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Split Paths (written 3-22-2010)

Posted by supercomputer276 on March 25, 2010 at 3:53 PM

During this past week or so, I read about the webcomic Sonichu on TV Tropes (trust me, DO NOT look it up until you finish reading this). Given what I read there, I'm not willing to go look up anything else about it beyond reading the first few subchapters redrawn by someone who is a very good artist.


To summarize: the comic (supposedly) centers around a Pikachu-Sonic hybrid called Sonichu (appropriately enough) and his life in CWCville. He has a girlfriend, a Raichu-Amy fusion named Rosechu, and eventually several kids. Eventually other hedgehog-Pokemon hybrids come about and the city's mayor, the avatar of Christian Weston Chandler, eventually takes focus as he battles the forces of evil against enemies based on the trolls that plauge him, which is what made the webcomic so notable outside of So Bad It's Horrible given his reactive behavior so out of touch for reality he's an Anti Role Model for autistic people. It just gets worse from there; read the TV Tropes page and you'll see what I mean.


Why am I bringing focus to this if it's so bad even I won't read it? I'm certainly no troll; every time I've done something that could resemble troll behavior, it was in a fit of anger and I've come to regret it as soon as I've cooled down. No, the reason I'm even bothering to mention this monstrosity of a comic and the battles surrounding it is because after reading the TV Tropes page and some thinking, I came to a realization that could be summed up as follows:


"Holy shrapnel, that could've been me!"


Perhaps some explaination is in order.


My situation to Chris is faintly similar. I'm autistic (I have no idea where on the scale I am though; I've heard "high-functioning," but that's not important). I make some webcomics (sprite as opposed to handdrawn, but that's not important either). I'm more or less not moving out of my parent's house and also a little chubbier than I care to admit. My webcomics have also had problems with trolls; for those that followed by SJ career (aka none of you), Last Maverick was the most prominent of these along with a few others.


But there is where the path splits.


I reacted badly at first. You can look through the archives for Mind of SC276 yourself and find the original comic that had something similar to how Chris reacted, using trolls as enemies (I've since changed it, and I sure as hell won't be putting it back up). However, I realized that constantly getting angry at these Internet guys wasn't going to get me anywhere so I made myself calm down. I used their claims of being part of Anonymous to make jokes instead of war, starting to improve at not feeding trolls, and moved on with my life. I'm currently a college student, I know my limits, and generally I'm doing pretty good.


Chris, however, reacted badly constantly. He kept creating comics that attacked the trolls. It and the white noise surrounding the comic, CWCki, Encylopedia Dramatica, and several YouTube accounts have proven that Chris is so pathetic beyond salvation it's hilarious. He's a hypocrite, spoiled, lazy as hell (and that's coming from me), feels the incessent need to state how much he hates gays (except for lesbians), is more than willing to unintentially prove that he knows nothing about pretty much anything above middle school level, takes offense at people just wanting him to update regularly, and his works contain so much excessivly sexual material TV Tropes warns you to keep the Brain Bleech within arm's reach. And the worst part is in spite of the excessive use of Rule 34 done by him, he thinks his comic is still for kids! And he thinks he can make money off of it too by calling it a "parody!" He's currently living completely off of welfare checks in a house so messy if the Virgina authorities saw the tape they'd burn the house down and his dad is known as the "Internet Lumberjack." Again, read the TV Tropes page; there is no way I could possibly describe how utterly ridiculous this whole thing is. Such as how the noise surrounding the comic has more tropes than the comic itself.


And to think that I'd be stuck in a similar situation to this poor bloke if I had let my anger run away with me. It is... really very very humbling and a bit of a relief to know I managed to avoid such infamy. Sure, I like to roll with No Such Thing as Bad Publicity, but I'd also like to be known for what I intend to do and do well, such as my Wario fangame, original games including one I'm working on now, and Stuffed Animal Crackers. I could stand to be a little less lazy; I'm planning on starting on the Grand Championship "writeup" for the Mushroom Bowl on spring break and get to drawing a few pictures I've been meaning to do for a while now. I've avoided the pit, but I'm still skirting the edge, and I gotta drive straight if I don't want to fall.

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