A Little Snow Fairy Sugar


Sugar: There are fun printables here for you!

Salt: Print them out and have fun!

Pepper: And I even heard that there are wallpapers for your desktop made by Eloise here too.

Sugar: Really? Waffo!!!

Salt: Print out some stuff and have fun! Also, to make a bookmark even cooler, laminate it with some tape! 

Eloise: It makes it shiiiiiiiiiiny.........

Pepper: Be careful when you do it because the tape could get wrinkles in it.

Sugar: And it would ruin your bookmark. Well, see you later, bye-bye!


Sugar and Cat Bookmark   Sugar Sweet Bookmark   Sugar Manga Bookmark   Excited Sugar Bookmark

Coloring Pages:

Coloring pages made by Nobodie:

Salt and Pepper Coloring Page Ginger Coloring Page Sugar Coloring Page Saga Coloring Page Turmeric Coloring Page


Wallpapers I made:

Waffo Wallpaper  Waffo Wallpaper (Pink)  Sugar Snow Wallpaper  Saga Wallpaper

Wallpapers from T-tan:

Sugar Wallpaper  Sugar Magic Wallpaper  Sugar Ouch Wallpaper  Saga and Sugar Wallpaper Saga Alarm Clock Wallpaper  Happy Saga Wallpaper  Saga Meets Sugar Wallpaper