Family History

HELP I need help to try and find out any ancestry for John Barnett. This is all I have so far. Barnett is obviously not a local name to the West Ham district of Essex.

Barnett variation of Barnet. A habitsatiuon name for any of the numerous places for example in N London so called from old English baernet place cleared by burning. Or else a medieval given name a variation of Bernard or Beraud

Meanwhile in East Ham Samuel Barnett b 1810 Hanover SqSt Georges, London m Margaret b 1808 St Olives Southwarkl- John 1846, Mary Almana 1842, Rachael 1846, Samuel 1838, Joseph Ebenezer 1840

Richard Barnett b 1838 West ham not on any census records.

A Maria Barnett died in the West Ham district 1850 - could this have been the Mart (martha?) on the 18412 census,