Family History

Elizabeth Nottingham wife of James Avery was a cousin of an ancestor. This is something about her family. If you have any comments, amendments, additions please e-mail me



Born:        1833 Rottingdean

Father:      James Nottingham

Mother:     Mary Pope

Died:         1898 Midhurst district

Baptised:   21/7/1833 Rottingdean

Married:    1862 Lewes district

Spouse:      James Avery

Born:          1829

Died:         1870 Lewes district

Children:   Maria Avery b 1865

                  Frances Avery b 1866


1871: widow, Residing Golden Sq, Rottingdean. Occupation: Charwoman

1881: servant to Justin Monney, RC priest, Martello Rd, Folkestone

1891 servant to Emma Farmer (living of own means) 9 Gratwicke Rd, Worthing



Born:           1865 Rottingdean

Father:          James Avery

Mother:        Frances Nottingham

Married:       1897 Chelsea district

Spouse:        Albert Collins

Children:      Albert J Collins born 1899 Parkhurst Barracks, Isle of Wight


1881 census: Possibly 8 South Street, Kensington. Occuaption: servant. Recorded as Elizabeth

1891 census: with sister Fances. Given as Lizzie

1901 census: Residing 54 Caesars Road, Newport. Wife of reservist



Born:           1866 Rottingdean

Father:         James Avery

Mother:        Frances Nottingham

Married:       17/6/1885 St James Paddington

Spouse:        Philip Pinnock Dixon

Born:            1854 Marylebone

Children:      Sarah Elizabeth Frances Dixon born 1889 Paddington district. Married 1910

Paddington. Husbandís name unavailable.


At time of marriage Philip and Frances both living 21 Waverley Road. Philip was a carman, son of Israel Dixon carman. Francesís father given as a deceased carman.


1881 census: Servant at 14 Montpelier Place, Westminster. Employer Harry Fell artist in gastronomy

1891 census: residing 42 Enbrook Street. Occupation: railway checker

1901 census: Residing 79 Droop St, Paddington. Occuaption: railway goods checker

1911 census:  32 Forurth Avenue Queens park Paddington. Occupation: railway foreman