note 1)

Spouse: Robert George Jackson (see Note 2)

Born: 23/12/1863 Clerkenwell

Father: William Jackson

Mother: Mary Usher

Died: 11/3/1921 Horsham (see Note 3)

Children: Tom Jackson b 1893 West Ham

Annie Jackson b 1894 West Ham

Emma Harriett Jackson b 1897 Forest Gate

David Jackson b 1899 Forest Gate

Amelia Jackson b 1903 Horsham

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: a confectioner.

1901 census: living 61 Bignold Street, Forest Gate, West Ham. Was self-employed, working from home as a. bootmaker. Gave place of birth as London. A Mrs Baker was a boarder with them

Note 1: Witnessed by Thomas Barnett, Harriet Jackson and William Jackson. Status widower, profession bootmaker, address 23 Herbert Road, father William Jackson deceased, bootmaker. .

Note 2: He worked as cobbler to Christís Hospital School (Blue Coat) and then moved with the school when it relocated to Horsham in 1902.

Note 3: Died 11 March 1921 at 35 Trafalgar Rd, Horsham. Occupation bootrepairer master. Cause of death bronchitis for 10 yrs, broncho pneumonia for 6 days and asthma. Death reported by E Martin, 37 Trafalgar Rd, Horsham.



Born: 1869 West Ham

Married: 1889 West Ham district

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Warrick,

Born: 7/10/1868 Walworth.

Baptised: 18/2/1872 St Clement Danes, Westminster

Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth Warrick. Thomas a warehouseman (see Note 2)

Children: Ellen Barnett b 1898 West Ham? (see Note 1)

1891 census: Living 1 Victoria Cottages, Plaistow Grove. Occupation: labourer at printing? factory

1901 census: Living 1 Victoria Cottages, Plaistow Grove

1911 census: Living I Victoria Cottages, Plaistow E. Occupation: Printing ink maker. Aunt Elizabeth Garnsey 66 born Huntington and cousin Selina Garnsey 28 lodging with them and niece Mary Helen Warrick 12.

Note 1: Ellen was mentioned on the 1901 census as daughter aged 2 but I have been unable to find any birth (or death) registered and on the 1911 census it is stated they had no children.

An Ellen Barnett possibly married 1924 Romford district Charles Greeves

Note 2: Thomas Warrick born abt 1837 Abingdon son of William and mary. William 1841 brewer, 1851 publican.


Born: 1871 West Ham

Married: 1892 West Ham district

Spouse: Mary Ann Lloyd

Born: 1870 West Ham.

Children: Frederick Albert Barnett b 1894 West ham

Lilian Barnett b 1896 West ham

May Elizabeth Barnett b 1897 West Ham

Amelia Barnett b 1899 West Ham

1891 census: residing 22 Plaistow Grove Occupation:labourer at tile work, 1891 Mary Ann housemaid 154 Dalston Lane, Dalston

1901 census: living 22 Plaistow Grove. Occupation: warehouseman


Born: b.1873 West Ham

Father; John Barnett

Mother; Emma Hardwick

Married: 1894 West Ham district

Spouse: Thomas Warrick. (see note 1)

Born: 1873 Strand, Middlesex.

Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth Warrick

Children: Edith Alice Warrick b 1895 West ham (see Note 4)

Thomas William Warrick b 1897 West ham (See Note2)

Emily Amelia Warrick b 1899 West ham

Richard Charles Barnett b 1901 West Ham

Walter Cornelius Warrick b 1903 West Ham (see Note 3)

Alfred George Barnett b 1905 West ham

Bert John b 1908 West ham

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation cook.

190 census: Residing 45 Paistow Grove. sister-in-law Amelia living with them. Thomasís Occupation: farrier to borough council.

1911 census: Residing 18 John Street, West ham. Occupation: farrier and blacksmith for West ham Corporation

Note 1: Brother to Mary Elizabeth Warrick who married Aliceís brother James

Note 2: Thomas W Warrick married 1922 West Ham district Violet Brooker

Note 3: Walter Cornelius Warrick married Emily Smith b 1907 Wanstead, daughter of William Smith

Note 4: Alice or Edith Alice may had died but no trace of death as 1911 census says there were 7 children only 6 living, and she was not with parents then. Howevwer possibly servant to William Harley Smith manufacturerís agent, Gwynne Lodge, high St, Wanstead NE

Note: Thomasís grandfather was William Warrick a brewer and publican in Abingdon, his wife was Mary. In 1891 his father Thomas Warrick was a carman living Havelock Villas, London Rd, West Ham. His mother Elizabeth came from Swasey, Cambs. The rest of the family then were Thomas 16, blacksmith, Charles 15 (born Strand). The remaining children were born West Ham Ė William 13 (coffee stall boy hawker), Cornelius 10, Albert 7, George 4 and Frederick 2. Thomasís bother Alber aged 40, groom and coachman, living with them. In 1881 the children were Mary 12 (Walworth), caroline 10 (Strand), Thomas 8, Albert 5, William (Plaistoe), George 2 months (Plaistow)


Born: 1876 West ham

Father: John Barnett

Mother: Emma Hardwick

Died: 1900 West Ham district

. 1891census: bricklayers labourer


Born: 1878 West Ham

Father: John Barnett

Mother: Emma Hardwick

Married: Possibly 1906 West Ham district

Spouse: John Charles J Wiltshire

Children: Emily Amelia Wiltshire b 1908 West ham

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation; a servant

1911 census: Residing 86 Holbrook Rd West Ham. No husband recorded. Her father and brother Walter residing with her



Born: 1881 West Ham

Father: John Barnett

Mother: Emily Hardwick

Married: 1906 West ham district

Spouse: Robert William J Jackson

Born: 1885 Forest gate

Father: Robert Jackson (see Note 1)

Mother: Ada Woodey

Children: Ada Annie Jackson b 1908 Horsham

1901: census: living with sister Alice Warwick. Occupation: A confectioner.

Note 1: Robertís second wife was Ameliaís sister Annie



Father: John Barnett

Mother: Emma Hardwick

Born: 1885 West Ham

Married: 1914 West ham district

Spouse: Florence M Pearce

Born: 1891 Silverton

Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth Pearce

Children: Walter Barnett b 1915 West ham district

1901: Residing with parents. Occupation kitchen porter

1911 census: Residinf 86 Holbrook Rd with sister Emily. Occupation: assistant gas stoker




Emma M Rodbard born1868 married 1890 George Harris born 1864 Stratford possibly died 1902 Romford district (died before 1908)

1891 census: Residing 9 Folkstone Rd, West Ham. Occupation: plumber

1901 census: Residing 5 Hallsville Road, West Ham. Occupation: beerhousekeeper. Also living with them niece Emma Ridpath servant, William Brand potman and mother Mary Ann Rodbard visiting.

1911 census: Widow Emma living 272 Grange Rd, Canning Town. Two lodgers as well as children with her

JOSEPH HARRIS born 1890 Stratford

1911 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: checker in flag making

WILLIAM HARRIS born 1892 Stratford

1911 cnesus: Residing with mother. Occupation: bottler of beer

FRANK HARRIS born 1894 Stratford.

1911 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: filler in petrol station

EMILY HARRIS BORN 1895 Stratford

1911 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: cotton winder



Mary Ann Rodbard married 1883 George f Ridpath. Born 1860 West Ham

1891 census: Residing 9 Folkestone Rd, West HamOccupation: engine cleaner tuber

1901 census: Residing 36 King Street, West Ham. Occupation: sriller Beckton gas works

1911 census: 98 Corporation Street, West Ham. Occupation: driller gas works. Mary Annís widowed mother with them, old age pension.

EMMA ANNIE RIDPATH born 1887 West Ham district married 1910 Edward McNern born 1881 West Ham. Children: George McNern born 1910 West Ham (died before 1916?) John P McNern born 1912; Annie J E McNern born 1913; George F McNern born 1916; Flora McNern born 1920; Robert McNern born 1926

1901 census: Residing with aunt Emma Harris. Occupation: servant

1911 census: Residing 94 Eve Road, Stratford. Occupation: general labourer

JOHN FREDERICK RIDPATH born 1889 West Ham married 1912 West Ham district Ada Emma Jackson born 3/6/ 1889 Forest Gate, West Ham.daughter of

Robert Jackson and Ada Woodley. She died 1980. She was step-daughter of Johnís motherís cousin Annie Barnett

Children; Ada Florence Elizabeth (Betty) Ridpath b 1913 Ware died 1992

1911 census: Residing Wighill Stavess Worcester Park Surrey. Occupation: chauffeur, domestic

GEORGE ALFRED RIDPATH born 1891 West Ham died 1891 West ham district

ELIZABETH RIDPATH born 1895 West Ham

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: shirt machinist


Hannah Robinson married 1884 Charles Playell born 1862 Plaistow

1891 census: Residing 50 Liddington Road, West Ham. Occupation: engine driver

1901 census: Residing 20 Chester Road, Low Leyton. Occupation: engine driver stationary engine gas company

1911 census: 20 Chester Street, Leytonstone. Occupation: stationers enginemam

FLORIE PLAYELL born 1886 West Ham


1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: Shopkeeperís assistant

Possibly WILLIAM THOMAS born and died 1892

ARTHUR PLAYELL born 1893 West Ham

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer

CHARLOTTE (Lottie) PLAYELL born 1895 West Ham

1911 census: Residing with parents

SIDNEY PLAYELL born 1897 West Ham

WILLIAM PLAYELL born 1899 West Ham died 1903 West Ham district

WALTER PLAYELL botn 1904 Leytonstone

ALFRED PLAYELL botn 1909 Leytonstone