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SC's goal in life is to become a video game designer. And he thinks that he shouldn't have to wait and get a job to make games.

There are two categories of games here. First are computer games, which you can play on your computer. The second is other types of games. This second type gets one section, while each of the computer games, since they're so plentiful, get their own sections.

Non-Computer Games

WarioWare, Inc.: Part-e Cards

Here's your chance to play a WarioWare: Mega Party Game$ multiplayer game without the GameCube!

Duel Monsters Chess

A new way to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, inspired by Capsule Monsters Chess and other sources. Enjoy a turn-based strategy dueling experience!

The WarioWare D.I.Y. Line-up - Game Over Software

Having gotten a copy of WarioWare D.I.Y. on it's North American release date, being a fan of both game development and WarioWare, it's no surprise that I've got a whole raring collection of MakerMatic microgames all set up for waiting players. Some music and comics are also available.

Recieving Game Over-brand games, music, and comics: First, you must register me using my Friend Code on D.I.Y., or with my Wii Console Number (which is done on the Wii itself, but it is how D.I.Y. Showcase connects). You'll then need to send me your Friend Code or Wii Console Number using (perferably) either e-mail or DeviantArt. Once you've done that, browse the product catalouge (link at the bottom of this paragraph). Red dots products are available at any time by accessing my Warehouse in DIY, and you may send me requests for any products with green or yellow dots next to them (blue dots are currently being developed and are unavailable) so I can send them to you via D.I.Y. Showcase.

Because I update the catalouge so frequently on my DeviantArt account, updates to the catalouge will not necessarily result in an update on the site's update list nor an e-mail notification for those on the Lone 'Coon News mailing list.

Screen Name: Yosie
Brand Name: Game Over

WarioWare D.I.Y. Friend Code: 3825-3172-1043
Wii Console Number: 5123-2073-2658-8560

View the Game Over-brand product catalouge here

Wario's Temple Trek

current version: 0.5.4

The true Wario Land 4 fangame! Guide Wario through a gigantic temple with a multitude of environments in search of lots of treasure! Currently out: version 0.5.4! The watery depths of the Sapphire Passage await you!

Gyro Core

current version: not released

TESTER X, your assignment today is to test-run our newest product, the GYRO CORE. You will do this by navigating the GYRO CORE through a series of TEST CHAMBERS. ...Yes, TESTER X, this was inspired by Portal, but that is not the point.

Short Circuit

current version: not released

Dataport Corporation is the leader in world electronics, but with systems as big and powerful as theirs, it's not suprising that repairs and refurbishment are needed. To that end, there are several manually-operated programs the company uses to scour their circuit boards and make sure everything's in good working order. Your program? Patch.EXE.