A Little Snow Fairy Sugar



(You Know You're Obsessed With Sugar When...)

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Made by Eloise:

-You have a sudden craving for waffles.

-You sing all the songs in the shower.

-You claim to be able to see fairies.

-In science class, when you're learning about weather, you blurt out, "No, that's not how it's made, it's the season fairies!".

-You dress up as a character from it for cosplay/Halloween.

-You make a website about it (O_o).

-You make Sugar music videos or slide shows.

-You take all the Sugar quizzes on the internet.

-You make your friends watch it to share the cuteness.

-You watch it a million trillion times.

-You own all the DVDs and soundtracks.

-You can't stop talking about it.

-When you hit your head, you see season fairies flying around it instead of stars xD.

-Whenever you get excited, you scream "Waffo!".

Made by Kenneth:

-Everytime you see beautiful clouds you say, "Turmeric is playing his cello again".

-When you're a piano addict and try to play Saga's mother's piece.

-When you try to make a turtle fly.

-When you have a treasured memory, you say that's a twinkle.

Made by FaR AwAY ToWN:

-When you cannot sleep because Snow Flower (ending theme song) plays in your mind every night.

Made by Panda-chan:

-When you buy the $10 ALSFS stickers off of animegamers.com, and you go to the orthodontics and ask them if you can put the ALSFS sticker on your retainer so you can remember Sugar for the next 10 years!

-When your email address is based off of ALSFS.

Made by animegirly2:

-When your test has more pictures of Sugar and the other fairies than it does of your school work!

Made by T:

-You always call waffles "waffos".

-When you have a party, the only food there is WAFFOS! (Oh! From rule #1!)

-You hate crows because one of them attacked the fairies. (Sorry, Joe...)

-You put the mangas or DVDs under your pillow, and hope that the season fairies will come to you on the next day. (Do they give something to you in return?)

-Your computer harddisk is full because a ton of ALSFS pics, songs, icons, etc. are stored in the computer. (I should backup just in case the computer crashes and all the pics have gone...)

-You practice singing the ALSFS lyrics until you think they're as are easy as 1, 2, 3,... (Listening to the songs and trying to sing along by looking at the lyrics, then singing without looking at them.)

-You think the global warming situation happened because the environmental impacts affect the season fairies' ability to control the weather. (Seriously, please help stop the global warming! You can do it!)

Made by Jazz:

-You know all of the lines in both English and Japanese.

Made by Amanda:

-You claim to be able to see fairies, tell your sister or brother, and say, "Which one, Salt or Pepper? Sorry, I already took Sugar".

-You only respond to "Saga" and not your real name (unless it is Saga).
-You claim to have Salt, Pepper, and Sugar in your hands, and you say, "Look! You can see it with your own eyes! I have Salt, Pepper, and Sugar in my hands! See?!".

Made by Wolf:

-The weather shifts and you compliment the Season Fairy related to that weather (i.e. "That's beautiful lightning, Basil).

-You know what a "Twinkle" is.
-You want to move to Rothenburg (for those that don't know, Rothenburg is the German town Muhlenburg was modeled after).
-You want to put on The Bear Pianist at your school or local theatre, or even make a movie out of it.
-The only AMVs you make are with Sugar.
-Every single time you think of the ending, you start crying (EVERY time).
-You see a beautiful young woman and call out "Ginger-chan!!!!!!!".
-You put each of the Season Fairy's individual theme music on your iPod.
-You hear Greta's theme music playing in the background when you're challenging someone.
-You want to invent something.
-You want to learn how to play the piccolo (or any other of the Season Fairy's instruments).
-Your vision of Heaven is a valley of waffos.

Made by truegamer:

-You buy a ton of sparkly glitter and sprinkle your room in hopes of fairies visiting.

-You have a giant waffo pillow.

-Every inch of your room is decorated with Sugar and other ALSFS themes, characters, etc.

-You go into the kitchen to see someone using sugar, salt, and pepper in their cooking and promptly yell out, "How could you be so mean!", then quickly confiscate the ingredients, hide them somewhere, and go to your ALSFS covered room holding a giant waffo pillow in the corner rocking back and forth.

-You wear ALSFS clothing or sew pictures onto your current clothing.

-You keep using special words from the series like "waffo" or "twinkle" in your conversations outside of ALSFS and get your friends to follow.

-You switch the music sheets so during music class they play ALSFS themed music.

-You decide to run a waffo stand.

-You scribble what looks like nonsense when writing a note to your friend.

-The first thing that comes to mind for a solution when a situation/problem rises is Sugar.

-You have Sugar or the other fairies on your cellphone background.

-You excessively send ALSFS e-cards to everyone.

-You stay up past 5 AM thinking of more to say here.

-You introduce ALSFS to your 1 year old cousin hoping to spread its joy.

-You learn to play <insert instument here> just to play ALSFS music and nothing else.

-You photoshop ALSFS characters into pictures of other animes.

-You keep waffos in a safe.

-You create an ALSFS game.

-Your closet is a shrine dedicated to ALSFS.

-You never throw anything away that has the slightest relation to ALSFS.

-You program ALSFS ringtones to each caller on your cellphone.

-You suggest that every fundraiser event involves selling waffos.

-Your password involves using the word "waffo".

-You train your pet named Sugar to eat waffos, then get into disputes on who should eat the last waffo.

Made by Catherine:
-You go to the sheriff's office and hold an election for your favorite Sugar character.
-Your computer is so covered in Sugar stickers that you can't even see it!
-You buy enough ALSFS DVDs to give one of each to everybody in your entire school! (P.S., Don't do that, or you'll have an empty wallet!)
-You flunk all your tests because all of the ALSFS songs are going through your head!
-You use the puppydog face to make your teacher turn the classroom into a Sugar fanclub!
-You throw a karaoke party and sing ALSFS songs while serving waffos and giving away Sugar-themed gift bags.
-You tell the people who make Silly Bands to make ALSFS shaped ones.

Made by Edward:
-You watch the first episode, having heard of it before, and anxiously await the beautiful moment when Sugar says her first "WAFFO!".
-You fantasize about being in an ALSFS spin-off!

Made by Elizabeth:

-You make paper cut-outs of all of the characters and reenact all of the scenes from the anime or manga, and sometimes even make up different scenes to continue the story.

Made by Amelia:

-You name all of your pets after the characters.

-You accidentally call your friends/teachers names of Sugar characters.

-When asked what you would bring on a deserted island, you respond, "Waffos!".

-You somehow find a way to drag fairies into all of your school projects.

-When your friends sit down next to you at lunch, you shout, "NO! YOU JUST SQUISHED SUGAR!".

-When you're caught daydreaming in class, you shout out, "SUGAR!".

-You claim that you don't need a night light anymore because fairies chase away your nightmares for you.

-You blame everything on Basil and Cinnamon.

-You annoy all your friends by humming the Sugar theme song.

-You failed chorus because you kept singing the Sugar theme song during all the solos.

-You make a movie about Snow Fairy Sugar and post it on YouTube.

-You don't think Snow Fairy Sugar is getting enough attention, so you make an AIM and tell random people about it, make a MySpace and post the videos, make a Facebook and post the videos on it, use other websites that no one has heard of and post them on them, and whatever else you can think of!

-Your comment on every yearbook signature you make is "Waffo!".

-Your comment on every image on the internet is "Waffo!" or "Watch my fairies video!".

-You make counterfeit money and put fairies on as the Presidents.

-You have a sudden craving for waffos in the middle of Math class, so you get a pass to go to your locker and eat some of your secret stash.

-You answer only to the name "Sugar the Great!".

-You dance through the school halls, then tell your detention teacher all about Sugar and friends.

-You're at the very end of your midterm, and JUST AFTER you turn in your paper, you realize that you signed your name as "Sugar".

-You actually read to the bottom of this list!