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What Happens Next?

What Happens Next is the community writing section of Lone 'Coon Productions and one of the only things from the old Mt. Majesty site that still takes user-submitted content. Here's the basic idea: I set forth a story beginning and bios of the main characters, and you users send in chapters of the story you write yourselves, which I will post in what I believe to be the best logical order on this page. When I get enough chapters, I wrap it up with an epilouge and post the completed work in Fan Fiction.

What Happens Next stories can cover any subject or continuality, from Mario to Mega Man and beyond. It will remain on the same story as long as I feel the story would benefit from continuing.

What Happens Next follows the same submission guidelines as Fan Fiction, so go to that page via the navigation bar and read the guidelines there before sending in your chapter. Also, it would be nice if you titled your chapter; if you can't come up with one, I'll make one for you. You can use concepts introduced from earlier posted chapters into yours, including other people's, but remember, you can only write up to three chapters for each story! E-mail your chapter to me once you've finished it so I can post it!

Now enjoy the story... both reading and writing it!

Current Story

Three of a Kind 
a Pokemon story


Two small creatures bobbed and weaved in the night sky over Fortuna, its large pillar-like rock structures rising into the full moonlight. One was small, covered in pink fur, and resembled a cat. The other was two shades of green, had curved antennae, and looked like a little alien.

“Mew, my dear sister,” Celebi said to the other, “You’re just too playful.”

“Celebi, my darling sister,” Mew replied, “You’re just too mature. All work and no play make Celebi a dull Pokèmon.”

“Well, all play and no work makes Mew a careless Pokèmon,” Celebi retorted.

“Careless, am I?” Mew said. Then she darted into the mist of the stone pillars.

“Come back here!” Celebi said as she followed, “I’m not done yelling at you!”

While Celebi was experienced in flying, she had to use all her power just to keep Mew in sight. That meant going at very unsafe speeds for someone like her; she was used to going speeds of up to 98 MPH when not warping through time, while Mew easily passed double that. Plus, Mew had much better reflexes; Celebi struggled trying to avoid the pillars and grazed at least four of them during the entire race.

Eventually, Mew came to rest in a deep cavern. Flying at speeds just short of Mach 1 resulted in using a lot of energy, even for someone as playful as her.

Suddenly, she was tumbling on the ground after Celebi hit her in a darting tackle. They rolled all over the place, their giggles echoing around the cavern.

They ran into a large crystal and fell on the ground, laughing heartily.

“Boy, I always get a kick out of yelling at you,” Mew said around the giggles.

“Same here, sister,” Celebi replied, “Same here.”

They then saw what they ran into. It was a large purple crystal. Something yellow and solid was barely visible inside.

“Whoa,” Celebi said, gazing at the large gem.

“Pretty…” Mew added, mesmerized by the jewel’s luster. She raised a front paw. “I want to touch…”

“Hold on,” Celebi said, shooting out a hand to stop Mew, “I think I know who this is. It’s Jirachi!”

“Who?” Mew asked, confused.

“You know perfectly well,” Celebi replied.

“Oh yeah, our wish-granting brother,” Mew recalled. “I haven’t played with him in over a thousand years. How about you?”

“Technically, over two thousand years ago. Relative timeline, three weeks.”

Mew closed her eyes halfway. “Your time traveling drives me crazy.”

“I know,” Celebi replied smugly.

“Look, why can’t we get him out so we can play?” Mew asked.

“You don’t remember, do you?” Celebi said, “Jirachi only awakens when the Millennium Comet is in the sky, and the last pass was a month ago.”

“I can’t hang around here for 999 years and 11 months!” Mew pouted, “I’ve got places to go, things to see, toys to steal!”

“Chill,” Celebi soothed, “I’ll just jump forward in time to Jirachi’s next awakening and bring him back to this time.”

“Will that work?” Mew asked.

“We won’t know until we try,” Celebi replied, “so stand back!”

They each backed a considerable difference form each other and Jirachi’s crystal.

“Count five seconds so you’re sure nothing goes wrong,” Celebi said. Then she closed her eyes and concentration and in a large flash and rush of wind, was gone.

Mew closed her eyes and counted. “One… two… three… four… five.”

She opened them. Celebi was nowhere in sight.

“Celebi?” she whispered frightened.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind and another flash. Celebi was back, and she was holding the hand of someone she hadn’t seen in a thousand years.

“Jirachi!” she said, floating in close, “It’s been a while.”

“Two thousand years, to be exact,” Jirachi softly replied.

Mew was confused. “Wait, two thousand? … Oh forget it. How you doing, bro?”

“I’m feeling a little weak,” Jirachi said, “I’ve never been out when the Millennium Comet wasn’t in the sky.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Celebi said, “If you ever feel weak, just tell me, and we’ll jump back to your time for a quick recharge and return the instant we left so we don’t miss anything. Sound good?”

“I suppose…” Jirachi said weakly.

“All right then!” Mew said, flipping in midair, “Let’s go play!”

And with that, they flew out of the cavern, leaving the present day Jirachi sleeping softly in the purple crystal where he stood.

What happens next? You decide!

Main Characters

Gender: female
Age: just short of all time
One of the rarest and most important Pokemon in the world, it's almost ironic how childlike she is. She wants nothing more than to play with her friends all day and night without a care in the world. However, if her friends are in trouble, she will protect them.

Gender: female
Age: unknown
Guardian of the world's forests, while Celebi does enjoy merriment, she is notibly more mature and serious than her "sister" Mew, so much in fact that she is often the straight person to Mew's comedic antics. She wants to have fun, but without getting into trouble... which you know will be futile.

Gender: male
Age: unknown
Normally Jirachi sleeps for a thousand years at a time, but Celebi brought him to the present from another time where he was awake. Jirachi is timid and shy, as well as easily startled, and has a quiet voice. He isn't as powerful as he normally is due to the absense of the Millennium Comet and requires much energy to grant wishes.

User-Submitted Chapters

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