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Not Exactly GOLDEN Ratio, But...

Posted by supercomputer276 on February 21, 2009 at 11:10 AM

Whenever I'm browsing Smack Jeeves and see a recently updated comic that catches my eye, the first thing I check is what I call the "fans to comics" ratio. Calculated by dividing the number of people that have faved the webcomic to the number of individual comics, I believe that the ratio is a good measure of webcomic quality. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but generally if you have more than one fan for every comic you post, you're doing something right y'know?

So for fun, let's use the ratio to test all the SJ comics I'm a part of and see where it gets us.


Tails and His Inverse Universe
Fans: 40
Comics: 26
Ratio: about 1.538; 158%
My initial comic and apparently one of my better ideas, with a little more than one and a half fans per comic. Shame I can't seem rouse myself into making more even though I have the next several storyarcs in the pipeline.


Authortastic 2.0 (current leader)
Fans: 86
Comics: 300
Ratio: 0.28666...; 29%
Hm. I figured for a comic as big as Authortastic, the ratio wouldn't be so low. I don't expect it to be over one, since that almost never happens with author comics. But I did expect it to be a little higher. I suppose I wouldn't be surprised if some people unfaved this; the last storyarc was... ick.


The Mind of SC276
Fans: 43
Comics: 95
Ratio: about 0.4526; 45%
What would be the ratio if I could get the Vacation on Myst Island panels into one comic...? Subtract six comics, add back one, and... 0.4777... Not that much higher, huh?


Trailer Park of Authors (founder)
Fans: 122
Comics: 260
Ratio: about 0.469; 47%
A little higher than Mind of SC, but not much. I suppose it could be worse.


Fans: 50
Comics: 62
Ratio: about 0.80645; 81%
Maybe I could boost the number of comics if people were serious about the tripe they send that they have the nerve to call "email," instead of one stupid cliched line and a signature. Seriously, I don't want Strong Bad Emails, I want Strong Bad-esque emails.


Miles Prowler: Private Eye
Fans: 51
Comics: 13
Ratio: about 3.923; 392%
Whoa. o_O I know this one would be pretty big, but I didn't know it would have nearly four times the number of fans as number of comics in spite of the lousy backgrounds. Man, it's a shame that ideas for this comic don't come often. Maybe I should focus on this for a while and see what I can come up with.


All your Comic are belong to Us (co-author)
Fans: 28
Comics: 52
Ratio: about 0.538; 54%
Yeah, this comic died so long ago, it's not really worth talking about in any sort of detail.


Sprite Database (co-author)
Fans: 11
Comics: 16
Ratio: 0.6875; 69%
Given the multitude of sprite comics around SJ, a Wiki-like database for all of them was pretty much doomed to fail.


Sonic Author Partners (co-author)
Fans: 35
Comics: 119
Ratio: about 0.294; 29%
OK, this one is understandable. The concept was pretty stupid in the first place, and I know I wouldn't mind of this one festered a little at the bottom of my profile.


The Superkirbies
Fans: 30
Comics: 12
Ratio: 2.5; 250%
A few impulse comics and this turns out to be my second most popular serial. Who would've thought?


Kirby battle arena (co-author)
Fans: 13
Comics: 36
Ratio: 0.36111...; 36%
Maybe once I get a chance to make a battle this thing will get a fair chance.


Results: Only three of my webcomics have a ratio above 100%, which is an indication of a good webcomic. Now what do they have in common? They're solo-author and don't include SC. What does this mean? That I need to focus more on my fanfic writing 'cause SC has no future in the webcomic business.

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