Family History

More work needs to be done on the Balchins. I do have some additional information. Can you help? Any additions, amendments, correctiosn welcome 



Married:          23/11/1693 Wisborough Green

Spouse:            Sarah Holland

Baptised:           possibly 14/1/1670 Kirdford daughter of John or 30/3/1672 Itchingfield daughter of Thomas

Children:         Mary Balchin baptised 12/4/1698 Wisborough Green

                       James Balchin baptised 17/3/1705 Wisborough Green

                       Henry Balchin baptised 12/10/1707 Wisborough Green

                       Thomas Balchin bapt 20/2/1708 Wisborough Green

                     Ann Balchin bapt 14/2/1713 Wisborough Green

                        William Balchin / (see Wisborough Green Balchins)

                      Jane Balchin 


Wisborough Green: Apprentice agreement: William BALCHIN  Par 210/33/1  2 Mar 1715 (WSRO)Contents: Subject: William BALCHIN child, Husbandry. Other: Richard WILLIAMS yeoman, master

Wisborough Green: Apprentice agreement: Jane BALCHIN  Par 210/33/1  20 Jul 1715 (WSRO) Contents: Subject: Jane BALCHIN child. Other: John SLATTERFORD yeoman, master

Wisborough Green: Apprentice agreement: Jane BALCHIN  Par 210/33/1  20 Jul 1715 (WSRO) Contents: Subject: Jane BALCHIN
Other: Thomas MANN jnr, master


Born:   1698 Wisborough Green

Father: John Balchin

Mother:   Sarah Holland

Baptised :    12/4/1698 Wisborough Green  

Married:   2/11/1725 Wisborough Green

Spouse:   John Butcher

Children:   Sarah Butcher baptised 22/10/1727 Wisborough Green   



Father:      John Balchin

Baptised: 17/3/1705 Wisborough Green

Married:    24/6/1733 Wisborough Green

Spouse:     Ann Worsfold

Children:    Mary Balchin baptised 22/12/1734 Wisborough Green

                   James Balchin baptised 8/2/1740 Wisborough Green

                  Jane Balchin baptised 11/8/1745 Wisborough Green

                 Thomas Balchin baptised 12/10/1753 Wisborough Green .

                    Mariah Balchin baptised 12/10/1753 Wisborough Green


1756 James balchin father of a child Sarah Banbridger. Bond of indemnity given. James and Henry Balchin made their marks.



Father:        james Balchin

Mother:        Ann Worsfold

Baptised:      22/12/1734 Wisborough Green

Married:        25/7/1775 Alford

Spouse;        John Trigg



Born:              1753

Baptised:        7/10/1753 Wisborough Green

Buried:            21/4/1826 Pulborough aged 77   (see Note 2)

Married:          27/7/1786 Pulborough (see Note 1)

Spouse:           Susanna Gravett

Born;                1766 Billingshurst

Father:             Thomas Gravett

Mother:             Susanna Sayres

Buried:              14/9/1835 Pulborough aged 69

Children:          William Balchin b 1787 Bury

                          Thomas Balchin b 1789 Bury

                          John Balchin b 1790 Bury

                          George Balchin b 1792 Bury

                          James Balchin b 1793 Bury

                          Elizabeth Balchin b 1795 Bury

                           Sarah balchin b 1798 Bury

                          Ann Balchin b 1799 Bury

                           Mary Balchin b 1801

                           Jane Balchin b 1802 Bury

                           Henry Balchin b 1806 West Chiltington

                            Hannah Balchin b 1807 West Chiltington


Note 1: witnesses  Thos Gravett Daniel Searle


Note 2: Or possibly buried 21/4/1826 West Chiltington . IGI gives this Thomas Balchin as being baptised 12/10/1753 Wisborough Green son of James Balchin and Ann Worsfold.



Born:                 1787 Bury

Father:                Thomas Balchin

Mother:               Susanna Gravett

Baptised:            6/12/1787 Bury

Buried:                23/9/1860 West Chiltington

Married:              18/1/1808 West Chiltington (see Note 1)

Spouse;                Hannah Davey

Born:                   1791

Buried:                 8/7/1850 West Chiltington aged 62

Children:               Mary Balchin b. 1808 West chiltington (bapt 15/5/1808)

                              Ann Balchin b 1812 West Chiltington (bapt 24/5/1812)

Ann Balchin bur 23/5/1847 aged 35


                              George Balchin b 1816 West Chiltington (bapt 7/4/1816) (see Note 1)

                              Hannah Balchin b 1818 West Chiltington  (bapt 10/5/1818) pssibly the Ann Balchin buried West Chiltington 6/4/1832 aged 13

                             Elizabeth Balchin b 1820 West Chiltington (bapt 16/4/1820) bur 22/2/1829 aged 8

                             William Balchin b 22/2/1822 West Chiltington (bapt 31/3/1822)

William and Dinah had children – Frederick bapt 20/3/1853

 Buried 12/11/1856



                              Thomas Balchin b 1827 West Chiltington (bapt 13/5/1827)

                               Jane Balchin b 1829 West Chiltington (bapt 2/8/1829)


Note 1: Witnessed by Sarah Davey and Clem Caplen


Note 1: George Balchin married 25/7/1840 Fittleworth Frances Strudwick. Children: Albert Balchin baptised 21/2/1841. 1851 census residing withgrandfather


1851 census: Residing Hayland, West Chiltington. Occupation: farmer of 20 acres. Daughter mary housekeeper, son Thomas agricultural labourer and grandson Albert living with him




Born:                   1789 Bury

Father:                  Thomas Balchin

Mother:                 Susanna Gravett

Baptised:              15/3/1789 Bury

Buried:                  8/5/1871 West Chiltington

Married:                21/2/1814 West Chiltington (see Note 1)

Spouse:                Charlotte Wadey

Baptised:              21/12/1794 Billingshurst

Buried:                 30/1/1864 West Chiltington aged 70

Children:              Isaac Balchin b 1814 West Chiltington (bapt 1/1/1815) (see Note 2)

                             Harriet balchin b 1819 West Chiltington (bapt 1/1/1815)

                             Burton Balchin b 1829 West Chiltington (bapt 22/3/1829)

                             Esau Balchin b 1829 West Chiltington (bapt  9/8/1829)

                             Allen Balchin b 1832 West Chiltington (bapt 15/4/1832)

                             Ann Balchin b 1832 West Chiltington (bapt 2/12/1832) bur 11/1/1835 aged 2

                              Sarah Balchin b 1834 West Chiltington (bapt  6/7/1834)

                              Ellen Balchin b 1834 West Chiltington (bapt 12/10/1834) bur 26/12/1834

                              Charlotte Balchin b 1837 West Chiltington (bapt 10/9/1837) bur 8/3/1838


1841 census:  Residing Jonningman House? and house. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Clarence Mews, Brighton. Occupation: labourer dairyman. Place of birth given as West Burton

1871 census: Widower residing with son Isaac


Note 1: Witnessed by Isaac Wadey and Mmary Balchin


Note 1: Isaac Balchin married Caroline b 1814 Storrington. Children: George Balchin b 1848 Middlesex, Caroline Balchin b 1849 Middlesex, Rachel Balchin b 1851 Middlesex, William Balchin b 1855 Brighton.

1871 census: residing 42 John St, Brighton (underneath Old English Gentleman). Occupation: carpenter. George a labourer, Thomas a painter




Born:                    1790 Bury

Father:                   Thomas Balchin

Mother:                 Susanna Gravett

Buried:                  24/2/1867 West Chiltington

Married:                9/3/1814 Wisborough Green (see Note 1)

Spouse:                 Elizabeth Renn

Born:                     abt 1792

Buried:                    1838 West Chiltington

Children:               George Balchin b 1814 West Chiltington (bapt 22/5/1814)

                             Fanny Balchin b 1816 West Chiltington (bapt 18/2/1816)

                                Mary Balchin b 1819 West Chiltington (bapt 12/9/1819)

                              Sophia b abt 1821 bur 6/6/1846 West Chiltington from Littlehampton

                             Elizabeth Balchin b 8/4/1822 West Chiltington (bapt 16/6/1822)

                                Edward Balchin b 1833/34 West Chiltington  (bapt 26/1/1834) buried 26/7/1853 West Chiltington


1841 census: Residing Docks, West Chiltington.  Occupation: agricultural labourer


Note 1: Married by licence issued 8/3/1814. John a servant from West Chiltington, aged 22+, Elizabeth aged 21+ from Wisborough Green. Sponsor George Butcher, farmer, Wisborough Green.



George & Sophia had Edgar bapt 20/9/1846

Bur 27/11/1846





Born:                     1792 Bury

Father:                    Thomas Balchin

Mother:                  Susanna Gravett

Baptised:                 1/4/1792 Bury

Buried:                   3/4/1853 West Chiltington

Married:                 27/7/1816 Graffham (see Note 1)

Spouse:                   Charlotte Cooper

Baptised:                  3/6/1798 Graffham

Parents:                    James & Sarah Cooper

Buried:                      26/8/1867 aged 70 West Chiltington  or 30/1/1864 aged 69

Children:                William Balchin b 1817 West Chiltington (bapt 14/1/1817)

                                Thomas Balchin b 1820 Sullington (bapt 22/7/1820) see Note 21

                                William Balchin b 1826 (see Note 3)

                                George Balchin b 1827 (see Note 4)

                                 Barton balchin b 1829 West Chiltington (bapt 22/3/1829) see Note 5

                                 Allen Balchinb 1832 West Chiltington (bapt 15/4/1832) (see Note 6

                                  Sarah Balchin  b 1834 West Chiltington (bapt 6/7/1834)

                                Charlotte Balchin b 1837 West Chiltington  (bapt 10/9/1837)


                                 Morris /Maurice) Balchin b 1840 West Chiltington (bapt 2/8/1840) (see Note 6)


1841 census: Residing West Chiltington. Occupation: agicultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Common, West Chiltington. Occuaption: agricultural labourer (also sons Aaaron and Maurice). Granddaughter Elizawith them, baptised 29/3/1849 West Chiltington daughter of Mary Baalchin and William Newman

1861 census: Charlotte, widower, residing Monkweed, West Chiltington with sons Allen & Maurice


Note 1: Witnessed by John Hills and Sarah Cooper. George from the parish of Pulborough.


Note 2: Thomas Balchin married 6/11/1852 Shipley Rebecca Johnson 1833-1917. Had issue (see Nicola’s tree)


Note 3: William Balchin married 25/5/1852 West Chiltington Ann Parsons. Had issuechildren. Anne buried 25/3/1871 aged 46, inquest held, verdict died by visitation of God. Husband William born 1817.


Note 3: George Balchin died 1908. Married Frances Jeal 1830-1911


Note 4: Barton Balchin married 1869 Horsham Margaretta Scutt nee Morgan , born abt 1830. Had issue


Note 5: Allen Balchin died 1918  Storrington (after 7 months in coma following brain hemorrage) Married Jane Stringer 1845-1912. Had issue


Note 6: Morris Balchin married Ann Denyer 1844-1894. Had issue.



Born:                     1793 Bury

Father:                    Thomas Balchin

Mother:                 Susanna Grevett

Baptised:                29/9/1793 Bury



Born:                         1795 Bury

Father:                        Thomas Balchin

Mother:                     Susanna Grevett

Married:                      Thomas Wilmer




Born:                   1798 Bury

Father:                  Thomas Balchin

Mother:                Susanna Grevett

Baptised:               25/2/1798 Bury

Died:                     Possibly 1874 Thakeham district

Married:               30/10/1821 Pulborough (see Note 1)

Spouse:                 Thomas Ayling

Baptised:               14/4/1798

Parents:                  Thomas & Sarah Ayling

Died:                      Possibly 1863 Thakeham distict

Children:               Thomas Ayling b 1822 Pulborough (bapt 28/9/1822)

                              Caroline Ayling b 1822 Pulborough (bapt 6/10/1822)

                               William Ayling b 1823 Pulborough (bapt 11/1/1824)

                              Sarah Ayling b 1831 Pulborough (bapt 22/12/1831)

                               Elizabeth Ayling b 1832 Pulborough 9bapt 29/4/1832)

                                   Henry Ayling b 1834 Pulborough (bapt 25/5/1834)

                                    Charlotte Ayling b 1835 Pulborough (bapt 16/8/1835)

                                    Mary Ayling b 1843 Pulborough (bapt 5/2/1843)


1851 census: Residing Brook House, Pulborough. Occupation; farmer of 60 acres employing one boy

1861 census: sarah widow Residing Seffon? (just before Codmore Hill). Farming 36 acres employing one man, one boy. Unmarried daughter Sarah living with her

1871 census: Sarah widow residing Codmore Hill with daughter sarah and her husband William Fox. Occupation: sarah was farming 36 acres employing 1 man, 1 boy. Grandson William Ayling 18 her farm servant.


Note 1: witnessed John Hawkins, Jas Overington


Pulborough: Bastardy order/bond: Sarah BALCHIN Par/153/34/2 14 Aug 1819

These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office

Subject: Sarah BALCHIN, single woman. Born at house of Thomas Wilmer
Child: Female child (b. 27.6.1819) BALCHIN, 6w
Other: Thomas Ayling, labourer, putative father




Born:                  1799 Bury

Father:                 Thomas Balchin

Mother:               Susanna Gravett

Baptised:              17/11/1799 Bury

Married:              1821 Pulborough

Spouse:               Thomas Collins



Born:                   1801 Bury

Father:                  Thomas Balchin

Mother:                Susanna Gravett

Buried:                 3/9/1837 Billingshurst  

Married:               24/11/1827 Pulborough

Spouse:              Sampson Spooner

Baptised:            3/4/1796 Billingshurst

Parents:              Stephen & Sarah Spooner

Buried:                  19/4/1838 Billingshurst

Children:             Albert Spooner b 1830 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

                             Ellen Spooner b 1835 Billingshurst


Note 1: Albert Spooner baptised 16/5/1830 Billingshurst. 1841 census: possibly in Wisborough Green workhouse


Note 2: Ellen Spooner baptised 8/11/1835 Billingshurst.. 1841 census: Residing with grandfather Stephen Spooner 70, brewer and his housekeeper Elizabeth Twiner.


Note 3: Sampson Spooner a blacksmith according to baptismal register. 1829-1832 rented a house and shop with rateable value of 6s from Maurice and then John Ireland



Born:                  1802 Bury

Father:                 Thomas Balchin

Mother:                Susanna Gravett

Baptised:              18/10/1802 Bury

Died:                    1883 Horsham

Married:               Billinghurst

Spouse;                Aaron Johnson

Born:                   Abt 1798 Billinghsurst

Children:               S Johnson (male) b 1832 Billinghsurst

                             Mary? Johnson b 1836 Billingshurst

                              S Johnson (female) b 1838 Billinghsurst

                              S Johnson (female) b 1844 Billinghsurst



1851 census: Residing Priors, Billingshurst. Occupation; agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Arfold, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Jane widow residing Horsham workhouse

1881 census: Residing 33 Park Road East , Horsham with daughter Sarah Balchin 37 (attendant railway waiting room)




Born:                  1806 West Chiltington

Father:                  Thomas Balchin

Mother:                  Susanna Gravett

Baptised:               19/1/1806 West Chiltington

Died:                     1887 Thakeham district

Married:                 28/4/1827 West Chiltington (see Note 1)

Spouse:                Frances Nicholson

Born:                    1800 Ashington

Died:                     1892

Children:               William Balchin b 1827 West Chiltington (bapt 21/10/1847)

                              George Balchin b 1829 West Chiltington (bapt 15/3/1829)

                              Caroline Balchin b 1830 West Chiltington (baptised 3/10/1830)

                              Emily Balchin b 1832 West Chiltington (bapt 12/8/1832)

                               Henry Balchin b 1834 West Chiltington (bapt 19/5/1834)

                              Fanny Balchin b 1836 West Chiltington (bapt  20/11/1836)

                              Eliza Balchin b 1839 West Chiltington (bapt 25/8/1939) (see Note 2)

                              Harriet Balchin b 1841 West Chiltington (bapt 9/5/1841) (see Note 3)

                              Frederic Balchin b 1843 West Chiltington (bapt 9/7/1843) bur 9/12/1851 aged 8

                             Alfred Balchin b 1846 West Chiltington (bapt 8/3/1846) buried 26/11/1851 aged 5

                               Charles Balchin b 1850 West Chiltington (bapt 1/5/1850) buried12/5/1850


1841 census: Residing Common, West Chiltington. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Common, West Chiltington. Occupation: agricultural labourer.

1861 census: Residing Common, West Chiltington. Occupation: gardener. Grandchildren Catherine 3, Charles 2 and Harriet 6 months with them. And children George, Henry, Eliza

1871 census: Residing Charmans, West Chiltington. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Daughter Harriet 30 (general servant out of situation) and grandson Charles Balchin 12 with them

1881 census: Residing Charmans. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Grandson Charles, miller’s labourer with them

1891 census: Widow Frances (Fanny on census) residing West Chiltington on her own


Grandchild of Henry & Frances – 1861 census living with grandparents - Charles Balchin b 1858 West Chiltington m Sarah Ann Ansell b 1867 Pulborough. 1871 and 1881 living with parents. 1891 12 Slaney Road, Horsham, A staionary engine driver.  A child Annie aged 7 born Pulborough living with them

                                                 Charles F b 1900

                            Emily Child b 1865 Pulborough. In 1891 shop assistant

                             Alfred Child b 1881 London


             Harriet b 1841 (chr 9/5/1841) 1871 living with parents. Unemployed servant



Note: Name of henry and children always given as Balchen


Note 1: Witnessed by Lulse Nicholson and Jas Edmunds


Note 2:   Eliza b 25/8/1839 West Chiltington married 12/1/1867 Charles Child b 1833 Pulborough. 1891 post master, 1901 hoe maker. 1891 Pigeon gate, Pulborough, 1901 Lower St.  Children:  Charles Balchin b 1858 West Chiltington( m Sarah Ann Ansell b 1867 Pulborough. 1871 and 1881 living with parents. 1891 12 Slaney Road, Horsham, A staionary engine driver.  A child Annie aged 7 born Pulborough living with them. Children:  Charles F b 1900  Emily Child b 1865 Pulborough. In 1891 shop assistant;  Alfred Child b 1881 London)


Note 3:   Harriet b 1841 (chr 9/5/1841) 1871 living with parents. Unemployed servant.




Born:                   1807 West Chiltington

Father:                  Thomas Balchin

Mother:              Susanna Gravett

Baptised:               20/9/1807 West Chiltington

Died:                    1884 Thakeham district

Married:              25/7/1829 Pulborough (see Note 1)

Spouse:                John Risbridger

Baptised:               18/7/1802 Wonersh, Surrey

Parents:                John & Martha Risbridger

Married:                1838 Chichester district

Spouse:                 George Tupper


Children probably::       John Risbridger b 1834 Godalming

                                       Emma Risbridger b 1835 Godalming

                                       Mary Risbridger b 1839 Godalming


1851 census: Residing Roundabouts, Storrington. Given as agricultural labourer’s wife, but no husband  recorded. With her and son Ann Lillywhite 15 lodger and her brother Henry 11, both born Storrington

1881 census: Residing Hantess? Common Storrington (next to Roundabouts). Occupation: housekeeper to William Lillywhite 72, widower, farm servant born Portslade.


Note 1: Witnessed by Sampson Spooner, Mary Spooner