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Surrealities as Reality 1971 TO 2011

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Presenting the enduring documentation of an artist's 40 year pilgrimage through the collective surrealist subconscious, leaving security behind. Fine oil paintings, aquatints, drypoints and line etchings record further explorations of mindscapes previously seen by Dali, Fuchs, Duchamp and other early visitors to this realm of emotion. These works serve as your formal introduction to the undeniably recognizable inhabitants . . . 'the inhabitants of Surreality.'


R.S. Beal  'Eve After the FALL' (Footprints in the Sand)  Oil  30 by 51"  2013


Robert S. Beal  'Self-Portrait Standing'  Oil  20111

50 by 39"

- A Classic 'Contrapposto' position creates a slight 'S' Curve with weight and Balance triggered by shoulders and hip. The LIGHT emanates from 'within' the object and permeates the entire field. An 'auroa' surrounds the personna of each individual, if one knows how to 'see'. A distinct 'atmosphere' permeates from every object and influences the surrounding field and objects. Most peoples 'lights' die out, long before the body dies. "An artist must, of neccessity BOTH 'read' body language and 'light' in order to balance conflicting forces in visual art.

Due to the 'Stigma of Surrealism and outright 'Prejudice', the artist has not been allowed to show for OVER 40 years. This may well be my last painting.  With works in both Museums and Private foundation collections and considered a 'master', the artist is STILL not allowed to show in Galleries within his own local area AND beyound.

R.S. Beal  'Pride and Vanity' (Vestements and Fetishs)  Oil  2010

     R.S.Beal   'Dustland in ZZ'      29 by 38"    2005

R.S. Beal  "The Little Durer"  Oil  1991-93 (detail)

R.S. Beal  'Et Homage zu Hausner'  Oil  2005

48 by 36" approx.

- zu Hausner is inevitably a 'PREMONITORY' oil or percursor to the Japanese Earthquate of 2011 and it's corresponding TEPCO NUCLEAR (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) powerplant breakdown and holocaust. Along with 'Shaw, Stone and Webster', who passed Tepco safety hazards:   Tepco is not a respected Nuclear Energy corporation and has taken fraudulent programs to their advantage in order to pass nuclear inspections and has IGNORED Safety Hazards with their backup generators.  This work is well about both Greed and waste by coprorations AND the resultant 'radiation' and hazards we now are incurring, along with the Japanese. As an artist, I AM Not a social or politicaly 'commentary artist', albiet it unconsciously enters into my work.

R.S.Beal  'Silver Teapot with Shell'  Oil  24 by 36"  1995-97 (circa) - Private Collection*

Still life Galleries Number One and Gallery Two.

R.S.Beal 'The Vulture and The Monkey'  Oil  1995

'Often the artist will paint 'Still Lifes' when taking a break from painting larger Surrealist Oils that require often years to complete.' Artist Note: The large non-allegorical Surrealist 6 foot painting 'Paradise Lost' depicting Miltons traumatic inspiration at the moment of  passage for Satans release of 'Sin and Death' into the world, composed in a contemporary setting using an arabesque Freize and painted using traditional renaissance methods, can be viewed at the R.S. Beal SURRE'ALISTE site in Gallery One. The painting is a metaphor for the events of Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans. Depicted is also an Ehrerbietung oil to the Great German Surrealist Rudolf Hausner. Full views and enlarged details.     Sub-title: 'Mr. Brown takes Tea' (at Hotel Katrina)

R.S.Beal  'White vases with Shell and incense burner'  Oil  18 by 24"  1998

R.S.Beal 'Mannequin with Lobotomy' Oil  20 by 16"  2005 (uncompleted)

R.S.Beal  'Self-Portrait in 1998' Oil  2004  20 by 16"


'Puppet in a Chair' (DETAIL) Oil 16 by 16" 1990

R.S.Beal  'The Velazquez Hanging'  OIL (not acrylic)  1998 - uncompleted

Also Visit: beal-SURREALISM  and  R.S.Beal SURREALISM (Oneirical* and Classical)


R.S.Beal 'Dustland in ZZ' Oil 2005 Larger View in Painting Process Gallery (Scroll Page)

* 'Silver Teapot': Available as a Six Color Limited Edition Signed/Numbered Giclee Print - "Dustland in ZZ": Available in the Original or as a Giclee Print. Refer also to (offsite) www.beal-Surrealism STUDIO for similar work (Pale Shades of Death-Oil).

R.S. Beal 'The Neurotic Mater' (the reluctant nun)

Oil on Canvas   20 by 16"  2005

Inhabitants of Surrealities


R.S.Beal  'Puppet in a Chair'  Oil  16 by 16"  circa: 1990-91

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The Artist is a member of both National and International Surrealist groups and endorses both experimental and traditional Surrealism. Some of these groups include:


Giclee Prints and Intaglio Limited Editions and original works. All Works on all four R.S.Beal sites are available as signed/numbered Six-Color Giclee 'IRIS inkjet spray' Archival Prints in Limited or open editions (where designated) - printed on Archival 140lb Hotpress white with Deckled borders for signing, framing, matting. Certificate of Authenticity signed/dated by the artist. This is an authorized R.S.Beal site. Watch for pay-pal buttons.  Literary Publications include the UK and the USA. Refer to bio (offsite) for shows, awards, publications, etc.. All works on this and all other sites (unless otherwise sold or in private collections) are also available in the original. E-mail for pricing if not available on site. Thank you for visiting SURREALISM 2005


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*Oneiric: (common use-N.Gr.) of or relating to a dream. Pertaining to a waking condition which appears dreamlike.

*Veristic (Verism): to have the 'appearance' of reality. Theory or style holding that truth and realism as (is) an aspect of art and often using contemporary material as opposed to Romanticism.


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R.S.Beal  'Biomorphic Female Nude'  Oil 

2000   24 by 18"              Visit: BiomorphicGallery (Offsite)

Note: Images on this site are posted 'large' eliminating the need for Image to image linking except where noted.

'Mannequins at the JokeShop'  Oil  48 by 48"  2005 /  Visit: GalleryTWO for larger view

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This is an Authorized RsBeal Site

R.S.Beal is one of the selected artists to be represented in the A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative) show scheduled for Jan., 2008 sponsored by the Saginaw Art Museum, Michigan - (Selected Surrealists from North American or Veristic*-Classical Surrealist Artists residing in the U.S.A., Canada)

Robert  was represented in the International Surrealist/Visionary 'BraveDestiny' Williamsburg Art and Historical Center (Wah) Museum show in Sept. 2003 MusicSureal© sponsored by the 'Society for the Art of Imagination'

Trellix-fortunecity National Grand prize site winner May, 2000

R.F Gallery - OneMan show 1990

1994-95 Literary Publications: UK and USA (TW, issue #4 - Cover art and inside Illustrations, ED. Tim Allen). Poetry.com (The Silence Within). GYPSY Anthologies and GYPSY Summer Issue 1993.

Urban Weekly (Article: R.S.Beal - Delving in the Sureal) 12/1/2005 - 12/7/2005
Vol. 15 Issue 25. Gretchen Collins (Arts Ed.). Works showcased - Frontispiece and  article©

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Home / Surrealism 2005 / Painting Process Gallery / Gallery One 1990-2005  / Gallery Two NewWorks 2005 / Poetics / Thumbnails


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