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Introduction: Public Storage

There's really not much to say. I'm only holding the five most recent updates on the front page at once now, so this page will be for holding the others. And... well... that's it... Most recent updates are kept at the top of the page.

NOTE: With the change from Mt. Majesty to Lone 'Coon Productions, not all links on this page are guaranteed to work.

Update Archive - October, November, December 2010

this text is here to make things easier for the webmaster; please ignore me

12-16-10 = 8:39 PM

 Chapter 38 of NintenKingdom the Story is up, and a new review for your pleasure in Majesty's Musings. Keep an eye on the site in the following weeks leading up to Christmas; a new story will arrive just in time from ol' Saint SC!

12-4-10 = 2:23 PM

Chapter 37 of NintenKingdom the Story has been added. A new entry has been added to Majesty's Musings. The FakeDex in Sprite Works has had all its references to Mt. Majesty changed to Lone 'Coon Productions. 

11-21-10 = 3:56 PM

 Hope everyone will be having a pleasent, if not necessarily happy, Thanksgiving. Chapter 36 of NintenKingdom the Story has been added. The Poetry and Mushroom Bowl pages have been classified as sub-pages of Written Works; highlight Written Works with your mouse to reveal the way to those pages.

10-24-10 = 3:03 PM

 Chapter 35 of NintenKingdom the Story has been added, along with a new entry in Written Works and the first adult text addition to the site, Do-It-Yourself Harem. For the folks below the age of 18, I've also added Stuffed Animal Crackers: Worrisome.

Update Archive - July, August, September 2010

9-26-10 = 8:52 PM

Chapter 34 of NintenKingdom the Story is up. Information of my WarioWare D.I.Y.-made microgames, records, and comics and how you can get a copy of 'em has been added to Homemade Games.

9-25-10 = 7:39 PM

After several hours of work, it's done. Mt. Majesty is now Lone 'Coon Productions. You can see a full list of changes here. To celebrate, Chapter 33 of NintenKingdom the Story is now up and there's a new entry in Majesty's Musings.

9-17-10 =11:35 PM

 Chapters 31 and 32 of NintenKingdom the Story are up. Sometime during maybe the next week, Mt. Majesty will be recieving a massive retool to transform into a new more suitable website.

9-16-10 = 9:55 PM

Chapters 29 and 30 of NintenKingdom the Story are up. Yes, two chapters at once. My free time is starting to become quite boring when you're websurfing and browsing the TV at the same time.

9-13-10 = 4:17 PM

 I was bored and had some free time, so I did something no one will ever look at even though they have the option to. Chapter 28 of NintenKingdom the Story is up. Several updates made to the character section in Game Over Central Ops.

9-8-10 = 10:51 PM

 Chapter 27 of NintenKingdom the Story is up. A new journal entry at least a month old is now in Majesty's Musings. A few finalizing touches added to Mushroom Bowl.

8-21-10 = 11:09 AM

 Just before I head back to school, the Grand Championship comic has been completed and the Season 1 Mushroom Bowl has finally finished! Also, Chapter 26 of NintenKingdom the Story is up.

Update Archive - April, May, June 2010

6-10-10 = 2:18 PM

The link to NintenKingdom 64 has been updated (at long last!). Also, we are finally halfway through NintenKingdom the Story with the addition of Chapter 25!

5-20-10 = 9:35 AM

 The poll for the Mushroom Bowl has finally closed. I know the results, but they're going to come out gradually; you can keep tuned in on the Grand Championship comic! Chapter 24 of NintenKingdom the Story is up; almost halfway there!

4-1-10 = 5:22 PM

Hope you all are having a fun and safe April Fools Day. I'm throwing a prank and it's that I'm updating this site! No one will believe that! It's a fairly minor update though, in that I'm only updating Fan Fiction, but instead of just NintenKingdom the Story (which is now at chapter 23), I'm also adding chapters for Game Over File 2: The Crystal Catastrophe and Game Over File 2.5: Invasion of the Toons (both of which are chapter 7). Have you seen the bad writing on these? Now that's a joke!

Update Archive - January, Feburary, March 2010

3-25-10 = 1:44 PM

 Chapter 22 of NintenKingdom the Story is now available. A new entry in Majesty's MusingsGame Over Central Ops has updated all three main data spots. The big news today is that the Mushroom Bowl has finally opened voting for the Grand Champtionship match! Lemmy Koopa vs. Waluigi! You got till April 29th to vote, so vote often!

2-12-10 = 9:14 AM 

 First update of 2010 is the Game Over's fifth anniversery! ...I really gotta update more often. Anyways, chapter 21 of NintenKingdom the Story is now available. My biggest project yet, Wario's Temple Trek, is now available at the Game Over Arcade, and it'll be updating to version 0.5 today so be sure to check it out too! The Sprite Genetics Lab has discovered a new Pokemon species and added to the FakeDex, and Game Over Central Ops has updated its character data. ...Pretty small update; I probably should've planned this better. Oh yeah, and the 5th anniversery celebration image has become the new front page image.

Update Archive - October, November, December 2009

12-6-09 = 10:38 AM

 Chapter 20 of NintenKingdom the Story is now avaiable. The final demon has been exposed, and it's someone the heroes never expected! Meanwhile, we come to a close in the fourteenth match of the Mushroom Bowl. The Opponent Faction Champion has been determined! Everything's leading up to next time's Grand Championship match! Don't miss it!

11-9-09 = 1:48 PM 

 Chapter 19 of NintenKingdom the Story is up. The group's back together, but could the final demon be among them? Poetry Corner has recieved a new poem as well as a table of poets. The character section of Game Over Central Ops has been updated with some extra details and Trace the Kirlia's entry. To top it all off, the second Final of the Mushroom Bowl is underway! Who will be the Opponent Faction Champion?!

10-17-09 = 9:35 AM

A new chapter of NintenKingdom the Story is up. A new review is available to peruse in Majesty's Musings. My latest sprite comic, Astro Clown, has been added to my routine in The Comix Zone.

Update Archive - July, August, September 2009

9-26-09 = 11:15 PM

 Hm. Looks like I jumped the bullet a bit on the Mushroom Bowl, but I've been a bit starved for time recently anyway. The first final ends by a surprisingly unnanimous vote! Next chapter of NintenKingdom the Story is up; the next demon has appeared in a very unexpected place! What Happens Next? is still in need of chapters, so be sure to e-mail them to me!

8-29-09 = 2:18 PM 

 With the polls open for four weeks, until September 29th, I'd better see plenty of votes for the Mushroom Bowl's first match of the Finals! A new chapter for NintenKingdom the Story, and things take a turnabout when the next demon is exposed. What Happens Next? is still in need of chapters, so be sure to e-mail them to me!

8-13-09 = 10:21 AM

The last of the Mushroom Bowl Semifinals has finished, and while the winner may not be a surprise, the ending sure will! A new chapter of NintenKingdom the Story too. Also, be sure to e-mail me your chapters for What Happens Next? or at least let me know if you intend to write one.

7-29-09 = 2:11 PM

The newest chapter to NintenKingdom the Story pales in comparion to the other updates today. Both Majesty's Musings and the oft-forgotten Guestbook have been updated with Webs new format, and the blog even has a new entry for you to peruse. But the topper is the latest section: What Happens Next?! The first tale for our new community writing section is Three of a Kind; be sure to check out the prolouge and see if you can't come up with a new chapter for it! Also, be sure to vote in the Mushroom Bowl while the poll's still open!

7-23-09 = 6:51 PM

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I'm updating early. Two new demons join the fray on the latest chapter of NintenKingdom the Story! Do our heroes stand a chance? The Fake Pokedex at Sprite Genetics Lab has been updated to version 2.3, with help screens and an updated stat display on the main entries. Finally, Mushroom Bowl hits the fourth and ultimate Semifinal with the brawl between Roy and Bowser! Voting open until August 13th!

7-18-09 = 9:57 AM 

 The train ride of terror on NintenKingdom the Story reaches its climax with the latest chapter. Also, information in all three detail categories in Game Over Central Ops has been updated.

Update Archive - April, May, June 2009

6-13-09 = 5:47 PM

The train hijack and hijinks continue in the latest chapter of NintenKingdom the Story. Also, the super-long Mushroom Bowl battle between Wario and Daisy has finally come to its shocking conclusion.

5-26-09 = 4:03 PM

Updating three times in one month?! It really is summer! NintenKingdom the Story has a new chapter. Also, the Fake Dex in the Sprite Genetics Lab has been updated to version 2.2 as promised, with 5 new Pokemon as well.

5-23-09 = 7:13 PM  

 The next Mushroom Bowl battle is flaring up! It's muscle-master Wario against the agile Keyblader Daisy! Go vote now before the poll closes on June 13th! Also, a new chapter for NintenKingdom the Story, where the next of the demons is exposed. Expect an update to the Fake Dex in the next update. ...I hope.

5-19-09 = 11:01 AM 

 Along with a new chapter of NintenKingdom the Story, we have a new story: Game Over Chronicles: Streamline. Also, we have a lot of updated information about characters, magic, and locations in Game Over Central Ops.

4-30-09 = 8:47 AM

Sorry if this Mushroom Bowl battle is a little lame, but the outcome is not quite what'd you expect. Well, you might out of someone coping out due to a deadline. Like I do. Anyways, go see the latest battle. NintenKingdom the Story also continues with a new chapter, and when the first of the demons is exposed, things take a turn for the worst for our heroes.

4-7-09 = 1:59 PM

Been a while, huh? But don't think I've forgotten about my home site. For your reading pleasure, the next chapter of NintenKingdom the Story. For your voting pleasure, Ludwig and Lemmy tussle it out in the Mushroom Bowl's second semifinal! Voting is open until the 30th, so knock yourself out to knock out who you think shouldn't win! ...OK, that sounded awkward. To top it off, I got new music for Mushroom Bowl and Sprite Genetics Lab (although the last one is because, let's be honest, the previous tune there was grating).

Update Archive - January, Feburary, March 2009

2-21-09 = 9:24 AM

The dust of the Mushroom Bowl's first semifinal has settled; to see who won, go see the writeup! Also, a new chapter of NintenKingdom the Story and a new entry in Majesty's Musings.

2-12-08 = 8:13 AM

It's Feburary 12th once again, so it's time for all fans of the Game Over (all six of you) to celebrate the fourth anniversery of the original fan fiction. A new front page image to celebrate with all the different forms of SC! Fan fiction explodes onto the scene with new chapters for Game Over Files 2 and 2.5, as well as NintenKingdom the Story. Also, Banjo-Kazooie gets some of its famous cheats up at the Video Game Rehab Clinic. Finally, something I forgot to point out in the last update, a list of the different G. O. Wand powers is available at Game Over Central Ops.

1-31-09 = 1:37 PM

Another new chapter for NintenKingdom the Story, and the best part: where my avatar (at the time it was written) is introduced! Also, the Mushroom Bowl is starting the semifinals with a heated match between Waluigi and Yoshi! Go vote there! Finally, my Kirby sprite comic, The Superkirbies, has been added to my routine in The Comix Zone.

1-1-09 = 3:44 PM

Happy New Year, everybody, and what better way to kick things off than with the most pivotal G. O. story yet! Game Over Chronicles: The Cobalt Comet Crisis, available now! NintenKingdom the Story also has a new chapter to its name. The latest G. O. story has been added to the Game Over Central Ops and parts of both character profiles and other locations have been updated. Finally, a new WL4 sprite sheet is now available at the Sprite Genetics Lab.

Update Archive - October, November, December 2008

12-12-08 = 11:44 PM

Something I forgot to do this morning: a new story for Fan Fiction, NintenKingdom the Story. Fifty chapters to go through and I'm updating a few at a time. Hope you enjoy! 

12-12-08 = 11:37 AM

The quarterfinal of the Mushroom Bowl has finally concluded! Who won the match between father and son? Go see for yourself! Also, I've changed the music for Game Over Central Ops to a tune from the latest game I've been playing. 

12-3-08 = 10:43 PM

Over the past day or so, I've been solving some problems with my e-mail accounts and now two e-mail addresses you can send me stuff to are available. Also, a month-old rant of mine has been added to Majesty's Musings. A reminder: voting for the Mushroom Bowl battle ends On December 12th, so get to voting there if you haven't! The battle's shaping up quite nicely already!

11-28-08 = 11:08 AM

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and a wonderful Thanksgiving! I put a bit of effort into this update. The main event: the Quarterfinals of the Mushroom Bowl are finally coming to a close (after over two years!) with the battle between Larry and his father Bowser! Be sure to vote: while you're there, enjoy the new music for that section: "Investigation - Cornered!" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (shameless plug here, but a great series for someone like me that loves a good story). Game Over File 2 and File 2.5 both have some pretty big chapters up and ready for you. To top it all off, I managed to fix the linking error with everything in the Sprite Genetics Lab, so you should be able to see the sprites and Fake Dex now. 

10-24-08 = 1:00 PM

First thing you might have noticed is that there's a new front page image of an awesome Poison Mushroom I made. Game Over Bonus File: Ham-Ham Havoc has two new chapters. I've updated DemonComputer's profile in Game Over Central Ops as well as added a new section on other important Game Over locations. A new game review is in Majesty's Musings, and Video Game Rehab Clinic has a new cheat from the same game. Also, a new sprite sheet of mine is now up in the Sprite Genetics Lab.

12-3-08 = 10:43 PM

Over the past day or so, I've been solving some problems with my e-mail accounts and now two e-mail addresses you can send me stuff to are available. Also, a month-old rant of mine has been added to Majesty's Musings. A reminder: voting for the Mushroom Bowl battle ends On December 12th, so get to voting there if you haven't! The battle's shaping up quite nicely already! 

10-6-08 = 6:36 PM

Well, at least people voted this time. Yoshi has gotten 66% of the votes in the poll, so he wins over Mario. Go see the latest battle. I've also penned a new entry in the Majesty's Musings, and I'm sure it's worth your time to read.

Update Archive - July, August, September 2008

9-22-08 = 10:31 AM

A new joke in The Comix Zone and a new poem in the long-forgotten Poetry Corner. However, the most important part is that the seventh match of the Mushroom Bowl has finally begun! It's been six months since the last match, so it's about time Mario and Yoshi had at themselves. Voting will be open until October 6th, and I'm pretty sure the poll will work this time, so get to it! I'm also giving the bowl a new tune.

9-14-08 = 1:25 PM

Huge update today. A new chapter for Game Over File 2.5, as well as the prolouge and first chapter of a new story, Game Over Bonus File: Ham-Ham Havoc. Game Over Central Ops has been updated to include the new story. A new rant in Majesty's Musings is up. The link for NintenKingdom 64 has updated. The Movie Theater has its first Flash film: Kirby the Rapper: Kick! Punch!. Finally, the Sprite Genetics Lab has upgraded its Fake Pokedex to version 2.1, now with nineteen entries (although most need more information to be complete).

7-24-08 = 11:54 PM

Happy birthday to me! To celebrate the occasion, I've opened the doors of the Sprite Genetics Lab for all to see, with two sprite sheets from me, as well as the Fake Pokedex with 11 beautiful Pokemon in it. Two of those are mine, and the first one is like my little mascot. Also, there's a new entry in Majesty's Musings. Two new character profiles, Calcutta Joe and Sparkz the Raichu, have been added to Game Over Central Ops, along with some more info on SC. Finally, the first piece of Forum Fiction has been added to Central Ops as well as Fan Fiction, RPG Over: the Treasure Trek!

Update Archive - April, May, June 2008

6-20-08 = 5:47 PM

New chapters for Game Over File 2 and Game Over File 2.5: Invasion of the Toons. Also, new hints and glitches have been provided, along with a sweet picture of Princess Peach, by a long-time G. O. Newsletter subscriber, Princess Daisy Fan. Thanks! I hope to update more during the summer, or more specifically July since my family's taking a trip in August and I don't know when I'll be on. Speaking of July, my birthday's next month, which has lead to a new Majesty's Musings entry. Finally, at the suggestion of an online familiar of mine, I've started swapping around the order of the updates so the most recent is on the top. This might take a while due to the fact I have a lot of updates posted.

5-27-08 = 1:01 PM

Finally something I've been meaning to do in a while: my own rant space, Majesty's Musings! This is another read-only section, where I'll post my opinion on whatever subject I care to choose, as well as post reviews of video games I've made. You can comment on my entries, and the blog comes with a built in RSS feed so you can easily tell when I've made another entry. Currently, there are two entries, an introduction and an explanation of the review system, and a review of Kirby Super Star for the Super Nintendo. In other news, I've changed the front page music and made an edit or two to Galeforce's and Panchico's profiles in Game Over Central Ops.

5-15-08 = 9:15 PM

I seriously am sorry that I haven't updated in exactly two months, but I have been very busy with my sprite comics and writings as well as college. Well, some good news: my last college final was yesterday, so I'm free! FREE, I tell ya!! At least till summer school starts. Stupid Human Communications class... anyways, two "new" chapters for Game Over File 2 and one more for Game Over File 2.5: Invasion of the Toons have been added. I've also managed to clean up some typos around the site. Finally, I've put pictures of each winner of the Mushroom Bowl battles at the bottom of each battle's page. Hopefully, it should clear up any confusion you might have about who actually won.

Update Archive - January, Febuary, March 2008

3-15-08 = 3:24 PM

The latest Mushroom Bowl poll has closed (a day late) and guess what? NO ONE VOTED. As such, I've decided the winner to be Roy. Go to the Mushroom Bowl to see the latest battle.

3-1-08 = 7:39 AM

Didn't expect an undate two days in a row, did ya? This one's fairly minor, though, and yet all the more important I've changed the form for the Mushroom Bowl voting poll. Now it should be possible for everyone to vote.

2-29-08 = 11:20 AM

Due to errors concerning the voting poll that I don't quite understand and my overly stressful college live, I've extended voting for the Mushroom Bowl battle of Morton vs Roy until March 14th. I've also added some updates to Game Over Central Ops, namely Elizabeth's, Ticktick's, and Larme's profiles in addition to the Dreamian Division. I'm considering adding a content paragraph with a list of the different Game Over Wand powers. Also adding in a link to Newgrounds on the Links page. By going to Newgrounds through that link, you'll help to support the site.

2-12-08 = 12:14 PM

What time is it? It's Game Overtimes! *shot for bad H*R reference* Today is Febuary 12th, which means that the Game Over has now been on the Internet for a full three years! SC and I have changed a lot in that time; when SC started, he was a human trying to be the biggest villian he could; now he's a pink fox, much nicer and more focused on exploration then domination, and he has a girlfriend I didn't make up too! You can now see a full history and encyclopedia of SC and his adventures at the new section, Game Over Central Ops! I will continue to update this section when I can to fill in all the gaps. Be sure to e-mail me if there's any gaps that need filling. In celebration of three years of G. O. madness, the girl that made up the character SC has a relationship with, Shard, has drawn a front page picture (it might be cropped a little due to Freeweb's restrictions, in which case, click here). I've started moving Game Over File 2 to its own Tripod page and started posing Game Over File 2.5: Invasion of the Toons. You have until the 24th to vote on the just-started Mushroom Bowl battle between Morton Koopa Jr and Roy Koopa. They're both big guys, but which will advance to the semifinals?

1-17-08 = 11:16 AM

Happy T, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, all the holiday stuff that I missed because I didn't update in the past two to three months. The Art Gallery has returned, better then before! Also, I'm setting up a new way to view the Submission Guidelines that will be much better and easier for both you guys to read and me to edit. So far, changes have been made to About Mt. Majesty, Fan Fiction, In-noying Interviews, Art Gallery, The Comix Zone, and the Movie Theater. Speaking of which, I've added a new video for you to watch! The site is approaching its second birthday on the 24th, and Febuary 12th will also be special. Anything you've got to celebrate is welcome. Also, I'm announcing a new section of the site that I will create soon (this I promise), Game Over Central Ops, which will be your one-stop place for all the Game Over information you could possibly need... I hope.

Update Archive - October, November, December 2007

10-19-07 = 1:53 PM

The only thing new added to the site this time is the latest Mushroom Bowl battle, as Daisy gets the swing over Donkey Kong with a 3-2 vote! Go see the battle! Also, as Freewebs has changed the user interface for us webmasters, I don't think I can change the background music for a while since the option seems to be broken, so I hope you can stand the tunes for a little while longer. Finally, I removed the Koopalopedia link.

10-5-07 = 12:14 PM

Due to some techinal reason, when the RSS thread was in the nav bar, it caused the whole site to go down. As such, I was forced to remove it. I don't really know how to update it anyway, so nothing lost. I've added e-mail links to the top of every author paragraph in the In-noying Interviews. Also, after so long, the next battle at the Mushroom Bowl, Donkey Kong verses Daisy Toadstool, has begun! Voting closes on the nineteeth and promises to be full of interesting surprises. Finally, the music on the Mushroom Bowl page has been changed to Cold, a tune from the Dr. Mario series. It was supposed to be an MIDI of a song by Linkin Park that was supposed to be really sinister-sounded, but for some reason, no matter where I host it, it refuses to run. I don't get it...

Update Archive - July, August, September 2007

9-21-07 = 2:33 PM

Turns out Tripod wasn't having any major problems after all... Anyways, lots of stuff have been done. I've rewritten the Submission Guidelines and the Parents and Guardians notice on About Mt. Majesty, not to mention changed the page music to Wario's Adventure from the first WarioWare game while I was at it. I've added e-mail links to the top of every author paragraph in Fan Fiction and cleared out some of the deadwood placeholders for stories I'm not sure how long it will be until I get to them again. I also took care of a few format errors in a few of the Mushroom Bowl battle archive pages and did a few image rehostings. Finally, and most importantly, I've added an RSS thread to the updates! Subscribe to the feed and you won't need to wait for a Newsletter to know I've updated! College is not as strict as high school, not by a long shot, so I should be able to update more often. Please send me your stuff!

8-16-07 = 10:08 AM

I am encountering some serious problems with Tripod, so I may be forced to move all the files hosted on it elsewhere. Thankfully, I keep backups, although it will take a long time to restore everything. However, not having access to Tripod doesn't mean I can't perform a major overhull to the Submissions Guidelines as planned. Mostly, this overhull was to move us from E for Everyone on the ESRB rating scale to T for Teens, so you can submit fanstuff that's a little more mature, but not too much. Also, Megavideo is now accepted as a substitute for YouTube for hosting in the Movie Theater, shown by how the link for my E. G. G. M. A. N. Music Video has changed. Also, I have found a great file hosting site, Will Host For Food, that will host the four computer games at the Game Over Arcade. Except a new game from me soon... assuming I find a new website host.

7-10-07 = 9:37 AM

I've fixed up the Koopalopedia link in the Links page and the description of Nuklear Power. Also add three cheats and one glitch to the Video Game Rehab Clinic. The biggest part of this update, however, is that I've added small forms to the bottom of all the Fan Fics, Interviews, and Short Skits on the site so people can leave comments on submissions and say what they like and don't like.

Update Archive - April, May, June 2007

6-16-07 = 10:21 AM

School's out, I'm a high school graduate, and I hope to be updating a lot more over the summer. The Video Game Rehab Clinic now has my Boss FAQ for Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. My comic noir gone horribly wrong, Miles Prowler: Private Eye, is now accessable via The Comix Zone. It might be a bit mature for other's tastes, but it is still an excellent comic if I do say so myself. The Links sections has been infused with six, count 'em six, new links spanning across the entire board, including the return of the Eggman Empire! Finally, I've been playing the original Paper Mario recently, so the Fan Fiction page music has changed to the Tubba Blubba Battle music from that game.

5-4-07 = 4:18 PM

OMG I've updated! Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but school has me swamped, plus all my other online business like the Smack Jeeves comics. But have I got a whopper: not one, not two, not thee, but four Game Over Productions Coin-Op games! Mega Man's back, as well as Pac-Man, Pac-Man Vs., and the most recent release, Homestar Runner: Space Case! Check them all out at the Game Over Arcade! Also, check out the Secondary Sections, as the Trouble Center has been replaced with one of my most recent Web comics, SCemails, which will be more likely to update! Finally, the music of the Links page has been changed and a new link has been added.

Update Archive - January, Febuary, March 2007

3-3-07 = 3:42 PM

Nothing new in terms of content. I've rearragned the Fan Fiction section so it's sorted by author. I've also updated the Submission Guidelines for the Game Over Arcade and Video Game Rehab Clinic.

2-12-07 = 7:59 PM

*pops party ball and blows noisemakers* Wake up, everyone! Today marks the second anniversery of the day Game Over first appeared on Lemmy's Land! You probably expect me to do something special for the day, don't you? Well, I don't have much, actually, except for the new Front Page section image... Anyways, on with the update. I've created a link to my author comic, the Trailer Park of Authors, on The Comix Zone; even though I'm no longer an author of Authortastic 2.0 (I quit for very complex reasons), I'm keeping the link there. Also, because Tripod won't let you download just the .EXE and I don't have access to the original file to put it in a .ZIP at this moment, I had to take Mega Man off the Game Over Arcade temporarily. But on the plus side, we have a new section: the Video Game Rehab Clinic, where you can get some pretty sweet video game info! Currently, there's only one FAQ up there, but more will come once I get on my family's desktop and get them along with the Mega Man game.

1-24-07 = 2:06 PM

There's more then one reason to celebrate today. First, the Mt. Majesty site is now over one whole year old! Yippie! Second, this is my first update for both 2007 and on the laptop I got for Christmas! It runs a little slow at times, but it's still one killer laptop. Now, I apologise about that I didn't close the fourth Quarterfinal poll on the 6th; I've been so freakin' busy, both with matters at my comics on Smack Jeeves (a new one, Authortastic 2.0, that I'm a member of is now at The Comix Zone) and my schoolwork, not to mention everything else. In fact, I should be working on my computer science programs now. Still, it's done now, and when I checked the poll shortly after the 6th, Lemmy got the edge with 66% of the vote. Go to the Mushroom Bowl to view this battle! The Front Page has had the Section Image Contest removed and the section image is normal now. My next interview will really surprise you: just click here and read this super-special Mt. Majesty exclusive! Boy, despite the fact that this update seems big, it doesn't do have the things I had planned... that's what school does for ya...

Update Archive - October, November, December 2006

12-23-06 = 10:53 AM

Seasons greetings, everyone! With my family gathering tomorrow, chances are this'll be my last update before Christmas. In order to make up for having almost the entire month without updates, this one's a doozy! First, check out A Game Over Christmas, a cute little Christmas story I wrote, in Fan Fiction. Next, listen closely, for I switched the music of the Seconary Sections and the Front Page so "Cold Man's Stage" from Mega Man & Bass is on the front again. I was kinda in a rush for something Chrismassy. The installer file for Mega Man, one of my first completed games, is up on the Game Over Arcade, waiting for someone to download it and enjoy. The fourth battle of the Mushroom Bowl is raring between two more Koopalings, Wendy and Lemmy, and only one of them will leave victorious... and a semifinalist. Just who will be revealed when voting closes 1-6-2007. I've finally found the time to answer the first question asked through the Trouble Center. Sorry for the delay, kkcobra2. And the biggest holiday cheer of all, my special Seasons Greetings 2006 photo has finally developed and it is now the Section Image until next update. Sure, it looks a little sketchy, but eh. Speaking of Section Images, the contest is now closed, but because I was the only one who contributed, no one wins. That paragraph will be deleted next update.

12-10-06 = 3:21 PM

E-Man has a new Interview, E-MAN, DOOPLISS, and CLOVER interview WHISPY WOODS. Also, as Tails and His Inverse Universe now has space on Smack Jeeves, the link to it in The Comix Zone now goes to its page, which you can also check out here.

11-18-06 = 9:10 PM

If you're wondering where the Poetry Corner and Trouble Center are, they aren't gone; they've been moved to the Secondary Sections page, which means their pages are now hosted on Tripod! I've also gotten rid of the Art Gallery; it's been even more stagnet then the Poetry Corner! Tails and His Inverse Universe, my sprite comic at The Comix Zone, now has its own page. Also added the Game Over Arcade, the place to download and play cool games both on and off the computer! The first game is a Paper and Pencil game called WarioWare, Inc.: Part-e Cards; the others will be up when I have time. Finally, I cut a few dead Links.

11-11-06 = 4:33 PM

With everything except The Adventures of Bracket and Mt. Icey completed, the updates will become somewhat smaller. I have two more comics for Tails and His Inverse Universe today that I actually did several months ago up and kicking in The Comix Zone. And that's it.

11-4-06 = 8:58 PM


E-Man has a new interview: E-MAN and DOOPLISS interviews KING DEDEDE. I have another interview myself: SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews GRODUS. Also added the final three chapters of Tails' New Home.

10-30-06 = 5:53 PM

Finally, I'm getting through to you guys! Last night, E-Man sent me the first piece of fan work on this site that's not mine and I didn't have to ask: E-MAN and DOOPLISS interview KIRBY! Whoo! To celebrate, I changed the music of the In-noying Interviews from "Dr. Mario" from Super Smash Bros. Melee to "Options Screen / Lobby" from Diddy Kong Racing to match the interview. Also, although Game Over File 2: the Crystal Catastrophe isn't even three-quarters done, I decided to start posting my post-GOF2 interviews anyway. Number six on the list is SUPERCOMPUTER276 and HYPERGUY152 interview THE KOOPA BROS. Sunday, Monday, happy days...

10-22-06 = 8:57 AM

At the last moment, someone casted the only vote for the third Mushroom Bowl match and gave Waluigi the win! View the battle at the Bowl's page! Also, I changed the music for the Bowl from "Mute City" from Super Smash Bros. Melee to "Elite Four Battle" from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Hopefully next match, people vote during the entire voting period.

10-21-06 = 3:58 PM

Yes, I will update tomorrow. All I wanted to do was change some wording in the Fan Fiction section around, mostly the description of Forum Fiction to acocunt for Mt. Majesty Forum being recreated. But since I was here, I decided to do other things. The next chapter of Tails' New Home is added. I removed the Eggman Empire from the Links page because the site's been down for way too long, but added a link to another sprite comic in its place. Also added my own Section Image for Fan Fiction. Send me section images! And vote in the Mushroom Bowl; the voting period is nearly over and no one's voted! If no one votes, I will be forced to randomly decide the winner, so vote! Every vote counts! I'm also rearragned the Update Archive a little to attempt to shorten loading times for the page.

10-8-06 = 3:32 PM

Now reading Chapter 8 of Tails' New Home (which has just been added), I realize that the grammer is horrendous. I wrote the thing a bit over four years ago (I remember working on it on one of my earliest first days in high school), which explains a bit. Some things are definately unclear. Speaking of fan fiction, by the way, the final two chapters of Eggman Goes Good are uploaded. A new Mushroom Bowl battle has begun as well (voting for the third quarterfinal ends 10-22-06, this round has a special guest), and the Experience Tracker has been updated with the latest EXP totals. Now the best part; the Mt. Majesty Forums are back in action, and unlike last time, it's not going to nosedive due to my inattention to it!

10-2-06 = 8:33 PM

Since The Good, the Bad, and the Omega was nearly done, I decided to add the final two chapters in one fell swoop. Hope you enjoyed it. I think, like Game Over, the ending's a little weak and the villian's too talkative, but it's a good story overall. Eggman Goes Good has another chapter as well. It's not a carnival of doom, but it might be just as bad... Finally, Mt. Majesty has brand new submission guidelines! OK, it's not new; I got most of it from Lemmy's Land, but now I'm a bit more direct about what I want.

Update Archive - July, August, September 2006

9-24-06 = 2:29 PM

I just can't get you people to send me anything, including viruses. All three Sonic Fan Fiction have new chapters. One of my favorite moments in "Tails' New Home" is coming up, too. Even better news; as of yesterday, I am eligable to recieve Mew at Toys R Us this Saturday with my purchase of Pokemon LeafGreen! Beat Brock today, planning to make a game to simulate battles similar to that of the Pokemon Stadium games eventually and possibly post it in the upcoming Game Over Arcade, but no guarentees. Oh, and the Section Image Contest has lost an eligible category for submission, as I had to make the Front Page's image myself. Hope you like it; it wasn't easy at all.

9-17-06 = 8:49 PM

First, the link to one of my comics, "When Bowser Goes to the Movies" in The Comix Zone was busted, so I fixed it. Next, I changed the music of the front page to "Double Trouble - Team Rocket's Theme" from Pokemon Puzzle Leauge in order to help bring Pokemon fans in and encourage them to submit their fan material. Finally, and most important, I've finally created the Mt. Majesty Experience Tracker to encourage more people to submit so they can get rewarded! There happens to be an EXP part to the Section Image Contest's prize... although I'm dangerously close to making the front page's image myself.

9-15-06 = 9:16 PM

Almost a week since last update and all I have to offer is my fifth interview on its own page ("SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews WALUIGI") for the In-noying Interviews. I also added notice of a new section to the announcement for it above. Most of my evening time (when I can update the thing) was working on new submission guidelines which should be up rather soon with the Experience Tracker.

9-9-06 = 9:29 AM

OK, school's not as draining as I thought, but having to deal with my parents on this site's matters is another story; that explains why the last update didn't have an issue of the Game Over Newsletter. I've gone Pokemon crazy, so I so intend to change the music around a little. Pokemon has now the fifth main game series for the site. That means if you got Pokemon stuff (I don't care at this point), e-mail it to me! The Pokemon craze kicks off with a mark of a Fan Fiction story and a cool Pokemon link. Also, Tails' New Home and Eggman Goes Good have new chapters. As for the Experience Tracker, all I got to do is make the page... that should happen relatively soon...

9-1-06 = 5:51 PM

Another rush update, so I may speak in incomplete sentences: my fourth interview is added to Tripod, mark of a new story in Fan Fiction, new link and modification of an old link, new announcement.

8-30-06 = 1:09 PM

The Comix Zone is now host to one of my best ever comic ideas, "Tails and His Inverse Universe," a Sonic sprite comic featuring Tails. The first six comics are up; go check it out! Also, a new chapter for Eggman Goes Good is up, and this time the bad boy's plans are fully revealed... or are they? Also, tomarrow is the start of my new Section Image Contest to help Mt. Majesty be more inviting; to see how to enter, either look above or click here.

8-28-06 = 10:38 AM

In the first place, the newest section to Mt. Majesty, the Trouble Center, is now up! The Trouble Center is basically a mailbag page; you mail me your questions and comments, and I answer or respond to them! I'm hosting the Trouble Center's page on Tripod, mostly 'cause I want to show off the background I made for it. If enough of you like it, I'll put it on every page on the site. Also, all three of the Sonic Fan Fics (The Good, the Bad, and the Omega, Tails' New Home, and Eggman Goes Good) have new chapters.

8-26-06 = 6:20 PM

Been gone for so long, and I only have something so minor. The first Kirby link, Kirby's Rainbow Restort is added to the Links page, and I changed the Submission Guidelines in About Mt. Majesty around a little. The reason for both the delay between updates and the low amount of stuff when I do is twofold. First, school is just around the corner! EEP! Second, I'm working on a new sprite comic. Progress is steady, as I'm dedicated to doing one new comic for it per day. Once I get a good amount of it done, I'll put the comic up.

8-17-06 = 11:39 AM

The two new sections that I said were under construction yesterday, The Comix Zone and the Movie Theater, are now up and kickin'! Submit your jokes and films to show them to the world! Several things provided by me have already been put up, but I want you to show your stuff! Enjoy the new sections, all!

8-16-06 = Time Unknown

Recreated due to error 9-1-06 6:00 PM: "SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews MS. MOWZ" transferred, marks of two new sections added, new Fan Fiction chapters.

8-15-06 = 10:25 AM

The voting for the Mushroom Bowl is now closed and the results are in. Drumroll, please... and the winner, with 67% of the vote... Ludwig! Go to the Mushroom Bowl to see the whole battle! Also, I changed the Area 51 1/2 RPGs section in Fan Fiction to Forum Fiction so all forums can have their RPGs posted here in their entirety. A first in the history of the Internet as far as I know! And speaking of Fan Fiction, The Good, the Bad, and the Omega and Eggman Goes Good both have brand spanking new chapters. Finally, Area 51 1/2 has been added to the Links page.

8-10-06 = 6:36 PM

Jetdude has given me permission to put his first Sonic fanfic on Mt. Majesty: Eggman Goes Good! Enjoy this cool story, y'all! Also, due to GameCheetz ditching the comic (for good reasons on the Director's end), I removed its link from the Links page and replaced to one with a cool Sonic sprite comic. That's animated! Check out the page for Ctrl + C/V/Z!

8-6-06 = 10:49 AM

With school over the horizon (I'm going into 12th grade), I am quite honesty nervous. I am also nervous that the only two votes in the Mushroom Bowl are mine. GO VOTE! Sorry, I'm just on edge. My second interview, "SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews EVIL BLACK JEWEL," is on Tripod (see In-noying interviews or announcement or both). The interviewee is the final boss of Wario World if you don't know. Also, new chapters added to The Good, the Bad, and the Omega and Tails' New Home. To make sure you people know where to send me stuff, I've put my e-mail right at the bottom of the main page. Also adding a counter just below that.

8-2-06 = 1:46 PM

I've gone Super Smash Bros. Melee! With the exception of the newsletter signup page and the Poetry Corner, all the music on the site has been replaced with SSBM tunes! To check exactly where the music's from, check the paragraph on the front page. Also, the Great Tripod Transfer has transferred its first interview, "SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews DOOPLISS." Check the In-noying Interviews page and/or the announcement. Finally, I removed the forum from the site, half the reason being the link didn't work and the other being I didn't care for it anyway.

8-1-06 = 5:05 PM

And with the beginning of August comes the beginning of the first Opponent Faction Mushroom Bowl battle. Sorry for the delay, everyone, but now that The Adventures of Bracket and Mr. Icey has been transferred (check out Fan Fiction or the announcement) with an all-new chapter, all Fan Fiction I currently have onsite (with the exception of GOF2) is on Tripod! As to the battle, voting will also last two weeks (until August 15), and the first battle has been giving its own page at Tripod, currently viewable via either the Bowl's page or the announcement.

7-28-06 = 2:01 PM

New chapter for The Good, the Bad, and the Omega. Can Eggman surive Diabolus's vicious assult? Also, I changed the front page's music. For those that didn't know, it used to be "Cold Man's Stage" from Mega Man & Bass. Now it's "Flat Zone" from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Also, so I don't have to say it here, I'll post the current music in another paragraph on the front page.

7-27-06 = 3:37 PM

I need to make this quick: Tails' New Home added to Tripod and added notice of Area 51 1/2 RPGs to Fan Fiction. Quick enough.

7-17-06 = 6:45 PM

I added a new subsection to the Links page where you can link to Mt. Majesty with either a button or one of three banners! Remember, you can only use these images if you link to the front page, but other then that, go wild! I'm planning on posting the code there soon.

7-17-06 = 6:26 PM

The links to two of my favorite online comics have been added to the Links page. Also, The Good, the Bad, and the Omega has been transferred to Tripod, along with a new chapter to that story.

7-16-06 = 3:53 PM

This last school year, when we were studying Edgar Allen Poe in English, I wrote this screenplay of a show called Magic Man's Corner. It's first episode? The Raven. This screenplay is now online for you to enjoy. Maybe I should try making a Flash movie out of it... Also, this Fan Fiction, Magic Man's Corner: The Raven, is the first Mt. Majesty fan material to not have a Freewebs page before. And shall the Great Tripod Transfer, in the future, be so slow? Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore!"

7-10-06 = 11:59 AM

Return to Doc Robot has been transferred. Check either the announcemant or Fan Fiction to see the new page.

7-3-06 = 11:36 AM

A notice to those awaiting the next Mushroom Bowl battle: don't hold your breath. The start of the next battle will be delayed by the Great Tripod Transfer. Speaking of which, the first of the fan material scheduled to be transferred has finished: Game Over. You can check out the new page by clicking on the link either in Fan Fiction or in the announcement above. Note Tripod is pop-up heavy, so turn on those blockers.

7-1-06 = 9:39 AM

The Great Tripod Transfer has begun; I am currently moving Game Over to my space on Tripod. However, the link to the story on the Fan Fiction page will still link to Freewebs until I finish. On a positive note, the first ever Mushroom Bowl Battle is now available for viewing at that page. With 71% of the vote, Wario has taken the win and has moved onto to the Semifinals. View the battle by clicking here!

Update Archive - April, May, June 2006

6-30-06 = 6:15 PM

I have good news and bad news today. Good news is twofold. First, kkcobra2 has become the first person to subscribe to the Game Over Newsletter. Congrats, kkcobra2! Second, the final two chapters of Return of Doc Robot have been added. On a side note, today is the final day before the Mushroom Bowl's first battle vote closes. On a sadder note, I've reached my free account's 20-page limit, so I'm gonna need to use some other server like Geocities or Tripod for media work. I still have a Tripod account that I intended to use for an old Web site that never launched (happens a lot to me, sadly). Expect large renovations in the next few weeks as I work on that.

6-28-06 = 11:38 AM

In order to increase web traffic to Mt. Majesty, I'm opening up the Game Over Newsletter, where subscribers get notifications of when I update and some other hidden data. Simply click here to sign up!

6-28-06 = 11:07 AM

Glad to see more people are voting in the Mushroom Bowl. If you haven't voted, then do so; the poll closes in just three more short days. In other news, I'm beginning work on a series of banners and buttons for Mt. Majesty, although it will be a while before I'm done. In the meanwhile, enjoy the new chapter of The Adventures of Bracket and Mr. Icey.

6-23-06 = 10:39 AM

A long time ago, I had a dream with a robot, a junk pile house, a water slide, Mr. Frosty from the Kirby games, and aliens. The robot and walrus became the heroes of a multi-chapter adventure, The Adventures of Bracket and Mr. Icey, of which I posted the first two chapters here.

6-22-06 = 10:32 AM

My brother's birthday is in three days; I hate being low on cash... Anyways, I removed the Lemmy's Land link from the sidebar because it, along with a bunch of other great sites from the Sonic and Mega Man series, are on the new Links page! Also, I am not too pleased with how the voting's going at the Mushroom Bowl; of the four or five votes there, only one is someone else's! I gotta start advertising...

6-20-06 = 10:09 AM

New chapers for The Good, the Bad, and the Omega and Tails' New Home.

6-18-06 = 10:22 AM

The first of twelve chapers of a novelization of an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, Tails' New Home, has been added to Fan Fiction.

6-18-06 = 10:08 AM

A massive update today. First, the About section has a Submission Guidelines to encourage people to e-mail me their work. That's right, it's not just a showcase for my stuff; I want all of your things as well. Second, I removed my brother's story (now that's he's decided to make it into a Flash movie for some reason) from Fan Ficton and added the mark for the half-sequal to GOF2. New chapters for Return of Doc Robot and The Good, the Bad, and the Omega have been added. SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews MS. MOWZ has been given its own page in the In-noying Interviews. Also, added two poems of mine and one of Peachy Girl's to the Poetry Corner. My two were actually ones I had written for a school assignment on The Catcher in the Rye.

6-17-06 = 12:38 PM

Finally! Drum roll please... the Mushroom Bowl is finally up! The first match is Wario vs. Peach. The poll to vote for the winner will be open until July 1, 2006.

6-2-06 = 5:27 PM

I had every intention of starting the Mushroom Bowl June 1st, but school got in the way, and I hadn't worked on it until yesterday. While I have posted the rules for the Mushroom Bowl tournament on its page, the real fights won't start just yet. Be assured, however, that it will start by the end of the month.

5-27-06 = 2: 57 PM

Return of Doc Robot has been rather dormant for a while, so added the next chapter. Also added the next chapter of The Good, the Bad, and the Omega.

5-27-06 = 1:33 PM

Why did I decide to give Mt. Majesty a Poetry Corner? I have no clue, but I did. Also, a notice from the Mushroom Bowl; the fights begin June 1st, 2006!

5-14-06 = 8:19 AM

The first chapter of a Sonic story by me, The Good, the Bad, and the Omega is now up.

5-2-06 = 5:02 PM

The page for the Mushroom Bowl, the mountian's battle arena, has been added to the Navigation Bar, but it's still under work, so be sure to check it soon to see if it's up.

4-30-06 = 10:36 AM

I've changed the site's Web Template from Smoke Orange to Gaming Orange. Let me know what you think of the change!

4-30-06 = 10:05 AM

My second interview, SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews EVIL BLACK JEWEL, now has its own page.

4-29-06 = 4:38 PM

Added the Update Archive section, so there are only the five most recent updates on the front page. Also gave my first interview, SUPERCOMPUTER276 interviews DOOPLISS, its own page.

4-29-06 = 4:25 PM

Added marks of three new Fan Fiction: two Sonic the Hedgehog-based and one Miscellanious one. Miscellanious Fan Fics aren't based around any story at all, or on one that isn't worth my time to make a new category of.

Update Archive - January, Febuary, March 2006

 3-30-06 = 6:01 PM

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I updated! I was busy setting up the Mt. Majesty Forum! There's a link in the Navigation Bar. Please join! And next chapter of Return of Doc Robot added.

3-3-06 = 5:13 PM

The In-noying Interviews section has been added to the Navigation Bar. There are currently five of my interviews there. 

3-3-06 = 4:42 PM

The next chapter of Return of Doc Robot has been added.

2-18-06 = 8:55 AM

The first of the Mega Man Fan Fiction, Return of Doc Robot, has been added. There's only one chapter out of seven for now.

2-18-06 = 8:25 AM

Game Over celebrated its first anniversery last Sunday; sorry I couldn't update earlier. Anyways, the What Video Game Are You? quiz has become standard for new crew members, and Game Over has been given its own page. 

1-24-06 = 8:25 AM

Well, I've created the Fan Fiction section, added two stories (from another site for the moment, but they're my work), and marked the position of another story. All three of them are in the Super Mario category.