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Genius! (written July 11, 2010)

Posted by supercomputer276 on September 9, 2010 at 1:19 AM

One day not too long ago, I was browing through TV Trope's Wild Mass Guessing pages for various video game series I had interest in. One of these was WarioWare's, and one of the theories was that the majority of the series's main cast were geniuses as defined in a tabletop RPG game, Genius: The Transgression (its TV Tropes page). This game (a fan-made gameline to a tabletop RPG called World of Darkness, neither of which I would've found out about otherwise) is a composition of all things mad scientist, and relates the tales of geniuses (normal humans touched by what is known as Inspiration) who create wonderous technological marvals by channeling Mania. To say it's deep and complex is a heavy understatement; you can find the online sourcebook through the TV Tropes page.


I'm bringing this up because, when I think about it, SC has shown many signs of being a genius (for the record, the word "genius" in the game is never capitalized).


I mean, think about it. It would certainly explain how the hell he could've made the CET-XX and its accompaning program when he was only fourteen and a half. No one, not even him, pretends to even know how any of his many creations work. And you can't mass-produce Wonders (the creations), which explains why SC doesn't bother trying to sell any (although he can create several plothole containment shells fairly reliably), since regluar people can't even touch Wonders without them going haywire. The only violation I can think of at this moment (I'm still reading through the sourcebook myself) are the lack of resources he had available to him early on and the fact that in order to build really complex Wonders and keep them able to stand up reliably for more than a minute takes much longer than SC would ever have the patience for. And then there's this idea running around in my head of SC opening his own bar in Onieplugmitt selling his own brand of beverages...


With that in mind, how would SC look like in a Genius: the Transgressions build? Let's look at the elements:


Catalyst: the character "classes" that determine basic abilities

SC would most likely, out of the five Catalysts, be a Neid, the Catalyst of Banishment. Remember, his initial reason for conquering the world was so his schoolmates would stop calling him names and teasing him. Neids have a tendancy toward mind control, one of SC's favorite things to use. I've yet to read the section on Neids, but as I understand it, SC fits quite well here.


Foundation: approach to mad science

This one is a bit more difficult; although he has a few shades of the other foundations, especially Navigator, SC seems to stick mostly with the Reformed Society of Progenitors. These guys are into Mad Biology, which SC has considerable experience in what with the CET-XX program.



Including, but not limited to: the CET-XX and its construct-creation program, and arguably all the creatures created from it including the Core Corps; the Plothole Portal launcher and plothole shells; Boombox; the Cell Shades (both versions); and the Interdimensional Warp Pipe. The G.O. Wand / GO-yo wouldn't count, since Wonders are technological and not magical in nature.


Interestingly enough, if SC is a genius, than that would make the Core Corps all Beholden ("Igors," they could be summed up as), since they're the only ones besides geniuses that can handle Wonders without breaking them, once their souls developed (allowing them to ascend from simply being Wonders). Although they can operate on their own (Calcutta Joe and Sparkz being the more obvious examples, having had many independant adventures between them), they all truly rely on SC for purpose, especially the ones besides Sparkz and most especially Panchico (who was designed for that purpose anyway).


It seems SC doesn't quite fit the full gameline, but its rather eerie how well he does fits, doesn't it?

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