Brink, Joseph William
March 14th, 1971
Unknown, formerly a homicide detective for the N.O.P.D

Attending Psychiatrist:
Dr. Kathleen Harris, Ph.D.

A brief history of the patient:
Born Joseph William Brink to William and Jacqueline Brink in Bronx, New York. Joseph spent his entire childhood and most of his adult life in his hometown. He married his high school girlfriend, Sophia De Luca, after he graduated from the New York Police Academy.
When Joseph was a teenager his mother, Jacqueline Brink, was a victim in the violent murder of four women during a trip to Chicago. Mrs. Brink's murderer was never caught. However I did learn that there was one survivor. Unfortunately, however, this woman is currently being treated in a mental facility and is currently unreachable for comment or corroboration. Given this woman's close relationship with Joseph's mother I believe she could be a valuable resource for information regarding Joseph's childhood. An outside perspective.
I believe the murder of his mother, along with the influence of having had other family members active in law enforcement, is what encouraged Joseph to pursue a career as a police officer.
A tragic recurrence affected Joseph on the night he was celebrating his graduation from the academy. Later in the evening, after returning home, he learned that his father had been murdered. Despite my efforts I was only permitted limited information regarding the resulting investigation and that is that the police believe the man who murdered Mr. Brink was the former lover of a woman that Mr. Brink had become involved with. (Note: Joseph claims that the real person responsible for his father's death is his father-in-law, Vincenzo De Luca. I don't believe this to be part part of the fantasy he has created... I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll return to this thought later on.)
Joseph moved his family to New Orleans in 2001 to pursue higher aspirations in his career. Coincidentally enough, Sophia was also offered a better position with the Louisiana State Social Services.

At first glance Joseph Brink appears to be normal, healthy. If nothing else one would only assume this man to be very quiet. When speaking with him I often find myself putting forth great effort in order to coerce him to speak in length.

Possible Points of Interest:
I'll start with Joseph's family.

Sophia Brink
As mentioned, Joseph married Sophia at a relatively young age. However, this was not uncommon for people of that and earlier generations - No points of concern. Sophia was employed by the state of Louisiana as a social worker. While I've yet to find any evidence suggesting a conflict of careers, I'll nonetheless be mindful of the possibility of the different degrees of complications that could arise from a relationship consisting of both individuals involved in a field that requires an extreme amount of dedication and self-sacrifice.

 Joseph has informed me that Sophia's father is the head of what I understand to be/have been a moderately influential gang in New York. (Note: Joseph specifically referred to him as a "mob boss")
It is also my understanding that Joseph did not get along with his in-laws. (I'll try to make contact with them later on, as he has yet to name an emergency contact.) Joseph then informed me that due to the volatile relationship with Mr. and Mrs. De Luca both Joseph and Sophia maintained very little contact with them. This continued even throughout Sophia's pregnancy and birth of their first child. (Note: I don't feel this has had any significant impact on Joseph that would cause his reasons for seeking psychological evaluation or treatment. However, his statements regarding Mr. De Luca's involvement with the mafia and the death of Mrs. Brink could be related to his illnesses. Diagnosis pending.)

Sophia Brink was victim of a home invasion/murder two years ago.

Michael Brink
Michael was Joseph's only child. It wasn't until after Michael was born did Joseph move his family to New Orleans. We've spoken about Michael and I've been informed that the boy was gifted in the field of music. Upon discussing this Joseph was relaxed enough to indulge himself with fond memories if his youth, specifically his sophomore year in high school where he participated in a casual musical band with his friends. Nothing about this topic raised and suspicions or concerns.
 Michael was killed in 2004. The troubling fact of this is that Michael's death occurred shortly after that of Sophia. What's more troubling is the fact that Joseph will not speak of exactly how Michael was killed. (Note: I will be continuing my questioning regarding this matter as it is obviously a factor in Joseph's mental state.)

The year 2004 was a devastating time for Joseph. Not only did he lose the last two remaining members of his family, but he was involved in a serious traffic accident that left him in a coma for two years (Note: See separate medical files for further/detailed information regarding his accident.) and it seems that when he recovered is when Joseph began to suffer from whatever illness currently afflicts him. As a preliminary objective opinion I believe that whatever Joseph suffers from will prove to stem from the loss of his family. As procedure dictates I will still order the necessary tests. (Note: Joseph has demonstrated odd behavior when asked about his time in New Orleans. I feel he is deliberately withholding information. He must be reminded how important it is that he share everything in order to achieve accurate diagnosis and proper treatment if required.)

Preliminary Diagnosis:
Though it is not customary to commit to a theory so soon, I nevertheless believe that Joseph Brink suffers from a variety of mental disorders. Though some are mild, a couple of them do show signs of increasing severity. Of course the mandatory tests will still be performed to confirm my unusually quick diagnosis. Whatever treatment is to be given it needs to happen soon. I've not encountered a patient with this many different illnesses. I hope this has just been a mistake...

Several tests have been ordered, the first beginning on our next session. Joseph has also been complaining about migraine headaches. These are most likely attributed to the stress he has been under, both mentally and physically. The results should confirm this.

Individual session notes are filed accordingly.

Doctor's Note:
A woman visited me today. She asked a great deal of questions regarding Joseph, but refused to answer any of mine. All I learned was that she is acquainted with him, however I don't think she's related. Perhaps a former lover he has yet to mention. I'll speak with him about this woman in later sessions after I feel we've made adequate progress.

Still, this woman concerns me. I've requested that secretary not allow her in the office and have placed a low-level report with the building's security. I believe she'll have to gain clearance to be allowed past the security desk, which must be granted by an occupant.

Update! At the end of our last session Joseph revealed something very disturbing. According to him he has been seeing "visions" (read: hallucinations) of a little girl. It was during our first attempt at hypnotherapy that he mentioned a child around the age of 14. What concerns me is that he claims it is his daughter and that he "...has to find her"; Her name is "Jessica". There is no record of Joseph having ever fathered or adopted another child. This will take priority during our next session. I will consider ordering a weekend session in order to explore this further.

"No, ma'am, we don't yet have any leads on the whereabouts of Dr. Harris. Can you tell us when was the last time you saw her?"

    "This past Friday. The last time I saw her was here, in the office. She left after her final session for the day."

"So she had seen a patient as well? We'll need this person's contact information since they were also one of the last people to see the doctor. Can you tell us who it was?

    "Yes. He was the last patient to sign in and out. His name is Joseph Brink"

"Excuse me, but did you say...'Brink'?"

~Sophia Brink~ Deceased                        ~Michael Brink~ Deaceased                        ~Jessica Brink~

~Erin Knopfler~
     File                         ~Samantha "Ishtar" Green~                    ~ Ian Brink~ Deaceased



"I don't know how long it's been since we started. I lost track of the days. You know, I don't think I ever kept track to begin with. It didn't seem important then. But it is. Maybe I've been ignoring that because I know I don't have a lot of time left. This curse... This damn curse is going to kill me one way or another. I know that what's wrong with me is because of this curse. As the hours pass it becomes easier to accept though.
 Is this my judgement? When I was offered the choice to refuse becoming a Mage, did I fail that test? Everything I've done, all the choices I've made aren't the same ones I'd have made if I were still the old me. Magic changed me. And now look at me. I'm sitting in a room with a passed-out friend and a cloned body that belongs to my grandpa. This isn't anything close to what I imagined my life would be like. I'm trying to figure out how to break a curse so that my daughter can have a chance at a normal life but I'm losing everything and everyone I care about. At least Erin and Morgan will have something to look forward to.

What about Samantha? Even if she and I couldn't work out she deserved better than this.


But I think I've been given one more chance to set things right. Not for me, but at least for my daughter."

How many days has it been since they began their investigation? How many days has he been dead? And how many days has he kept Morgan from living a life he so rightly deserves? Joseph sits at a desk in a shack of a room inside a building protected by the thing he himself has come to loath: Magic. Under the soft glow of an antique lamp he pours over notes and theories and research. Ian was there. This was where he and Jessica lived for two years as Ian, like others before him -- and now Joe -- worked tirelessly to protect the Brink family.
 He looks up to see Morgan's efforts have been interrupted by a dire need of rest. He sleeps now and Joe feels no need to wake him. If it were up to him he would do this alone. Not because he feels he can accomplish this task without assistance, but because so many people have needlessly lost their lives simply for knowing Joe and his family. And now it is him and Morgan in the thick of it.

Joe's thoughts drift to his friends back in New Orleans. What choice did he have? How could he not do everything in his power to keep those people safe? To keep his daughter safe. Taking the memories of those closest to him and the memories of several others was the hardest choice he has ever made. He committed a crime of the worst degree. He has become a kind of thief he feels not even the lowest depths of Hell would welcome. He has taken the trust of those dearest to him and destroyed it without them even knowing. Not only has he alienated them, he has become a traitor.
 He looks down at his hands, stares at them and he thinks about this heavily.

No one should have this kind of power, he thinks to himself. No one should be able to do these things and I'm proof of that.

To Joseph Brink the rules of right and wrong no longer apply. After discovering his family has long been victim of a terrible curse, his whole world and all his beliefs have once again been shattered. The first time was when he learned he was part of a world that, to him, should never exist. The changes in Joe have not been easy, nor have they been welcome. He understands that in such a world there is a perverse necessity for magic, but in spite of that he is bitter and resentful. This is only made worse by the fact that he has no one to blame. His hatred for what he has been forced into and the decisions he has been forced to make is like that of an explosion that cannot escape its confines. Sooner or later cracks will form and the walls that contain his fury will crumble.