St. Patrick's Cemetery

Carbonear, Newfoundland

St. Patrick's Historical Walking Tours

St. Patrick's Cemetery Historical Walking Tours

Sunday Afternoon, beginning at 2:00PM, July 16, 2017, until August 13.

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St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery

St. Patrick's Cemetery is divided into two different section.

These sections are commonly called the Old Section and the New Section.

To view a list of most of those parishioners buried in the Old Section, click Here.

To view a list of those parishioners buried in the New Section, click Here. (or click here to download the Excel file.)

The old section of St. Patrick's Cemetery is divided into 72 areas, starting in the south-east corner of the cemetery.

To viewindividual plots of each area, click on the following links:

Area 1 - 14

Area 16 - 31

Area 32 - 47

Area 48 - 63

Area 64 - 72

Priests Buried In Carbonear Cemetery

There are nine priests buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery.

Click here for more information and pictures.


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