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Written Works

This section contains supercomputer276's written works, including prose, poetry, and interviews. (Yeah, I know it doesn't start with a "p." So sue me.) There are also a few stories by others that he's hosting because they might not be available elsewhere.

Categories into which fiction here is sorted:

  • "Game Over," the Game Over story series where the writer got his start. Consists of mostly video game fanfiction and steadily gaining more original entries.
  • "Other Fanworks" contains fanfiction that aren't Game Over stories.
  • "Original Works" contains just that: writings that don't have any direct connects to another fictional work and are made independently by the author.
  • "Works by Others" contains stories that the webmaster didn't write, but he's hosting here anyway.

Game Over

Game Over

The story that started the entire site, originally written for Lemmy's Land (link on the link's page). Watch as I go and take over the multiverse! Or at least try.

Game Over Flie 2: The Crystal Catastrophe

The sequal to Game Over, this shows my attempts to become immortal. How do I intend to do it? Just read it!

A Game Over Christmas

A short little Christmas tale about Ludwig and Karma, just in time for the holidays! What do you do with a present from your worst enemy?

Game Over File 2.5: Invasion of the Toons

I decide that if he can't have Karma on the high level of the Game Over, she'll have to start on the bottom level, and I intend to use my Yu-Gi-Oh! hobby to do so! A Mt. Majesty exclusive story!

Game Over Chronicles: The Cobalt Comet Crisis

A comet is on a collision course with Mt. Majesty, and no one is doing a thing to help! Is this the end of the Game Over?!

Game Over Bonus File: Ham-Ham Havoc

The Ham-Hams find two strange new hamsters that have fallen from the skies. When they awaken, they reveal that a third member of their party has been seperated from them. The Ham-Hams offer to help find her, but what is the true nature of these newcomers?

Game Over Chronicles: Streamline

After a rough day, SC makes an important decision regarding the Game Over's minions. A turning point in the Game Over canon.

Another Game Over Christmas

It's the first time the Game Over has celebrated Christmas since Elizabeth moved into Mt. Majesty! It's time to open presents, but she's nowhere to be found...

In-noying Interviews

During my stretch on Lemmy's Land, I wrote interviews, short fiction in script format where a character interviewed an official video game character. These used to have their own section, but now they are all listed below in order. While Game Over canon, it is a fairly stand-alone series.






SUPERCOMPUTER276 and HYPERGUY152 interview THE KOOPA BROS. (Co-author: hyperguy152)



Mushroom Bowl

The first season of the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament, where sixteen contestants duke it out for a fabulous million-coin prize and the Mushroom Bowl trophy! Now concluded. Originally its own section on Mt. Majesty, now accessible only here. Read 'em all!

The Lucy Trilogy

A threesome of fan fictions based on the character Lucy by GreaterLimits.

Breaking Free

Controlled Experiment


Other Fan Works

The Good, the Bad, and the Omega

Diabolus, the three-thousand year old spirit in the form of a pink blob, seeks revenge on five figures he believes to be reincarnated magicians that vowed to destroy him: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, and Dr. Eggman! Really old and really bad.

Tails' New Home

A twelve-chapter novelization of one of my favorite Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons. After Tails gets all bumped up after a fight with Scratch and Grounder, Sonic decides to find him a safe place where he can live.

Return of Doc Robot

Dr. Wily creates a new Doc Robot, and this one's really tough! Mega Man's gonna need help from the Sneaky Six. Based off Mega Man: the Series, takes place between Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8.

Magic Man's Corner: The Raven

A screenplay where Magic Man and Astro Man read the classic poem, The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe... with several crazy twists! I'm hoping this kind of thing will become a whole series, with this being the first. The first fan material on this site that didn't originally have its page on Freewebs.

Super Smash Bros. Online

Based on a roleplay from back in the NintenKingdom days. The acclaimed "virtual paradise" of the Super Smash Bros MMO game is threatened by a digital terrorist group calling themselves System Crash. To that end, the admins call together a group of emergency moderators to take them down before they can achieve their ultimate goal.

Original Works

The Adventures of Bracket and Mr. Icey

One of the first stories I wrote, based on characters I dreamed about once. Stars a water-intolerant walrus that runs a junkyard and a robot with a 6-year-old personality fighting the forces of Dr. Iam Abbysid Baddie. Likely to be rebooted at some point in the future.

More Than Twenty Questions

The Internet isn't as friendly as it used to be... An except from a chat log. Screennames have been changed to protect the innocent. And guilty.

Stuffed Animal Crackers: Worrisome

Beebunny's ear has been yanked out! While he's undergoing emergency surgery, Bluebun is worried sick. Can Bow Tie help her from driving herself crazy with worry?

Do-It-Yourself Harem

 Recently I got this package in the mail, and this instruction manual was in it. It had harem outfits and a mechanical spiral in it as well. Is this for real? Let me show you a few excerpts; maybe one of you will recognize it.

Works by Others

NintenKingdom the Story
written by Ice Cherbil

Four unlikely heroes. Seven dastardly demons. One magical kingdom. Oh yeah. This is gonna be good.