You stumbled out of the portal, blinking hard to clear the confusion that had set upon you as you entered this place. You peer around you, eyes moving from the lush green ground to the tall trees and random vines that surround you. Green, of all colors to be surrounded by it was the most plesant, you continue to rotate on the spot as you do you take note of a particularly bright green. You take a step closer and jump.

"Scared you, did I?" the large, slinky, big cat said, dropping to the ground from where he'd been in one of the large trees. You shake your head, apologizing.
"Alas, it's no worry to me human. Come along." he says, his large black and green tail swishing in a methodical way. "So, human, do you know what I am?" "Something of Siana..." you reply, meaning the continent.
"Siana...So, Lady Stormelle sent you?" he asked, glancing back at you with one of his large, bright green eyes. "No one else knows our name for the place." he said, grinning at your confusion. "I am a Kiemirror...Particularly, Darcy." he says, bobbing his head at you.
You nod, wrapping your arms around your chest. He had an odd aura, and his dark appearance, including the scars along his chin, was a strange one to you. It felt almost wrong to be following this creature.

"Darcy!" a cheery voice exclaimed as a bright colored Kiemirror, minus the mane, leapt up beside the large male. Her small forum seemed dwarfed by Darcy's. "Oooo, hello! Who are you?" she asks, her pendant bouncing on her chest as she nearly runs to keep pace with Darcy.
You state your name and smile as you take in her bouncing feather earring and purple choker.
She nods, "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Kapree. I suppose Darcy's already done his job. You know what I am and his name, correct?" You nod and she beams. "Good Darcy." she said, in a sort of mock praise. Darcy grinned at her, his eyes flashing wildly. "Of corse Kapree. So..." he turned toward you, his eyes shinning mischievously. "What do you need to know?"
"Madrid!" Kapree said, her tail flicking in a rather dog like manner as she jumped to the side of a purple and white Kiemirror. She put her front paws on his side and seemed to be attempting to whisper in the large males' ear. You looked from Darcy to Madrid, you'd thought that Darcy was large but even he was smaller than Madrid.
Madrid's ears flicked backward, "Pardon me." he said, nodding his head to you. "Darcy, please come with me."
Darcy heaved a sigh, "Pardon me, human. Kapree...Can you take over?" and then he and Madrid slinked into the foliage.
Kapree smiled, bouncing up in front of you, "Please follow me." she says and turns and walkies at an impatiently quick pace, turning to look at you only every so often. "Pleas hurry." she says, her small tail swishing in her impatience.
You follow her till you reach a sign, "From here we can go to different places...I can introduce you to some other Kiemirrors or give you more information about Siana and us. Which is it my friend?"

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