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Posted by supercomputer276 on September 25, 2010 at 10:44 PM

In case you completely missed the whole site revamp, I've changed my site around from Mt. Majesty, the Internet home of the Game Over and general video game fansite, into Lone 'Coon Productions, a more personal site through which I showcase my works, Game Over or no. The name pulls from my fursona change a few months or so back from former author avatar SC to an anthropomorphic raccoon, and my tendancy to do everything by myself. For those wondering about Game Over Productions, that'll still be used for my fanworks, but the Lone 'Coon title will take priority for original works.


So you might be wondering, "SC, why did you change the site? It was fine the way it was." Well it wasn't, and I'm writing this to say why.


I'm not ashamed of the Game Over storyline. Believe it or not, there are people who enjoy reading my ex-avatar's exploits, and I'm going to keep writing them. I still have a ton of ideas in the works, including two different wham episodes. It's becoming a well-established fictional universe.


However, Game Over is not my only idea. I've had loads of ideas for all kinds of stories that are completely seperate from it. However, the old site, being a video game fansite, often didn't let me express those ideas because they didn't fit my own guidelines. I've moved on in a sense; I'm not all about Game Over anymore, and I needed a new site in order to branch out. The new site exhibits stuff I've made regardless of other elements in it.


Besides, the site was getting old and the whole user-submitted-material angle that I shamelessly copied off Lemmy's Land wasn't working out. Only four different people besides me had material on Mt. Majesty. One is frankly too naive for his own good, one I had to ask online to get (although it was my first encounter with FanFiction.net), one seems to have left the Internet permanently, and the last still has the material here because due to circumstances I'm the only person with a whole copy of the story (abiet with a few of my own modifications because she has no grasp of the rules of grammer).


There's still three things I need to do to completely finish the transition:

1. Add in my other stories from other places, such as my trilogy of Lucy the Cat fanfics and the first Stuffed Animal Crackers prose from DA.

2. Update the Fakedex so it speaks of Lone 'Coon instead of Mt. Majesty.

3. Completely bring the Game Over Info page up to date so it more or less matches its TV Tropes page.


So, that's the plan. Hope you enjoy the new site!

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