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Yes, I can write poetry. It's only a matter of getting the emotions out.

Each poem has its own entry.

Ode to Toast

Toast, toast, you have the most
Flavor of all breakfast foods.
Toast, toast, I don't like to boast,
But you empty my stomach of room.
Great with silk cocolate soymilk,
Unlike soup with is boily.
Oh toast is great, perfered on my plate,
Unlike waffles which are "hole-y."

I Know a Teacher No One Likes

I know a teacher no one likes.
She always asks for a lickin'.
Thirty-seven apples last year,
only two of them weren't tickin'.

I know a teacher no one likes.
She is rarely, if ever, fun.
On our last test, we all lost points
For being under twenty-one.

I know a teacher no one likes.
She has the mood of a lancer.
She claims that she is very wise,
But her book has all the answers.

I know a teacher no one likes.
She has no sense of what is right.
We all do three projects at once,
And every one is overnight.

I know a teacher no one likes.
She feels superior to time.
I must wrap up this poem soon
As I am running out of rhymes.

I know a teacher no one likes.
She always attracts several boos.
But we've heard her talk about school.
And she hates it more then we do!

The Ducks and the Fish (by Horowitz)

It was a routine drive with my trusty cab that day.
It was night to be exact, but it won’t get in the way.
I was driving this young kid from that place, Edmont Hotel.
He was heading down to Ernie’s to have a drinking spell.
On the way, that’s when he asked about the park’s pond’s ducks.
He was trying to discover where they went in winter, without much luck.
Where they went, he wanted to know. That was his only wish,
But when that question he did ask, I started talking about fish.
I said that they were frozen in the ice the season through.
They ate by sucking through their scales nutrients fro and to.
When we arrived, he paid his fare. He headed right on in.
I drove off into the night and left in in that bin.

Why Did He? (by Sally Hayes)

Why did he? Why did he? It bugs me so.
Why did he? Why did he? I’ll never know.
We just went inside for a drink
And to sit and talk and think.
I told him school was an awful bore,
And that’s when he started acting sore.
He asked me to run with him far far away,
To Massachusetts or Vermont or some other bay
Where we would live for the rest of our days
Somewhere out in the snow, but I answered no.
I said we had oodles of time, but he responded out of rhyme
That it wouldn’t be the same, calling a list of names
That we were planning to run away
To Massachusetts or Vermont or some other bay
Where we would live out the rest of our days.
Eventually, I got up and left him be,
But I was left curious. Why did he? Why did he?

I Am Not a Villain

When I started, I was a villain.

I took from others.
I threatened their lives for my gain.
I spirited away who others cared about.
I tempted others to swear themselves to me.
I enslaved others.
I cared for none but myself.

My world was black.
My world was lonely.
My world was dark.
I was alone.

We met.
And I learned.

I learned love.
I learned to love.
I learned to be loved.
I learned to care for others.
I learned to respect others.

My world grew brighter.
My world had someone else.
My world grew whiter.
My darkness is gone.

I am not a villain.
Not anymore.
Thank you, my love.

What Have I Done to Myself?

I made too many bad choices...
I burned too many bridges behind me...
All chance I have at happiness...

Where is the light?
I thought that I saw it...
But it was an illusion...
Yet everyone can feel it

What have I done to myself?
Everything I've done...
I just wanted to be complete...
But I just kept destroying myself

Why does everyone keep berating me?
I've done enough damage already...

Stuffed Animal Crackers

Let me show you a wondrous place
It is here in dreams you might race
A colorful town
With nice well-kept grounds
And stuffed animals living? That's ace!

Robert Town, this place is thus called
Where green hills roll like a ball
The stuffed toys live free
Just like you and me
And they have lots of fun, spring or fall

The leader of this vibrant world
A young man with kindness unfurled
A tall yellow bunny
With clothing quite funny
Beebunny, his name was herald

Mature and with a true hand
Beebunny watched this world never bland
His rule they did love
Treated with white gloves
Peace settled in over the land

But tension there did thus arose
Like an arrow strung in a bow
From Licensed she came
Petite Angel by name
A Buneary with love in her soul

Our yellow friend she adored
Where she was no one was bored
But this was bad and not good
In the whole neighborhood
For obsessive she was, I implore

Flowers and choc'lates she'd grant
Drown him in a gift elephant
But he kept at bay
His heart would not sway
Against jewels and clothes elegant

For he, see, already did like
A young girl he thought was alright
Small blue and quite sweet
Her voice a small fleet
Of spring daisies a glistening white

A heart purer's not easily found
this girl was a dream on the ground
Together much fun
Beebunny and Bluebun
Worth its weight in gold, ev'ry pound

All the subjects found this rather keen
They said, “She will be the new queen!”
But the danger still brewed
And would erupt soon
The last of Petite Angel not seen

If you've seen Foster's, you know of Berry
A small cutesy who smelled of faint cherry
She fell for young Bloo
But when Mac came in view
She flipped and her fate was not merry

This mishap was on the same page
Miss Angel was in jealous rage
“Why how dare that she
Take my man from me!
I'll have to advance to next stage!”

One morning the sun was quite bright
The landscape a marvelous sight
But he left it unsaid;
Why our hero felt dread:
Bluebun had vanished in the night!

He cried, “She's been kidnapped, I fear!
Bow Tie, call the detectives here!”
They came with great haste
In sleuthing they're ace
Shy and Benny, rabbit cousins quite clear

“My friends,” said the king, “Bluebun has been lost
I need you to find her. I'll pay any cost.”
“We'll do it for free,
our liege, we agree.
We will search far until we exhaust!”

They looked for clues and followed the trail
Through Robert Town until it availed
They had found not a ferret
But the green of Bluebun's carrot
In the Licensed district, true as a nail

To our hero's mind a suspect did come
“Could she be sounding her war drums?
We've no time to lose,
Put on running shoes;
I fear what of Bluebun will become!”

The Licensed district, as you may well guess,
Are animals from other media mess
Disney, hedgehogs blue
Even Neopets too!
Describing them all would digress

Homes there varied, from not-so-well
to the great Neopolitan Hotel
Now your guess please give
As to where Angel lived:
In a trailer home, a lie I not tell

Beebunny, Shy, Benny, and Bow Tie too
Knocked on the door, suspecting, no, knew
That the animal to blame
For this crime gone untamed
Was here and it was time to pay due

Petite Angel did open the door
“Why, your majesty, I do implore!
What brings you to see
Cute little old me?”
“You can't hide her, not anymore!

Bluebun was kidnapped, I must state.
The evidence leads here, no debate!
So please stand aside,
Miss Angel!” he cried,
And the four of them pushed through the gate

“What is this?!” she scratchily singed.
“I assure you I've done no such thing!”
From the closet, a sound,
And within it they found,
Bluebun tied up with meters of string!

You can guess how this all did end up
The matter resolved before time for sup
Bluebun was now free
Miss Angel, degreed
To jail time for months, the young pup

The moral: it's not wrong to love
Whether position's below or above
But wishes respect,
If the other rejects,
Accept it, don't slap with a glove

For the king and his bride, you can bid
True love between them, yes they did
They pledged to their hearts
That they never would part
Ever after, they happily lived