Unti Parents List

Information on Unti
Unti are a mix between a jeckel and a lion, thus giving them the dogish head and ears but the lion like paws. Most Unti will have some kind of hair tuft. Youra or a female Unti will usually have some cover atleast part of one eye or all of one eye. While a Hound or a male will only have a small tuft that can sometimes stick in random diretions. While young Unti will only have a little curlish hair tuft or none at all.
Ranks in a Unti Pack
Gods and Goddesses-The highest rank in an Unti pack, they may breed with any member of their pack. There is one of each gender in a pack.
Pharoah and Queen- The second highest Rank is a Pharoh or a Queen. Pharoh and Queens can breed with almost anyone as long as the God and the Godess of the Pack give their consent. There can be up to four of this rank. Two of each gender.
A Seer can be either gender and are usualy ranked the same as Pharoh and Queens or just a little bit below and usualy will be the exception for the Pharohs and Queens to not be able to breed. There is usualy only one Seer in a Pack unless the Seer finds another Seer and bcomes friendly with it. Also you can tell Seer's apart from other Unti because they will have an abnormaly colored pupil.
A Gaurd is under the Seers, Pharohs, and Queens. A Gaurd will usualy accompany any of it's higher ups on a jorney to another Pack or somewhere that the higher ups wish to go.There are as many Gaurds as there are higher ups. So if you have a God and a Goddess along with a Pharoh and a Queen and then one Seer you would have five Gaurds and so on. The most Gaurds you can ever have is eight.
A Scout is next, Scouts are more or less very valuable to the Pack but are taken for granted by their higher ups. Scous do what their name is, if the God and or Godess sense danger near the Pack then a Scout is sent ahead to see if there is truly danger. Scouts are the most sly and sneaky of the Unti. Scouts usualy just barly out number the Gaurds, so if you have eight gaurds then you will have around nine or ten Scouts.
The lowest Rank in a pack of Unti is the Sitters. Sitters listen to all of their higher up and their can be an unnumbered amount of them in the Pack. So if there are Unti cubs the sitters are usualy given charge of them.
Unti Breeding Rules
Unti breeding rules are fairly simple as long as it is within the Pack.As long as the God a Goddess o the Pack give the consent to the breeding then the two Unti may breed.
However when it is out of Pack breeding then the God and Goddess of each Pack must approve. So if a Gaurd from a Pack wants to breed with a gaurd or somethign else from another Pack then the God and Goddess of each Pack must approve.
Unti Adoption Rules
1. You must be a resedent adopter at Pony Island
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