Mount Jerai - alone in the midst of progress.

Since the days of my grandfather, we have always stayed close to nature. Our house are situated at the base of Mount Jerai, Behind it is a river which flow from the mountain toward the sea. The river provided tons of fun when i was a child, and at this river also be produce the local hill tuna "tuna bukit" products, which is mainly for male usage.
It  has only been 50 years since Malaysia achieved its independence, August 31 shall be the 50th year since we achieved our independence from the Her Majesty Government; The British.
As such age old knowledge of self healing and nature extraction will always be a part of my grand father and father treasures.

With the coming of information age, it seem that we may share this knowledge and treasures for the benefits of those unfortune individual which may be suffering.

Back in the olden days, grand father used to dispense his knowledge freely without any profits, maybe for a few kilo's of rice and a smile and appreciation from those remedy seeker. These are but memory of yesteryear,

This site is up for one reason alone, it is not purely for profits , but it is much more toward the spirit of loving kindness and helping fellow humans.
This site was started as a result of my illness which can't be remedied by modern medicine. Doctors can only perform operation for a growth which afflicted me in December 2006, Yet to my surprise at the end of the days, it is the local herbs which proved to be effective in treating my growth, as a result I no longer needed the operation which may or may not cure my growth.

So here we are at this websites which I hope I can share the remedies which is part of our family traditions.


Minyak Tuna Bukit is another name for Hill Tuna Oil. Hill Tuna is a name for Eel type Fish known to local as "Tuna Bukit" -River Eel. The main component of this Oil is derived from the Fish. The fish extract have been used by locals for male sexual enhancement. It is only recently been produced by our family for Malaysian market, previously it is sold by the street at our store. Only recently it is available thru the net.


Known by local as “pecah kaca” or “jin batu" In Indonesia it is refered to as “enyoh kilo”, “kecibeling” or “kejibeling” .

Traditionally Strobilanthes crispus is used as antidiabetic, diuretic, antilytic, and laxative . Locals intake is by boiling and drinking its water.Recently several test performed locally have proven
Strobilanthes crispus to possess high antioxidant activity, anti-AIDS, and anticancer properties.

Locals also mix
Strobilanthes crispus with "Misai Kucing" - "Cats Mustache" Its scientific name is Orthosiphon Stamineus it is a medicinal herb found mainly throughout South East Asia and tropical Australia

Strobilanthes Crispus - Aids Cure

Only until recently have

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