Lone 'Coon Productions

Independant Creativity - the Best Kind

About Lone 'Coon Productions

Lone 'Cone Productions is the "company" that supercomputer276 works under these days when working on stuff generally independant from any other fictional work.

This site started out as Mt. Majesty, the main website of the author's first story series, Game Over. It got renovated into this site in late September 2010 in the author's attempt to further his other works.

For Parents and Guardians

Formally, this site was pretty much teen-rated. However, due to the need to showcase more "mature" works, Lone 'Coon Productions impliments a rating system along the lines of that of the ESRB. In fact, we even use the middle of the ESRB rating images (although I don't think it's legal to use the full things since the ESRB has likely never seen this). The content of each work is summed up by the appropriate image. I won't go into what each one means here, since that information is easy enough to look up on the ESRB's website.


If you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line at yosie@sbcglobal.net or yschwaniger@yahoo.com. Thank you.