Family History

This Ayling family into which an ancestor of mine was born is not an easy one to research. This is fr from complete and may have inaccuracies. If you have an comments, additions or amendments please e-mail me



Children:                John bpat 23/9/1675 and 26/9/1675

                              Henry bapt 18/10/1677

                              Mary bapt 8/5/1678

                               Jone bapt 7/4/1681

                               Sam or Sarah bapt 16/3/1683

                               Samuel bapt 3/10/1683



Married:                     13/10/1713 Trotton (see Note 1)

Spouse:                       Jane Pearcy

Children:                    John, son of John and Joan Aling, 7 February 1706/7

                                William, son of John and Joan Aling, 3 January 1708/9     

                                     Richard Ayling b 1718 Trotton

                                    William Ayling b 1721 Trotton

                          Samuel, son of John and Joan Aling, 17 July 1721

                                    James Ayling b 1723 Trotton

                                     Henry Ayling b 1729 Trotton

                                     Robert Ayling b 1733 Trotton


Burial of John Aling, 10 October 1714 not of the family
(v) Burial of John Ayling, 30 January 1761
(vi) Burial of Samuel Ayling, of Chithurst, 8 January 1794, all at Iping


John Ayling also married 5/1/1723/24  East Marden


(vii) Marriage of John Ayling, of Rogate, with Hannah Wild, 7 October 1736
(viii) Burial of John, son of John Ayling of Rogate, 16 December 1738, both at Harting
(ix) Baptism of Hannah, dau. of John Ayling and Hannah, 17 August 1742

) Baptism of William, son of William and Rebecca Ayling, 29 January 1775
(xii) Marriage of William Ayling and Rebecca Chase, both of Rogate, 24 January 1769, all at Rogate
(xiii) Burial of John Ayling of Rogate, 27 October 1771





Born:                    1718 Trotton

Father:                  John Ayling

Mother:                Jame Pearcy

Baptised:               4/1/1718 Trotton

Married:              (as Aylwin) licence 20/7/1732 as yeoman, sponsor Robert A yeoman Treyford

Married:            5/10/1758 Ann Washbourne

Spouse:                 Mary Digger of Trotton

Children:             Richard Aylwin bapt 3/4/1733

                            MaryAylwin 9/12/1735

                           Robert Aylwin bapt 24/8/1739


Richard married 1758 Ann Washbourne of Trotton (by licence 18/10/1758 sponsors Duncan McFarland, haberdasher, Chichester): Richard bapt 24/6/1760 d 30/5/1762; Mary bapt 1764 bur 6/5/1771; Jane bapt 6/1/1766; Ann bapt 30/3/1767 Sarah bapt 20/12/1768; Robert bapt 10/3/1770 d 24/4/1772;



Born:                 1721 Trotton

Father:               John Ayling

Mother:              Jane Pearcy

Baptised;            30/7/1721 Trotton

Buried:               7/3/1777 Selham

Married:             20/1/1740 Selham

Spouse:              Sarah Souter

Buried:                16/1/1750 Selham

Children:            William  Ayling born 1742 Selham

                            Sarah Ayling baptised 16/6/1745 Selham

                           Mary Ayling baptised 26/8/1748 Selham

                           Ruth Ayling baptised 6//1/1750/1751 (buried 22/3/1785 Selham)


William Ayling born 1742 married 3/4/1764 Heyshott Elizabeth Powell

Children: Mary baptised 2/1772 Heyshott possibly buried 1850 Heyshott (or 1838). 1841 census in Pest House Chichester

From: Judi Wigby []



Born:               1723 Trotton

Father:             John Ayling

Mother:             Jane pearcy

Baptised:          11/3/1723 Trotton



Born:              1729 Trotton

Father:            John Ayling


Baptised:        0/4/1729 Trotton

Buried:           25/1/1785 Rogate; 11/7/1799 Rogate; 31/12/1808 Rogate

  Married:      12/4/1757 Rogate (see Note 1)

Spouse:          mary Carpenter

Buried:            18/1/1782 Rogate wife of Henry

Children;         Mary Aling b 1759 Rogate

                      Ann Ayling b 1761 Rogate

                      Elizabeth Ayling b 1763 Rogate

                      Robert Ayling b 1769 Rogate


Witnessed by Geo Williamson and Wm Betterworth. Henry a labourer. Both of parish




Born:              1733 Trotton

Father:            John Ayling



Children of Henry & Mary Ayling




Father:         Henry Ayling

Mother:         Mary Carpenter

Baptised:       3/1/1759 Rogate 

Buried:           15/2/1835 Harting

Married:       27/9/1784 Rogate (see Note 1)

Spouse:        Peter Trimmer

Father:         John Trimmer

Mother:         Eleanor Caywood

Baptised:      9/10/1759 Rogate

Buried:          13/5/1829 Harting

Children:       Ann Trimmer b. 1784 Harting

                    Mary Trimmer b 1786 Harting

                    Peter Trimmer b 1787 Harting

                    Elizabeth Trimmer b 1789 Harting

                    Betty Trimmer b 1792 Harting

                    Susannah Trimmer b 1794 Harting

                    James Trimmer b 1796 Harting

                    William Trimmer b 1798 Harting


Note 1: Banns of marriage were read 29/8, 5/9, 12/9 1784. Witnessed by Thomas Lintoff and Thomas Tipper?


Note 2: On baptism records of children known as Ann



Born:                1761Rogate

Father;              Henry Ayling

Mother:            Mary Carpenter

Baptised:          24/5/1761 Rogate

Married:           2/11/1789 Rogate (see Note 1)

Spouse:             Moses Martin

Baptised;           17/12/1766 Rogate

Buried:              1/3/1795 Rogate

Parents:              Moses & Elizabeth Martin

Married:            11/2/1802 Rogate (see Note 2)

Spouse:             James Blunden

Children:           Ann Martin b 1790 Rogate (bapt 21/3/1790)

                          Thomas Martin b 1791 Rogate (bapt 4/12/1791)

                          Sarah Martin b 1793 Rogate (bapt 27/1/1793)

                           Moses Martin b 1795 Rogate (bapt 15/11/1795) bur 27/2/1800 son of Ann

                          Dinah and Mary Martin both baptised 13/4/1800 Rogate, no father given

                          James Blunden baptised 8/3/1803 Rogate

                          Eunice Blunden baptised 3/2/1805 Rogate


Note 1: witnessed by Jn A, Jas M, Elizabeth Eames


Note 2: witnessed by Rich Hersey, Priscilla Wakeford



Born:                    1763 Rogate

Father:                   Henry Ayling

Mother:                 Mary Carpenter

Baptised:               31/7/1763 Rogate

Married:                24/1/1788 Rogate

Spouse:                   James Clark


Note: James from Bramley, Surrey. Witnessed by Wm Johnson, Wm Lintott



Born:              1769 Trotton

Father:            John Ayling

Mother:          Mary Carpenter

Buried:           20/2/1853 Trotton

Baptised:        24/2/1769

Married:          25/8/1800 Rogate

Spouse:            Sarah Yates

Born:              abt 1780

Buried:            27/5/1848 Rogate

Children:         Henry Ayling bpat 27/7/1800 Rogate

                        Robert Ayling buried 26/3/1808 Rogate

                        George Ayling born 1813 Rogate

                         Charles Ayling born 1820 Rogate


1841 census: Residing Forrest Side Rogate with sons George and Charles. Occupation: labourer

1851 census: Residing with son Charles as a pauper, Langley, Rogate



Father:          Robert Ayling

Mother:        Sarah Yates

Baptised:     27/7/1800 Rogate

Buried:         9/11/1800 Rogate



Father:         Robert Ayling

Mother:       Sarah Yates


Buried:         26/3/1808 Rogate



Born:            1812 or 1813 Rogate

Father:         Robert Ayling

Mother:         Sarah Yates

Buried:        17/4/1849 Rogate


1841 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer



Born:             1818 Rogate

Father:           Robert Ayling

Mother:         Sarah Yates

Died:             1903 Midhurst district

Married:        1841 Midhurst district

Spouse:        Martha Alder

Born:            1821 Liss

Died:             1904 Midhurst district

Children:       Henry Ayling baptised 24/4/1842 buried 28/2/1844 Rogate

                    Francis Ayling born 1844 Rogate

                    William Ayling born 1846 Rogate

                     Mary Ayling born 1849 Rogate

                     Elizabeth Ayling born 1852 Rogate baptised 5/9/1852

                    Agnes Ayling born 1855 Rogate baptised 5/8/1855

                    Martha Ayling born 1861 Rogate


1841 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Langley, Rogate.. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Langley, Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing Langley Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing Langley, Rogate. Occupation: general dealer. Only daughter Martha with them

1891 census: Residing Langley, Rogate. Occupation: hawker

1901 census: Residing Langley, Rogate. No occupation. Blind for 2 yrs 8 months. Daughter Martha unmarried with them


William Ayling died 1912 Portsmouth  married Martha born 1850 Sheet, Hants died 1914 Portsmouth

Children: Elizabeth Ayling born 1873 Portsea, Alice Ayling born 1874 Portsea; William Ayling born 1876 Portsea; George Ayling born 1878 Portsea; Mary Ayling born 1879 Portsea; Ada Ayling born 1881 Portsmouth; Lily Ayling born 1883 Portsmouth; Nelly Ayling born 1886 Portsmouth. (from 1911 census 13 children, 7 living)

1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing 90 Surry Street, Durham Arms, occupation: general dealer and beer house keeper

1891 census: residing 1 North Place, Mary Street, Portsmouth. Occupation: general dealer

1901 census: Residing 1 North Place. Occupation: general dealer. Children George (bricklayer’s labourer), Ada (domestic servant), Lily and Nellie living at home

1911 census: Residing 1 North Terrace Landport Portsmouth. Occupation: snad and sandpipe dealer. Living with them daughter Nellie, her husband Sydney Long  aged 34 seaman, Royal Navy and their children Nelly 4 and mary 2. Nellie had one children died.


Mary Ayling

1871 census: Domestic servant in house of Frederick Puzey, wine merchant, High Street and Katherine shop Croydon


Elizabeth Ayling probably married 1873 Portsea district either Robdert Gittings or George Saunders

1871 census: Nurse maid in house of Frederick Puzey wine merchant with sister Mary


Agnes Ayling baptised 5/8/1855 Rogate. Married 1881 Portsea Island. Name of husband not available

1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: scholar

1881 census: Residing Grove Road Portsea, housemaid to Major General Robert Richards


Martha Ayling

1881 census: Residing with parents

1901 census: Residing with parents

1911 census: Residing as housekeeper Newton Villa, South Street, Farnborough