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Posted by supercomputer276 on January 16, 2011 at 12:43 PM

I'd like to take a moment to talk with out about possibility.

It's my firm belief that, in some form or another, nothing is impossible. If there is something that is impossible in this world, such as, say, a handheld portal-creating device or a giant talking TV-obsessed gecko, then there exists a world where it is possible.

Yes, I believe that video games are a window to another universe. But not just video games, no; books, too, and movies and television. All peeking in at other worlds where wonderous things can happen... because in those universes, it can. The possibilites that crop up when fictional worlds are just as real as ours, but just exist in other universes, is quite staggering.

The Myst line of games takes that idea and runs with it. There are infinately many ages (as the different universes are called). When you try to make a change to a Description Book to "edit" the age, depending on how big the edit is (like, bigger than a falling dagger or something), you're not changing the age itself, but simply changing the universe the book links to so the age on the other side does match.

Which brings me to what I really wanted to talk to you guys about: an abandoned alternate-universe concept called Game Over MYSTery. It's just what it sounds like: Game Over + Myst. But lemme tell ya, it was a sad alternate universe. Since I lack the sufficient means outside Garry's Mod and Hammer to create anything I really needed for this storyline I created when I first got into Myst, I'm going to put all the ideas I had for here and hope you enjoy it. Hold tight; this is a long one.

The story starts when SC goes to Earth while Jiggy hunting and finds an abadoned D'ni ruin, with a library including a few Linking Books. He takes notice of one in particular, named "Blackland," and takes it along with the Jiggy back to Mt. Majesty and shows it to Elizabeth. Over the course of the following week, SC and Elizabeth research the book and the D'ni.

At the end of the week, Mt. Majesty is struck by a tremendous earthquake. The entire mountain comes down. By Linking through to Blackland, SC and Elizabeth are the only survivors... except DemonComputer, who in this continuality, as he originally was, was sealed inside Panchico, who manages to escape with Panchico's death. As he was watching SC's research, he makes his way to the D'ni caverns in New Mexico and there starts gathering textbooks and materials to learn the Art for himself and go after his weaker self.

After several failed attempts, he finds a Prison Book among the textbooks holding what appears to be a young orange hedgehog lady. Using the power of the Crystal Ztar Rod inherient within him, he manages to release her back into the wide world. She calls herself Tamany Hall (yes, this is where the character started out), and she was formally a D'ni but imprisoned in a slightly faulty Prison Book after a massive accident that mutated her. She tutors him in the Art and in the process ends up falling for him for rescuing her. (Poor original Tamany...)

Meanwhile in Blackland, SC and Elizabeth are trying their best to cope with the loss of the Game Over and settle down on the small orange rocky island that is Blackland, even getting romantic with each other. However, Blackland's Linking Book survived the quake, so DC and Tamany invade and capture them. They are spirited away to SC's first stable age, the marshy prison world of Soulwood. They're held there for two months, kept starving and tortured mercilessly for DC's amusement. Eventually, SC manages to use a bit of power he got before the story from the Millennium Ring (...yeah, long story) to copy the knowledge of the Art from DC's mind to his. He and Elizabeth sneak into DC's living quarters and find a blank book, where SC hopes he remembers exactly what was in the first book and creates a new link to Blackland, which they both escape through.

Once back, SC manages to set up defensive measures to prevent DC from invading again, then teaches Elizabeth the Art so that she can get away if she is seperated from. He finds she takes to it quite naturally, and manages to write up new ages impressively well, including managing to easily create Linking Books to most anywhere she's already been.

And that was just the first four of about ten or so chapters (this was intended as a sprite comic). Further adventures included DC's second age and established home front, Coalcastle (a black mountain peak sticking out of the ocean), and Tamany attempting to seduce him by going around naked. The eventual goal was the discovery of what caused the destructive earthquake. Not too much was thought of it beyond the starting point when the concept was abandoned. Here's the list of all the ages that were involved in the concept, with descriptions from my original notes:

  • Blackland: This desolate island was actually a pre-existing age. Orange with the lack of life, it is almost arrow-like in shape. The shore is flanked with high mountains except for the penensula where it is barren. An old classic red-and-white lighthouse sits on the end of the penensula, which is strange as the dock is on the opposite side of the island. The only other buildings are a large one-room house and an elegant library building where several linking books are held. Because several of the Ages linked to in the library are Ages linked to or created by SC or Elizabeth, rumor is they were once trapped here by DC until they mastered the Art so they could escape.
  • Soulwood: DC's first stable Age is a marshy mist-shouded forest devoid of animal life save a few small birds. The forest is flooded partially with water that has the properties of super strong quicksand; once you step in, you ain't steppin' out no matter what you try. The area is navigatable by traveling across steps from giant tree stump to giant tree stump. DC designed this Age as an inescapable prison and place of merciless torture. There are three distinct areas in this Age: the Lockhouse, where prisoners live when not eating or being tortured, under constant threat of the floor opening up and the marsh swallowing them whole; the Mess Area where prisoners are fed a strange odorous substance that can barely be described as food; and the Torture Chamber carved out of the largest tree where prisoners are subject to a lifetime of pain in a matter of seconds by various means, including an Iron Maiden, a stretching table, and a hi-speed tickling machine. While there is a bookroom located within this Age that DC installed for backup and emergency situations, it is so far out of the way and inaccessable that the prisoners don't even know it exists.
  • Coalcastle: DC's second stable dimension is a huge black mountain that sticks out of the ocean. It's riddled with caverns and tunnels carved out by unknown forces, although they seem to be man-made. DC has transformed this peak into a gigantic black fortress where he stays the most often compared to other Ages; he keeps his main library here as well.
  • Dreamgear: A robotic age that SC and Elizabeth wrote together. At several spots along the walkways are sets of computers and machinery called a Dream Station. With these devices, visitors to the Age can enter a dream state and appear in the a dream environment, a sort of combination of both virtual reality and hypnotism. People at the same Station at the same time enter the same dream environment. While the computers that operate the Dream Stations are nearly tamperproof, users can still experience bad dreams. A crew of androids man and maintain the computers all over the Age. There are a few rumors about how the technology of this world is used and how it works; one is that SC and Elizabeth once used the Dream Station to simulate sleeping together before deciding whether they should do so for real.
  • Rainbowglen: This large grassy island somewhere in a temprate zone is always bright and sunny. This was the first Age Elizabeth wrote about with the Art. The flowers, bushes, and trees produce candy-like fruit of every variety and there is always a rainbow in the powder-blue sky. Elizabeth says that this Age has always cheered her up; even just looking at it through the linking panel in its book gives her relief.
  • Diamondcastle: Created by Elizabeth by rewriting a copy of DC's Coalcastle linking book, this Age is the polar opposite of its original version; it is a castle carved out of a white mountain sticking out of the sea. This is SC and Elizabeth's Age away from home after Blackland. The master bedroom contains two large thrifty beds, although Elizabeth's is not always used every night. No one is sure whether this is because she is out in other Ages on some nights or sleeps with SC on occasion instead.
  • Havensea: A beach-like island in the middle of a beautiful blue sea, this tropical resort of an Age was written by Elizabeth. This is a cresent-shaped island dotted with palm trees, with the large patch of water within the cresent circle a deep lagoon filled with marine life. There is a small sturdy shack on the island where linking books are kept.
  • Poisonlagoon: DC's third stable Age, this is another swamp-ridden world similar to Soulwood; the only difference is that there's no fog and the ground is only slightly damp. There are some mud nuts in this Age where DC stays; some are on platforms on stilts that stand on the muddy ground, while the others are treehouses or on platforms build in the trees, forming a network of planks similar to Channelwood. The water is infused with a unique brand of poison (injected by the slightest touch) that doesn't kill, but causes feelings of severe pain all over the victim's body that never ceases until they natually die. The pain starts five hours after infection. The biggest concentration of this poisoned water is a large basin a short distance way from the village that is home to a special breed of alligator that is immune to the poisoning effects of the water (that, or they do not express the pain they are feeling) and every member of this species has a bad attitude (which may be a result of the pain if they feel it).
  • Cardshark: An Age shared between SC and Elizabeth, the island here consists only of a large casino filled with all types of gambling games. The currency used is the deuce, gold coins that can be found in oysters off the coast like pearls are on Earth.
  • Digital: SC and Elizabeth wrote this Age to resemble the theory of cyberspace. With a constantly moving green and black background and multiple floors of flat planes, it's quite a sight. Visitors can move up and down by riding the red plane elevators.

So yeah, this is where Tamany Hall came from (thus why she used to be the Mystic Division Head and is the Game Over's expert on interdimensional travel). She got reworked into the main Game Over line when MYSTery was cancelled.

And y'know something? In the quantum way of it all, perhaps even though this story was abandoned... that doesn't mean it didn't happen somewhere.

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