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SubUrban Underground Episode 2!

SubUrban Underground Episode 2: Life Gets Better Prom from Dj StereOtype on Vimeo.

SubUrban Underground has it's own special prom to promote the fact that as we age that "Life Gets Better"... In advocacy of the anti suicide "It Gets Better" Campaign that helps prevent adolescent and teenage suicide.

A special panel discusses and shares their personal journeys from adolescent and teenage years and discuss how and why life gets better as we age to reflect on their journeys to inspire people.

Featuring commentary and musical performances from:

Amanda Lepore
Colton Ford
The Ones
Chery Lily
Star Ninja
Jonathan Mendhelson
Danni Ai
Alisha Desai
Dj StereOtype
Dj Chrissi J.
& The SubUrban Underground House Band
Edited by Carol Santos

The set up is big fun retro prom for grown ups, in full high school gym decor a punch bowl, dj, and the whole 9.

It's a big party for a purpose...

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SubUrban Underground TV Episode 1

SubUrban Underground Episode 1 from Dj StereOtype on Vimeo.

SubUrban Underground Episode 1

SubUrban Underground Grows NEW SEASON on BCAT


SubUrban Underground TV has graduated into a new direction with its new home with BRIC ARTS MEDIA GROUP and BCAT TV. wE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT OUR NEW SEASON OF PROGRAMMING.

Stay tuned for more information.

Season Three Topics

Join Dj StereOtype and company for an all new season of the most prolific local talk show NYC has to offer. With hot music, real talk, and celebrity interviews you never know what'll happen during a taping! If you want to be apart of the live studio audience, email us at  or visit our sister site @ for more info.

SubUrban Underground

1. The Crippling Affects Of Technology On The Human Mind
2. Music Master-Class
3. Irresponsibility of Human Error
4. Who Is really  making the executive decisions on your mental state?
5. Welcome To The Red Light District
6. The Current State Of The Black Family Structure- Single Parenting
7. Sexual Glamour Vs. Sexual Responsibility
8. What Is The Real Number One Killer In The World?
9. The Mind: A Terrible Thing To Think About
10. Why Can't We Be Friends: The End Of A Love Affair
11. The Everlasting Affects Of Slavery and Sociological Oppression
12. The Aids/HIV Epidemic Debate
13. America: The Land Of The Greed and The Home Of The Slaves
14. Celebrations Of Life?
15. Boys Don't Cry (Are we teaching men to be dishonest with themselves)
16. The True Challenge  Of Life
17. Contagious Confusion
18. The Hard Thing About Originality...
19. How To Affectively Secure Longevity In Relationships
20. Universal sexual freedom
21. What Is Church?
22. Can we all just be free?
23. Fu*k The Bullshi*

Note To Last Seasons People

The progression and growth of everyone that has been affiliated with this project has been so breath taking that I find myself having to catch my breath to keep up when I begin to think about it. From the beginning of last season to now  so much has changed. We got thru the entirety of season two, lost some friends, gained some new ones... I began teaching creative writing and vodeo journalism workshops, finalized a script, wrote three books, two of which are currently published; became a graphic design artist and true web builder- casted and went into pre production of for my first full length motion picture and so so much more.

But outside of my professional success I have grown as a spirit and soul wrapped in the human shell of my body. I'm so far from many of the immature, destructive, painful, and confusing places that I was at in the beginning of SubUrban Underground. I have grown as a man... and its becasue of all of you supporting this vision. There is so much love and support, so much genorosity and understanding. We've all been thru so much seperately and together. And I thank you all... Ms. Andrea, Delante, Journee, Lamar, Majesty, Edmund, Carey, Dulce, Mary Ann, Elanda, Joan, Amanda, Judah, Keya, Siobhan, Kevin Stewart, Melissa, Michel, Nichol, C.F Jackson, Kelly, Tank, Deeon, Mom, Jason, Jeronique, Naira, Keno, Phil, Myztro, Matt, Alvin, Malika, Miko, Gina RenayPhylle, Tiffany Scott, and everyone else who has not only lended their talents, time,  and money; but your love, spirits, concern, and energy on not just SubUrban Underground, but me- not even Dj StereOtype; but Brian Wade.

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You all are tremendous inspirations to me and when we are together there is no chemistry or bond like it. It can never be duplicated, copied, or faked- its just us. Remember no matter what- you all always have me for anything whenever. I appreciate finally having a close, loving, and real family that accepts the truth of who we are. You all mean the world to me.

Thank you for helping SubUrban Underground to grow.


Love always,


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