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Gallery Section Two: Surrealism 2005



Gallery Section Three: Painting Process Gallery


      Note: R.S. Beal 'Galleries' are divided into specialized 'sections or individual sites with each site concentrating on specific 'Mediums', years, genres of Surrealism, etc., please refer to each specific site for information. The sites are listed at end of page with their corresponding focus, i.e., graphics, oils, printmaking, etc..

Gallery Section Four: Gallery ONE 1990-2005




Gallery Section Five: Gallery Two NEWWork - 2005


 'The Morrison Corridor' Oil 2004-05

Gallery Section Six: Poetics and MusicSureal©

Poetics contains Surrealist poetry and writing. Publications in UK and USA. Links to MusicSureal 'audio' samples and available cd's and written 'commentary' on the vicissitudes of living in America in 'Middle Town', USA - where nothing ever grows . . .

There are Four (4) image specific R.S. Beal Sites, excluding 'TimeClocks/MusicSureal. Below are the links to each site and relative information for more extensive viewing.

  • R.S. Beal SURREALISTE (Graphic 'Works on Paper' Explicit and Printmaking - Intaglio and Aquatint, including a full preview slide show of works and mediums on all four sites, Flash intro.)
  • www. Beal - SURREALISM (New Work in Oil 2005 with master Graphics, intaglio and working studio views.) - 'The Jesuit Bone Communion (Oil), The Misanthrope (Pencil), and Confrontation (Graphic)'.
  • R.S. Beal SURREALISM Oneirical and Classical (Past and Current works, Biomorphic, Tanguyian derivatives, 'Online' Purchasing site, including Aquatints and Etchings.)
  • TimeClocks/MusicSureal (99 pages - ALL mediums, pastel, oil, intaglio, graphic, musicsureal)

Other offsite SURREALISTS artists links and Surrealist site links are located at Beal-Surealism (LINKS-ARTISTS-Museums) and SURREALISM Oneirical and Classical under the Menus 'Offsite LINKS' or visit TimeClocks 'Other Artists Links'

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