Family History

Jane Allen daughter of John and Deborah was my ancestor. If you have any additions or amendments please e-mail me

By the 1851 census there are no Allens left in North Stoke. The last baptism of an Allen in the parish church was John parsons Allen baptises 2 June 1839, son of Mary Allen (widow of Henry Allen) widow, The only grandaughter of John and Deborah Allen to remain on the village was Elizabetth Smith and her son John and some of his family were in the village in 1851 as was George Smith and his brother Thomas. Both George and Thomas gave their place of birth as Lambeth. It is possible John and Elizabeth Smith left the village for a while, and they had no more children baptised in North Stoke after 1798. A Thomas Smith was baptised St Mary’s Lambeth 26/9/1802, parents John and Elizabeth. I have found no baptism for George. In 1851 they were living On Hill North Stoke. Smiths continued in the village during the latter 19th century. In 1901 one of George’s sons Charles was still living in the village, with three granddaughters, but by the 1911 census all Smiths had left North Stoke.



Buried: 8/3/1789 North Stoke

Married: 31/5/1726 Ewhurst Surrey

Spouse: Deborah Hampshire .

Baptised: 17/12/1700

Parents: Lawrence Hampshire

Buried: 18/3/1777 North Stoke

Children; John Allen born 1726

Deborah Allen born 1730

James Allen born 1733

Sarah Allen born 1737 Kirdford

Jane Allen born 1737/1738 Kirdford

Debra Allen born 1739 Kirdford

Hannah Allen born after 1732, not born Kirdford


Born: 1726

Father: John Allen

Mother: Deborah Hampshire

Buried: 25/5/1745 North Stoke


Baptised: 29/4/1733

Buried: 26/12/1813 North Stoke

Married: 11/4/1765 North Stoke

Spouse; Jane Oldridge

Baptised: 12/1/1745 Amberley

Parents: John & Elizabeth Aldridge

Buried: 17/12/1813 North Stoke

Children: Charlotte Allen born 1765 North Stoke

James Allen 10/4/1768

John Allen born 1770 North Stoke

Elizabeth Allen born 1773 North Stoke

Mary Allen baptised 8/3/1778 North Stoke

Henry Allen baptised 1788 North Stoke

Charlotte Allen baptised 1/12/1765 North Stoke married Andrew Mills North Stoke 24/6/1788 witnesses Charlotte Corney & Rhoda Hollist

John Allen baptised 22/7/1770 North Stoke married 1st 8/7/1796 Burpham Edith Upperton. (he from North Stoke) Married 2nd 20/11/1800 Arundel (as widower and labourer from Burpham) Rhoda Wakeford (22 year old spinster Arundel)

Children: John Allen baptised 19/12/1802 North Stoke. John Allen married Frances Smith

Elizabeth Allen baptised 6/6/1773 North Stoke buried 22/10/1811 married 26/10/1793 North Stoke John Smith

Children: Jane Smith baptised 18/1/1794 North Stoke; Mary Smith baptised 27/10/1796 North Stoke; John Smith baptised 23/12/1798 North Stoke

John Smith of South Stoke married 21/9/1823 Sutton Frances Carver

Children: Elizabeth Smith baptised 4/2/1824 North Stoke, John Smith baptised 13/5/1826 North Stoke; Jane Smith baptised 6/5/1827 North Stoke

Mary Smith baptised 15/3/1829 North Stoke; James Smith baptised 7/6/1835 North Stoke; William Smith baptised 2/6/1839

A George Smith born Lambeth 1799 married 2/8/1818 North Stoke Jane Upperton and 2nd 17/3/1827 Harriet Gent widow. On the 1851 and 1861 census his place of birth is given as Lambeth and his unmarried brother Thomas born about 1801 (a Thomas Smith was baptised 26/9/1802 St mary Lambeth, son of John and Elizabeth)

Children: William Smith baptised 23/11/1818 North Stoke(father George given as labourer); Mary Smith baptised 25/3/1821 North Stoke; George Smith baptised 13/3/1823 North Stoke; Charles Smith baptised 22/4/1827 North Stoke; Jane Smoth 15/2/1829 North Stoke; Susan Smith baptised 9/1/1831 North Stoke; Henry Smith baptised 14/10/1832 North Stoke; Ruth Smith baptised 6/7/1834 North Stoke; Louisa Smith baptised 22/11/1835 North Stoke; Frederick Smith born 9/1/1842 North Stoke

Henry Allen baptised 1/6/1788 North Stoke married 16/6/1813 North Stoke Sarah Grevatt married 2nd 31/8/1817 North Stoke Mary Streeter

Children: James Allen baptised 6/12/1814 North Stoke; Caroline Allen baptised 4/7/1824 North Stoke; Sarah Allen baptised 30/3/1828 North Stoke;

Henry Allen baptised 16/5/1830 North Stoke

John Parsons Allen baptised 2/6/1839 North Stoke to Mary Allen widow . He was last of Allens baptised in North Stoke



Baptised: 7/1735

Married: 18/7/1765 Amberley

Spouse: William Weber

Children: James Weber bapt 19/1/1766 Amberley


Baptised: 2/3/1739

Married: 20/6/1759 Felpham

Spouse: Joseph Kent of Felpham.

(no children baptised Felpham)



Father: John Allen

Mother: Deborah Hampshire

Buried: 1/9/1755 North Stoke

Wiliam son of John & Jane bapt 21/2/1744

The other Allen family in North Stoke. Could Henry and John have been brothers?

HENRY ALLEN of North Stoke buried 4/5/1802 North Stoke married 17/2/1757 Amberley Mary Heather from Rackham. Mary buried 10/4/1797 North Stoke

Mary baptised 27/5/1759 possibly buried 29/9/1793 North Stoke

Henry baptised 1/7/1764 buried 24/2/1765

Ann baptised 18/3/1858

Ann baptised 26/2/1761 buried 4/7/1788