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Alzheimer's Challenge






          Make a mini quilt to

        Benefit Alzheimer's research!!!

You have 2 months, until July 1,

hoping that will give everyone plenty of time.

Quilts must be 9" by 12" or smaller, not 1/4 " larger! 


You can use the Alzheimer's theme or not,

but must


have 3 layers, back, batting, and top.


  If you use a design from a pattern,


magazine, or etc, you must have the


designer's permission in writing.  (I use


e-mail to ask permission, and have


gotten it easily if the pattern is not too old.)


This quilt will not be yours, it will be


registered to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt


Initiative and will be sold for money for


research into a cure


See more information by Googling


Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  If we


all make a quilt, we can register our


group under those groups who have


completed a challenge.



I can be a Quilt Registration Goddess if


you wish.  But do not register until


after July 1

Register only when you are ready to send.


Please e-mail me at


with a photo and the measurements of


your quilt when you have it


completed.  We can vote in our group


on our favorite just for fun and i will


send a prize to the winner.  But we will


all be winners if we help find a cure.


  Scientific research is the only way we


can conquer Alzheimer's and research


costs money.  So far this organization


has raised $713,000 by selling mini


quilts online!!!



You can use any theme, and put fast


finish triangles on the back for easy


hanging.  Fold a 3 or 31/2" square on


the diagonal and put in the top corners


before binding.


If you use the pillowcase method, then


you have to stitch around the triangles on all sides.



I propose that we all help.  I have


rambled on forever here, but please


ask questions and do read the


information online about making a quilt


and seeing what others have done



Thanks for taking on this challenge.




















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