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Poetics and MusicSureal

  The artist 'Poetics' have been published in literary journals both in the UK and The USA including GYPSY Anthologies and TW(UK-Tim Allen), 'The Silence Within', an (Anthology Library of Congress ISBN-0-7951-5062-8) which was published in Winter 2001, etc.. He utilizes general 'stream of conscious' writing and Surrealist writing (a tomato is also a childs balloon - A. Breton). His illustrations have appeared on the inside and cover (The Rat King) and in combination with his poetics in literary journals (TW/UK-issue 4/1994). MusicSureal is available on CD and is 'experimental avant garde Surrealist Music using 'digitally altered' live instruments to create Surrealist melodies, juxtapositions, contrasts and experimentally bizarre and auditorially 'strange' compositions. MusicSureal was an accepted entry in the International BraveDestiny 'Williamsburg Art and Historical Center (Wah) Surrealist-Visionary Show in Brooklyn, N.Y. in Sept. 2003.

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Guitar             Flute          Composition: (Taking in Water)  'AudioSamples may require Player.'

If you like Surrealist Art and Surrealist 'master paintings' from that First Generation of Surrealist Artists, Yves Tanguy, Paul Delvaux, Matta, Magritte, etc., you'll appreciate the Surrealist Music of R.S.Beal. While Andre Breton complained of his disdain for music in general, with the comment that 'sound' removes the 'mystery' from life, MusicSureal alters the unknown with a strange melodic sureal  mystery.

Any number of music cd's are available from R.S.Beal. Request list.

'On Surrealist Music' Breton expressed a disdain for music . . .

NOTE: Early surrealists shared an negative opinion of music. Giorgio de Chirico claimed in his 1913 article "No Music" that a painting has a "music of its own", implying that music is unnecessary. In 1928's "Le Surréalisme et la peinture" Breton dismisses music, "the most deeply confusing of all art forms", as providing a lesser degree of sensation and "spiritual realizations" than the plastic arts, saying that "auditive images, in fact, are inferior to visual images not only in clarity but also in strictness, and with all due respect to a few megolomaniacs, they are not destined to strengthen the idea of human greatness

  - from Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia

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The Gallery Owner II©rsbeal2005  

Just as Sharp

         as a pee-tack tick

and blind as a bat.

It upset my neighbor

to such a degree

that they called in Mr. Bloomberg

         & the Ice-hat Cats.

You can't 'peter-file' Mr. Lyle

         he owns Miss Groth, The Sloth

         and Sells Bile by the Mile

Just a sharp wee-stick

         and a crimp little prick

But he can Sell a Truck

         to a half-blind Duck.

it's Chirico & Miss Puck

         Playing Tennis without Luck

Down goes the muck

         & up comes the . . . 'relative degrees of putrification that over objectifies attributes of an object in lieu of a supposed subjectification . . .'

  • What’s New in the Surreal World
    By Terrance Lindall - March Issue 2006

    Art & Antiques Magazine is the world's most read art & antiques
    collectors magazine with a readership of 412,315 whose average
    household income is $628,000.
    Terrance Lindall is considered to be a leading authority on current
    surrealist art forms. His article highlights one the world's largest
    and most influencial art movements.

 'Autumn Cannabilism' 1997 (Surrealism2005GALLERY) -

Examples of Bad Writing©R.S.Beal 1993

of projection
I assume
I'm Thinking
I Don't
when in fact
I Do
As your Reasons
may be
As I look
for contradictions
I assume
I wish
That I
hadn't even
when seduced
by itself
(They said a Pipe was a Bird
and I believed it). Trivialize the momentous, understate the Tragic, deny the obvious, overstate the weakness and in general LIE - 'the way of the western world', where PRODUCT is ALWAY'S KING . . .  Visit: GalleryONE 

Fantasy   ©beal
A Fantasy is a Rigid Rule
 of Secret Cures
I can
& actively keep
but I cannot protect a Self exposed frontier
from a bicycle lying in The front-yard.
Rules     ©rsbeal 1993-94 - from examples of bad writing
Rules Are
That impede
The Pedestrian
but a
is a
speculum pecuniary for
pelage's and predate's
I'm Sure
you will be
mrs. Sign.
And I'm Also
quite sure
is    piquantly
I Think
I'll do
   A little sketch
   My Ears
from the battle-field
   and the Scar
       Gets deeper
out on the delta
But that's
   a bit
of a lie
because This IS
    Ever Grows
 So I Decided
I Don't WANT
I Want That
Since They Took
    The Market
   from the Corner
when it was quartered by an alien hand
with an obscene heart that danced on
a stand
in a land
in the market
on the corner
in a Jacket
at the edge . . .
   of a Book.
You Were
             Then God Wants THAT.
You Were
You are
But Bits of Yesterday don't Grow lies
in the Market
        on the Corner.
at the edge, I think I'll BUY
a jacket and write it down
in the corner of a book,
where NOTHING Ever Grows . . .
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HYPOCRITS and ANTs©2006 spontaneous writing

Salvador Dali wearing Pink Gala laced Underpants.  Blackwell and Ohio and fraudulent National Grants. Lace-Lined God Jokes and Irish middle Class chokes, play checkers by re-mote, with your tax redemption sins and Protestant gin, as they stack, stroke and stick a pin, in the Glass you filled with hope.  While he hands you the Rope, tied with their Gold-lined glassline rimmed Popes.  Little boys Falling Down High-rise Stairs and after dinner affairs. Shouting Specular Sepulcher, 'sequester the jester', make a fester with a Highlighted transmitted Glare and then pay the fare, because the baboon just made a fortune off your nitemare with his jig-rigged Pun, while he made 'fun'. Paint it orange and Blue and then take the Cue or Run. . . your Poor sargent major is a squandering half-literate Serf and a sequacious Sequela, made up of vanilla and he just left you for the pew, and the other fella' . . .

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