Warrior Cats

The Clans

To join a Clan, go to Clan Talk and type in what you look like, your name, and which Clan.  All of these pictures were found on http://www.warrenphotographic.co.uk/.  Feel free to find your own pictures if you want!  Good Luck to all the future Clan Cats.


Leader- BrambleStar

Description- Long-haired, silver she-cat with bright blue eyes.  She was born in this Clan as a kit.  A storm hit when she was deputy and wiped out everyone in her Clan except for her.  Her only goal is to protect her Clan even if she has to die. Mate-LionClaw.  Apprentice-DawnPaw

Kits-FirePaw, BerryPaw, DawnPaw, and HawkPaw.


Deputy- LionClaw

Description- Handsome light gray tom with beautiful sapphire eyes.  He has extemely long claws.  He is a terrific fighter.  Mate-BrambleStar.  Apprentices he's had-EverHeart.  Apprentice-HawkPaw

Kits-FirePaw, BerryPaw, DawnPaw, and HawkPaw.





Medicine Cat-SpottedSky

Description- SpottedSky is a Calico she-cat with beautiful emerald green eyes.  She had only just been apprenticed when her mentor died. Her mentor was Twilightwing.  Apprentice-CrimsonPaw




Warriors- many openings




Description- SongBringer is a gray she-cat with blue eyes fleck with silver.  She is calm, thoughtful, wise, and very fierce in battle.  Apprentice- SootPaw




Description-RedTail is an blondish-orange she-cat with very sharp claws and teeth.  She is loving, caring, funny, and willing to do anything it takes to help her clan.  She is a great hunter and fighter.  Apprentice-FirePaw


Description- A shy, long-haired blue-gray and white she-cat with sparkling aqua blue eyes.  Apprentice-FirePaw


Description- MoonFire is a light gray short-haired she-cat.  She was named MoonFire for her flaming-red paws, ears, and tail and for her grey and white fur.  She is thin and muscular and loves to help the queens, sick, and injured.  She would risk her own life for the safety of her friends.  She is always calm in a bad situation.  She is strong-spirited and sometimes hot-headed. Apprentice-BerryPaw


Description- ShadeHeart is a perfectly black tom with a long stripe of silver down his back.  He is fierce in battle but otherwise very playful.  He is funny to clanmates and always thinks of the clan before his own needs. 


Description-IceWind is a pretty gold and white she-cat. She is pretty small compared to most cats but very fast and agile.  Even though she is not Leader or Medicine Cat, she has a special connection with StarClan.  Mate- Calico Tom KittyPet that mysteriously disppeared one day.  Apprentice- CloudPaw

Kits- SpottedPaw, FirePaw, and CloudPaw. 


Description-Simba is a large white tabby with defined black stripes and yellow gold eyes. He is powerful and strong minded. He is very tall and has muscular, broad shoulders. His claws are sharp as are his teeth. He is solid and heavy, making him very difficult to knock over. He is a very powerful fighter, and surprisingly graceful for his big stature. He is very loyal and only wnats whats best for his new clan. He also has a soft spot for kits and she cats. He would never harm a kit, and only hurts a she cat if he has too.



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Patches- a sweet calico she cat with deep brown eyes. She is thoughful and clever, but also very sassy and sometimes even sarcastic. She is friendly, but playful, and can come on strong to those who don't know her. However, she is very caring and loyal, and would give up her life for another cat. Her fur is soft, and her coloring is stunningly bright and fiery, reflecting her nature.  She is only eight moons old.

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Apprentices-Many openings 


Description- FirePaw is a bright orange she-cat with pale green eyes.  Ready to be apprenticed.  Mentor-RedTail.



Description- CloudPaw is a pure white she-cat except for the tip of her tail and her muzzle which are light silver.  Mentor-IceWind.


Description- SootPaw is a dark gray she-cat with emerald green eyes.  She prefers to work things out rather than fight.  Mentor- SongBringer.

52.jpg DreamStar image by TyokinoChic


Description- FireKit is a handsome orange tom with emerald green eyes.  He has white on his chest and feet. He is a strong fighter for his age and is very mischevious.  Loves to Play with his littermates.  FirePaw and AmberPaw, of SkyClan, disappeared one day.  They came back while the camps were being destroyed.  Kit of BrambleStar and LionClaw. Mentor-SkyWind


Description- HawkPaw is a light grey tom.  He was named for his peircing yellow eyes. Loves to play with his littermates.  Has a very strong relationship with his sister DawnPaw.  Kit of BrambleStar and LionClaw. Mentor-LionClaw.


Description- BerryPaw is a long-haired gray she-cat with sapphire blue eyes.  She can find any kind of berry no matter what.  Usually watches the rest of her littlemates.  Kit of Bramblestar and LionClaw.  Mentor-MoonFire


Description- DawnPaw is a light ginger she-cat with a very long striped tail.  Loves to play with her littermates.  Has a strong connection with her brother HawkPaw. Kit of Bramblestar and LionClaw.  Mentor-BrambleStar.


Description-WildPaw is a long-haired brown and white tortoiseshell tom with bright icy blue eyes.  He loves to swim and he's a pretty good fighter.  WildPaw was born a kittypet but his mother put him in the forest because Twolegs, were about to give him away to bad twolegs.  Mentor-BrambleThicket


Description-Patches is a sweet calico she-cat with deep brown eyes. She is thoughful and clever, but also very sassy and sometimes even sarcastic. She is friendly, but playful, and can come on strong to those who don't know her. However, she is very caring and loyal, and would give up her life for another cat. Her fur is soft, and her coloring is stunningly bright and fiery, reflecting her nature.

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Kits- many openings as long as there is one queen

Queens- many openings

Princess- a beautiful pale grey tabby she cat. She has forest green eyes and a small, soft form. She is gentle and understanding adn very loyal. She is easy to talk to, and is very friendly. She is a firece fighter though, and will stand up for what she believes in. She also defends the week and is very good with kits. She mothers all kits.

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Elders- many openings

History of the LightningClan cats


Bramblestar was once a the Deputy of EarthClan.  Her name was then Brambleheart.  The Leader before her, MoonStar, was a noble she-cat.  Brambleheart had gone through a lot those past through moons. She lost her mother, Blacktail, father, Fernheart, and her sister, Starpaw, to the deadly greencough.  MoonStar then appointed her deputy because of the hard work she put in after she lost her family.  Brambleheart worked a long time on helping her clanmates.  A few moons later, when Moonstar was on her last life, a deadly storm hit.  Brambleheart was out hunting far past Sunrise rocks when she heard yowling.  She picked up the sound of her brothers yowl of pain and knew that her Clan was in trouble.  Brambleheart bounded home as fast as her paws would carry her.  When she arrived back at camp, she saw destroyed trees and Lightning split the air.  She heard the moaning of a single cat and ran over to the tom.  It was her brother, Icefur.  he told her that lightning had destroyed their clan and to not worry about him.  Brambleheart wondered how she could not worry about him.  Icefur let out a final mew and collapsed.  He was dead.  Brambleheart knew what she must do.  She would visit Sunrise rocks right at that moment.  Once she arrived at Sunrise rocks, she spoke with StarClan.  She told them how she wanted to change her clans name since it had been destroyed by the powerful, yet deady Lightning.  She explained it to them, that even though her clan was gone, it would become the most powerful in the forest.  Starclan agreed and gave her her nine lives and her Leader name, Bramblestar.  Soon after Bramblestar left, she met a rouge cat who explained to her that she was not an enemy.  The she-cat explained that her name was Twilightwing.  She had learned the ways of the clan cats and wanted to join Bramblestar.  She was to be their medicine cat.  Bramblestar agreed and showed her the Clan camp that they soon repaired.  This is how LightningClan came to be.

Princess, Simba, and Patches

This small family lived on a farm, but had to run away when the farm was destroyed.  The were named by twolegs and were pretty much kittypets at one point.  The lived by themselves for a while, during which time Simba and Princess became mates and Patches gained her knowledge of herbs.  The recently joined Lightningclan and are still striving to become warriors.  Princess is heavlily pregnant with Simba's kits.




Leader- BrownStar

Description- A young, well-trained brown tabby with a small scar on his right leg.  He is a great fighter but can talk more than a babbling elder.  Apprentice-OwlPaw

Kits-OwlPaw, StormPaw, and AmberPaw






Deputy- StormCloud

Description- A fluffy dark gray tom with light gray eyes.  He was born right when a terrible storm hit and that is how he got his name.  He is a great fighter.

Medicine Cat- SunShine

Description- SunShine is a black-gray she-cat with bright green eyes.  She was drawn to SunRise Rocks as a kit and since then has shared a strong connection with StarClan.  She would risk her own life to keep her Clan in Good health.  Apprentice-AmberPaw

Warriors-many openings


Description- AmberFrost is a tan tabby she-cat with a frosty blue gaze.  Very ambitious.  Should be watched.  Apprentice-SnowPaw


Description-IcePelt is an icy blue-grey she-cat with sparkling aqua blue eyes.


Description-StormClaw is a black and white tom with swirling black stripes.  He has bright turquoise eyes.  He's very fast and pretty agile.  He loves to hunt and thats probably the reason he is so good at it.  Apprentice-StormPaw



Description- BlackFire is an all black she-cat with redish paws.  She has deep blue eyes that are full of love and understanding.  She is a terrific hunter and is a lethal fighter.  She has long legs that give her the ability to run very fast across the fields that are on her territory.  Mate-BrownStar.  Apprentice-JadePaw

Kits- StormPaw, OwlPaw, and AmberPaw.


Apprentices-many openings


Description- StormPaw is a gray tabby tom with shining amber eyes.  He has white on all of his paws making it look like he wears socks.  He loves to play-fight with his siblings.  Mentor-StormClaw


Description- OwlPaw is a light brown tom with big blue eyes.  He is a great hunter for someone so young.  Mentor-BrownStar


Description-  AmberPaw is a beautiful ginger she-cat with soft amber eyes.  She has white on her chest and paws.  She loves to play-fight with her brothers.  Large scar on her right leg due to an encounter with a wolf.  AmberKit and FireKit, of LightningClan, ran away together.  They came back when the camps were being destroyed. She does not want to be a Medicine Cat anymore. Mentor-SunShine


Description-A white she-cat who mysteriously showed up.  BrownStar found her.  BlackFire has adopted her.  She was WinterPelt's daughter. Mentor-AmberFrost


Description-Jadepaw is a silver she-cat with beautiful emerald green eyes.  Mentor-BlackFire.




Kits-many openings as long as there is at least one queen

Queens- many openings

Elders-many opening


Description- Strong, tall, black muscular tom with bright yellow eyes.  Retired early from being leader.


Leader- IceStar

Description- A white tom with black streaks.  He has amazing bright blue eyes and has very sharp claws.  He likes his Deputy, SnowFeather.

Deputy- SnowFeather

Description- SnowFeather is a fluffy white she-cat with golden yellow eyes.  She lost her mom and dad when they were ran over by a monster.  Apprentice-FluffPaw.


Medicine Cat- WinterPelt

Description- She is a beautiful pure white she-cat with saffire blue eyes.  She has a very strong connection with StarClan although she was born a rouge.  Even though she was born a rouge, she remains loyal to SnowClan and always has faith in StarClan.  SnowKit is her kit but she is going to see if she likes BlackFire more.

Warriors- many openings


Description- StarDust has a snow white pelt except for her light brown ears, face, and tail.  She has gleaming deep blue eyes.  She had great hunting skills and fighting skills.  She is a pretty fast runner.  StarDust has always followed the warrior code but if she think her Clans gone to far, she won't follow. 



Description-StormCrow is a pure white tom who had brilliant, piercing, ice blue eyes.  He is kind, strong, outgoing, strong, a fierce warrior, and very loyal.  He is very devoted to his Clan and hopes one day to have a family of his own.  He has the ability to sense danger and that is why he has the name he had.  He had no kin left but really REALLY likes StarDust.



Description-MoonHeart is a white tom.  No one can ever see him while he is hunting because of his snowy white pelt.  He loves his Clan and where he lives, but wished sometimes for a small amount of grass to roll in.


Description- BlizzardWing is a slender white tabby she-cat with bright green eyes.  She is kind but has a sharp tounge sometimes.  She is also very protective.  Mate-Unknown.

Kits- FrostPaw and HiddenPaw.


Description-SnowBird is an all white she-cat with grey-blue eyes.  She is kind and caring but will fight and kill if she has too.




Apprentices- many openings


Description- FluffPaw is a white coon tom with a really fluffy tail and big ears.  He is pretty big for his age and is an excellent fighter.  He is determined, focused, and will never give up without a fight.  Mentor-SnowFeather


Description- HiddenPaw is a white tabby tom with dark black stripes and dark blue eyes.  He is very adventurous and energetic.  He is the oldest of his litter. 



Description-FrostPaw is a white tabby she-cat with light gray stripes and startling green eyes.  She is very playful with her brother HiddenPaw, and because of him, has lots of friends. 

Kits- many as long as theres at least one queen


Description-SongKit is a pure white tom with a black tail, brown ears, and brown paws..  He loves to wrestly and is very eager to be an apprentice.


Desription-HollyKit is a small she-cat with blueish-purple eyes.  She has white fur except for her slightly gray ears, tail, and paws.



Queens- Many Openings



Description-CloudCharm is a pure white she-cat with light brown eyes.  She had a rougue for a mate but he was killed by twoleg monsters.  She loves her kits fiercely and would do anything to protect them. 

Kits-HollyKit and SongKit



Elders- many openings


Leader- FernStar

Description- She is an amber colored she-cat that had gray eyes that seem to go on forever.

Deputy- SunSoul

Description- SunSoul has gold fur and blazing brown eyes.  She is very loving and loyal until the end towards her clanmates.  She is usually very calm and kind. 

Medicine Cat- SpottedBird

Description- SpottedBird is a Calico she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye.  She has a small white patch around her blue eye.  She is stern and loving.  SpottedBird would give her last drop of blood to save her Clan.  She loves her Clan more than she can put into words.  She is good friends with BlackFire although they are in different Clans. 

Warriors-many openings


Description-AshWhisker is a black and white splotched tom with clear light blue eyes.  In battle he is determined, loyal, and unafraid.  With his Clan, he is friendly, thoughtful, and accepts differences.  He is a proud warrior.



Description-Nightpelt is a pure black cat except for a larg white mark on her stomach.  Sha has dazzling blue eyes.  She is an understanding cat.  She hopes to be deputy one day.


Description- HawkHeart is a solid gold-colored tom except for his snow white paws, tip of his tail, and a small diamond on his chest.


Description-BirdSong is a beautiful silver she-cat with ice blue eyes.  She is very sweet, kind, and quiet.  She never gives up without a fight and is easily offended.


Description-FlameClaw is a fierce siamease tom that keeps to himself but he will do anything to serve his Clan.



Apprentices-many openings


Description- Ashpaw is a shy gray and white tabby tom with bright hazel eyes and scar down his front left paw. 



Description-Echopaw is a pretty brown tabby she-cat with bright, piercing blue eyes.  She is loyal, sweet, and sometimes stubborn.


Description-SilkPaw is a very light brown and white marbled she-cat with heather colored eyes.  She loves to play but when its time to train, she is really serious.  Silkpaw will fight for her Clan and secretly wishes to be the leader of her Clan.

Kits- many openings as long as theres at least one queen

Queens- many openings

Elders- many elders


 Leaders-many openings


Description- NightStar was a pure black cat except for a little white mark on her chest. She had dazzling green eyes.  She was always ready to defend her Clan. She was a understanding cat that had a very strong connection with StarClan.  Was a leader who worked very hard to defend her clan and gave her last life in a battle protecting them.

Deputies-many openings


Description- Small silver tabby.  She was once a cat from a far away Clan.  Nobody had heard about her or knew where she came from.  Died while out on a border patrol.

Medicine Cats- many openings

Medicine Cat- TwilightWing

Description-Navy-black she-cat with deep blue eyes. Smaller than most apprentices, although she was full grown.  Apprentices she had-Spottedsky

Warriors- many openings


Description- SaffronPelt had a red-orange pelt with beautiful amber eyes.  She was very shy but had a strong friendship with FeatherStar.  She died saving Bramblestar.



Description- EverPaw was a beautiful redish-brown she-cat.  She had shining sapphire eyes and was brave, loyal, determined, optimisic, and very adventurous.  Her mentor was Lionclaw.  She became a warrior before Starclan came to take her.  She died from being crushed by a tree while hunting for food for all of the clans.

Apprentices- many openings

Queens- many openings

Elders- many openings





FeatherFoot's Tribe


Cannot be joined


Leader- FeatherFoot

Description- She is a snow white she-cat with light-blue eyes.  She is a very loyal cat but it takes the cats some time to start to trust her.    Left for reasons still unknown.  The main reason she left is to help her clan.  Former SnowClan Leader.  Former friends with the LightningClan leader, BrambleStar, and warrior, SaffronPelt.

Prey-Hunters- very many but won't be listed.

Cave-Guards-many but won't be listed.

To-bes- some but won't be listed.

Queens- some but won't be listed.

Kits- little but won't be listed.

Elders-some but won't be listed.



Description-BrambleThicket is a light and dark brown tabby tom.  He is very caring and loving but he still likes to fight.  He is always willing to defend his clan.  Apprentice-WildPaw




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